Book cover of “The Mafia and His Pearl“ by Prody doll

The Mafia and His Pearl

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Prody doll
From dreams of firefighting to the sultry allure of the pole, Genesis Rodriguez's journey is a rollercoaster of unexpected twists. Fleeing her troubled past, she finds herself in Douala, battling to survive as a stripper. Desire swirls around her, but trust remains elusive. Enter Noah Khalil, a wealthy tycoon with zero knowledge of wooing women. Ca... 

Chapter 1

Disclaimer: This book contains scenes that may depict, mention, or discuss sexual abuse. Reader discretion advised.“Let me go, leave me alone”; Screams Genie, getting pushed by her stepfather on the wall.

She hits herself on a frame on the wall that falls and gets broken.

The stepfather slaps her face, punches her tummy, and pushes her to the floor. When she falls, she wounds the side of her right palm with a piece of glass from the broken frame.

The wound is deep, and this makes her bleed profusely, but the stepfather doesn't show any remorse or concern.

“Please help me”, Genie screams trying to make her way out of the door, growing along the ground and rolling her belly on the floor, but is pulled back by her step-father.

Genie struggles and picks a piece of glass from the broken frame and strikes her stepfather in the face.

She manages to run out, breathing profusely. The step-father tries to follow her, holding his torn jaw, but she's gone far.

Genie cuts a piece from her top to tie her bleeding hand. Roaming around the street, she's confronted by this hot-looking woman.

This woman looks sexy in her black top, black jeans and black Stars, She looks very stunning.

She has just dropped from her Lady's bike and spots Genie moving to the middle of the road, looking very exhausted.

Out of fear that she might get hit by a car, she runs towards her with her helmet still on and pulls her out of the road to the side.

As she removes her helmet, Genie can't help but notice her gigantic and curly hair, as well as her beauty and figure 8 structure.

“What is wrong with you, girl? Do you want to get killed?”, She asks Genie with a disturbed and anxious look.

Genie is quiet, she is still under depression from what the stepfather just attempted doing to her for like the 29th time that she can recall.

“My name is Linda, and I'm harmless, ok? Come with me”, she sputters, holding her hand and taking her towards her bike.

Genie still hasn't said a word, experience has made her beware of strangers. But at this point, she needs help, something to eat, water to drink, and a roof over her head.

“Can you please tell me who you are? I've been talking for close to 10 mins alone, say something, and what happened to your face and hand?”, Linda utters, seeming very anxious and worried.

“I sure will, but maybe over lunch, I'm starving”, Genie replies with a hungry-looking face

“Hmm, ok, this is my club” Linda takes her hand, pointing at Truce Night Club, right behind her.

The two ladies go inside with Linda leading the way. Genie getting in cannot believe her eyes.

The nightclub is so big, that Genie keeps looking left and right, up and down, admiring the awesomeness of the club.

She's so amazed, the hunger seems to have disappeared. Linda has paid so much attention to the slightest detail in beautifying the club, such that with each step you take, something is amazing to see.

Genie forgets she was tailing someone, all her attention is on the large aquarium on both sides of the corridor leading to the club.

“Come on”, Linda sputters looking at Genie with a sheepish smile on her face

They go straight to the restaurant part of the club.

Linda calls one of her service girls in the Kitchen, “What would you like to eat dear?”, Linda asks Genie curiously

“Anything Ma”, Genie replies, still admiring the restaurant.

Linda smiles and asks the service girl to fix something nice to eat rapidly because she has to tend to her bruises.

Linda has five big boys, so you can imagine the nasty wounds she's been tending to over the years, she's good at it.

“Would you like to drink something while waiting for the food, Mme?”, The service asks Genie respectfully.

“No, I'm fine” she replies

Linda can tell that she wants it but is just shy. “Get her something soft please,” Linda tells the service, with a smile on her face.

“Yes ma'am, please excuse me”, the service girl sputters and heads for the kitchen.

In a couple of minutes, the service comes with natural juice. She drinks all of it unceasingly, as she is famished and thirsty.

Miss Linda goes to the Kitchen to request that they get her another glass

Minutes later, she's served fried rice and chicken with another glass of juice, as Linda has instructed.

Linda rejoins Genie, who is almost done with her meal.

“I can have them get you more if you're not satisfied”, Linda putters, holding Genie on her shoulder.

“No, I'm satisfied ma'am, thank you very much” Genie replies with a smile on her face. “Are you certain?” Linda asks, “Yes trust me, I'm fine”, Genie replies.

“Come with me, let me take care of those bruises”

Linda has a first-aid room at Truce, for her workers and clients. She takes Genie there to wash and treat her wounds.

“This place seems to have everything!”, Genie sputters, looking around Linda's first-aid room.

“Yeah it does”, Linda replies with a smile “So what is your name?, and what you were doing in the Middle of the road” Linda utters, tending to Genie's wounds.

Jane pauses for a while, looking down, feeling embarrassed about opening up to Linda. She's been nothing but kind to her, so why not?

“My name is Genie, and I ran away from home” Genie starts, but pauses for a while, as the incident she just escaped returns to her mind. This brings back her sad mood.

“It's ok, you can talk to me” Linda mutters, she's very anxious to know who the girl is, as this will give her the lead, to know how to help her.

Linda has helped countless distressed young girls and wants to help Genie.

“My step-father has been abusing me sexually, he rapes me almost every night when my mom is not around” Genie continues.

Linda is very shocked to hear this again from another girl, but she can't act shocked because it might demoralize the poor girl more.

“So, what happened to your face? why is it all red and swollen?”, Linda asks

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