Book cover of “Heirs of Atticus“ by Halumaa

Heirs of Atticus

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Halumaa
"How can you live your life if you can't create new memories?" "How can I move forward when I'm stuck in the past?" "I know that the saddest moment is when a person who gave you the best memories becomes a memory, but I guess having no memories to treasure at all is the worst." It was just a normal love story until an unexpected death of an h... 

Chapter 1

Who Am I?

“Be careful what you summoned.” The last words I heard before I passed out. The next thing I know, I woke up.

“Wait, where am I?” I asked myself in confusion.

“Finally, you’re awake, Leyra” I was greeted by a woman whose face was still blurry.

“Who are you?” I asked her and the rest of the two people inside of this so boring room, in confusion, of course. They just stare like fools. Hello? I ask any of you. Maybe someone wants to answer?

“Lady, I’m your mom. We’re your family.” I was shocked. They’re my family. What the hell did I forget? So stupid!

“Wait, what? Are you sure?” My question is a bit sarcastic. Maybe I forgot everything but not my trust issues.

“Doc, what happened?” she asked the man in a white suit.

“Madam, as I have said before, your daughter might suffer amnesia.” When I heard that, I felt a sudden numbness in my body.

“What’s Amnesia?” I questioned.

“It’s a loss of memory,” he replied.

“W-what? A-amnesia? No way. I just passed out last night, so it’s not possible,” I insisted, and now they were looking at me cluelessly, and before I realized what had happened, my mom spoke. 

“Lady, you’ve been in a coma for these past 3 years.”

What the hell did I just hear? I just cried at what I found out. Imagine missing your life for 3 years!? It felt like I just blinked and then woke up and forgot everything. What did just happen?

“Because of the incident that caused severe damage in her brain, your daughter suffered from Anterograde amnesia, which is a loss of the ability to create new memories, leading to a partial or complete inability to recall the recent past, while long-term memories from before the event remain intact. When you have anterograde amnesia, you can’t form new memories. This effect can be temporary. And this can affect your daily activities. But as of now, maybe her memories aren’t coming back yet because she just woke up from a long coma, but it won’t be long, and her memories from the past will also come back, and let’s hope for good that she will get to know you.”

My mom asked, “So, it means, doc, that the memories she will acquire now will be lost just in a snap?”

“I’m sorry, madam.”

“Is there anything that we can do?”

“We can do therapy, but we cannot assure that it would help her.”

After we heard that, everyone was crying in the room. Why did this happen to me? Out of crying from confusion, my head suddenly hurt. Then everyone got panicked. I was crying now in pain, and then suddenly, my vision blacked out.

“Happy anniversary, Love.” Klio kissed my back. I turned to him.

“Happy anniversary. I love you.” I kissed him. And now we’re dancing under the moonlight.

He is Kliosate Atticus Havero, my boyfriend. We’ve been together for almost 5 years now. We met in high school, in the guidance.


“So, it’s you again, Miss Madrid? What is it now?” Our principal was annoyed when she said that. Her eyebrow looked like a saleswoman in the canteen with that super thin liner. While I was watching her eyebrow, the mysterious door suddenly opened, and another demon went to the sky. In fairness, he’s fine. 

“Mr. Havero? You too? What’s wrong with you people?” The Lady from the school was angry.

“Ma’am, I saw Mr. Havero trimming those Santan flowers in the quadrangle!” Complaint of this stubborn teacher.

“It’s Ixora Coccinea,” he insisted.

“What?” The teacher’s jaw dropped and then I saw that my teacher grabbed a phone from his pocket and googled it.

“I said it is Ixora Coccinea, a genus of flowering plants in the Rubiaceae family. It consists of tropical evergreen trees and shrubs and holds around 500 species. It is a dense, multi-branched evergreen shrub that is fairly small that grows about 4 to 6 ft.” In fairness, beauty, and brain.

“The scene is yours!” I shouted. Now their eyes are on me.

“Quiet, Ms. Madrid!” I was scolded. What a day to be alive!

“It’s still Santan,” the teacher insisted, not letting the teacher down.

“I don’t use that word,” he answered with confidence. Omg, bars! The teacher is even more annoyed.

“So, what’s the problem with that, Miss Lopez? Mr. Havero is just generous to help in trimming.”

“Trimming in a figure of a dick?” When Miss Lopez said that I couldn’t stop laughing, even the clever rude laughed at her nonsense and stupid idea. Sir Mendez suddenly pinched me on the side of my belly. It’s a big challenge to contain laughter.

“Both of you, stop laughing!” The principal was really angry.

“How about you, Miss Madrid? What is it again?” Her attention diverted to me.

“Ma’am, I caught her cheating in my class,” my teacher reported as if he was teaching. He doesn’t even teach in class. He just spent most of the time telling us his life story.

“I just handed out the paper,” I insisted, trying to make a sarcastic face.

“Handed out a paper with an answer already,” my teacher said. Boy santan suddenly laughed.

“I’m sorry, I was just thinking of the money. I’m just business minded,” I said playfully.

“Miss Madrid! Stop this nonsense!” Principal shouted furiously. She was really angry.

“Both of you, this is the last time I will give you a chance! If you do this again, both of you are expelled!” She holds her head out of disappointment. “I will surely address this both to your parents!”

So that’s it! We were just scolded in the guidance, nothing new. When we went out, someone called me.

“Hey!” I turned to him. Yes, it was Havero who called me.

“Oh, what is it, boy santan?” I teasingly asked him.

“I said I don’t use that word,” he insisted and looked at me seriously, and I’m not lying when I say that I find him more attractive with that look. I gulp a little bit.

I cleared my throat, “So what? I used that word!” I exclaimed, raising my brow. I stared at him. This man got my nerves!

“You’re disrespecting me,” he replied and gave me a fascinating smirk.

“Wow? Okay. So, what now?” I questioned him in an attitude manner.

“I’m Kliosate Atticus Havero,” he introduced. As if I want to know his name.

“Did I ask?” He came close to me, very close, and it looked like we were about to exchange faces.

“I know you want it,” he whispered. And, before he walked away, he added, “By the way, it’s Klio for short.” My lips parted, not because of his name but because of the thickness of his face.

I watched him finally walk away.

So much strength of confidence, he thought maybe I was interested in him.

What confidence does this guy have? So high! The skyscraper must be scary. He thought I was interested in him. Huh! He must live in his thoughts. Tss!

After those events, I went home immediately, and to my surprise, exactly not a surprise anymore.

“Lady! What is it this time!?” Mommy shouted as soon as I entered.

So, before this drama, let me introduce my family to you. That woman yelling is, of course, my Mom, Raya Sirida Madrid. She’s a beautiful woman, but she was raised strictly by our grandparents; that’s why everything in this house is organized. No wonder she calls me Lady for formality. My mom has so many learnings. Like, for real? We are her children, and we’re just at home. She also calls my younger sisters like that. She never called us by our names. That’s one of the reasons why Mommy and I aren’t that close; we really have different principles and perspectives on life. The guy standing on the corner is my dad. He’s Mcleyn Madrid. Of all the people here in the house, only Daddy is really close to me and understands me. I believe I inherited it from Dad. 

So, let’s continue this drama.

“Wait, I’ll just sit down,” I interrupted and sat on the couch.

“Go!” I added, and she started yelling.

“The principal called again! You were caught cheating!? Now, explain yourself!” 

“Mom, I’m tired of explaining. I cheated. That’s it!”

“You’re really a disgrace in this family!” I smiled at my mom and pretended it didn’t hurt me. I stood up and went upstairs.

. “I’m still talking to you! Lady!” I ignored Mommy. I just went straight upstairs. I was about to lie on my bed, but someone was knocking on my door. I knew it was Dad, so I opened it.

“Dad? Will you scold me too and tell me I’m a disgrace?” I smiled bitterly.

“You’re too much, sweetheart,” he said with a calm voice.

“What should I do, Dad, huh? She always wants us to be like her. We are not like her dad. I am not like her!”

“Your Mom just wants you to be better.” I looked at Dad.

“Better? Dad, you know I was once a better person just for her. Did she recognize that? Did she even notice me? No! She never treated me like her daughter. She didn’t even call me by my name. “

“That’s not true, Leyra. Your mom loved you, all of you. That’s why she disciplined all of you in the way she knew,” Dad insisted.

“I get it, Dad. But did you know how much it hurts to be compared with Mom?” My tears started to fall.

“Everywhere I go, I always end up comparing myself to Mom. People always recognize me as her daughter. They’ve always expected me to be as intelligent and beautiful as her. I can’t be as intelligent, disciplined, responsible, and beautiful as her. I can’t be like her, Dad.”

“You can’t be your mom, but you can be yourself.”

“But this is my real self, Dad. And you guys can’t even accept it.”

“But being yourself is ruining your life,” Daddy muttered.

Maybe Dad said that because he’s pertaining to the way I used to live. I have so many records in the school of how messed up I am as a person. I’ve also been addressed as a bitch and a slut in some ways. Most of those are false accusations that my parents choose to believe. Well, that doesn’t matter to me anyway. I don’t care how they perceive me as a person. As long as I’m happy, their opinions don’t matter. Well, I used to be a modest and smart lady back then who was always top on class and dressed as a fine lady and had that cottage core fashion since most ladies in here dress like that, but now I’ve changed. Since I just reached 18 early this year, I always wear this kind of revealing clothes, crop-fitted tops, baggy jeans. Well, can they blame me? If my fashion preferences just changed. I love who I am now and besides it has nothing to do with who I am as a person.

“I want to rest, Dad.” I change the subject, I don’t want to answer anymore, I know the conversation will be long. I know that everything they do is for me to become better but I’m also doing this for them to notice me. See, mistakes have a really big impact. I grow up without them by my side. My Dad work in a company of a well-known billionaire in Spain, so he barely comes home. On the other hand, my mom is the daughter of the famous hacienderos here in Las Haciendas. She was always busy. She comes from an elite family, that’s why she is raised that way and that blood reigns in me, but I don’t care as long as I’m alive, I’m fine with it. They both had me when they were still young, 18 to be exact. Mom is 36 now but she still looks as a teenager, she ages as fine wine. Definitely, my grandparents disowned Mom because they had me. See I wasn’t even born in this world born, but I’m already a mistake. Growing up I didn’t even know my mom’s family side. I just knew their names and recognized them but didn’t have a chance to bond with them. I was okay with Daddy’s family because I know he’s the only child and both of my grandparents are dead. Daddy’s parents are also a hacienderos but not as rich as Mom’s family.

“Las Haciendas” is a secluded place with a greenly mountainous view with a mix of cultural influences, especially Spanish. Despite being beautiful in nature, this place has the darkest secret. .it is the home of the Elites, or mostly Haciendero’s and Haciendera’s. This is a non-government place, which means everything that is happening here are out of the hands of the government or any person who’s not living in this place. No rules for everything but there is a punishment. Know your actions.

Next morning

When I woke up, I immediately got ready to go to school, I left home early. I prefer to be at school than in our house. When I arrived at school, I immediately entered the room. It’s a good thing there were no people. I thought of taking a nap first, but from time to time, I heard that there were students coming in. I just let them go. After a few minutes, I woke up from the noise of the laughter of the students in the room. I just let them, but as time went on my classmates still didn’t want to stop laughing so I shouted at them in annoyance.

“What the hell!? Make it louder!” I shouted. They were silent for a moment then laughed again. I finally realized that someone was standing in front of me, and they were all looking at me while laughing.

“You must be Miss Madrid?” this man in front of me said raising his voice as if there was no tomorrow, he didn’t even have any contribution to my life.

“Who are you?” I questioned in an attitude way. 

“I’m sorry to disturb you, sleeping beauty. I am Professor Garcia and I think you entered the wrong section.”

Gosh! He’s a professor. I’m in trouble again. I looked around and saw that they were not my classmates. So stupid, Leyra! I sighed. I was about to defend myself, but someone stood up at the back.

“She did it on purpose. She just wants to see me.” The man in the room shouted even louder, I looked at him and, surprise, it was him, Mister Havero. His confidence level is higher than my IQ. And because I was fond of going with the flow, I approached him. And now everyone is looking at us.

“I just fell asleep waiting for you. I wanted to kiss you right now but I guess we’re in the wrong place.” I teased him too, I touched his cheek. His face is clearer than my future, gosh! He was looking at me seriously.

“See you later, Love,” I added, and I was about to leave but he pulled me back and the next thing that happened is unexpected. He fucking kissed me. I repeat, Mister fucking Havero kissed me. Everyone now in the room is cheering, excluding the prof. I was about to slap him but he grabs my hands and hold it tightly so I couldn’t slap him.

“Next time, be careful what you summon,” he whispered.

“You can now leave, see you later.” He smiled, biting his lips, and he looked hot as fine now with that lip bite. This the first time I feel ashamed of my stupidity. So, I decided to leave the room before I was completely swallowed up by the embarrassment.

I was in the Garden of our school now; I didn’t attend the class. I was so upset about what happened, I wanted peace of mind first, so I went here. It’s just peaceful because the surroundings are full of flowers. You can see there are roses, sunflowers, daisies, such as that. I picked some Lilac flowers because I find them beautiful. I was smiling, staring at it, then, to my surprise, someone spoke at the back, “Syringa is a genus of 12 currently recognized species of flowering woody plants in the olive family, native to woodland and scrub from southeastern Europe to eastern Asia, and widely-” This fucking Havero again!? Before he could continue his words, I slapped him. He just smiles at me. Is he really testing my patience or what? 

“Well deserved,” he said calmly.

“That one is for kissing me. And this one is for this!” I show him the flower and throw it to him then slapped him again.

“Now, that’s what you called well-deserved!” annoyed I said.

“I’m not dumb, I know it’s Lilac,” I added. He picked the flower and looked at it.

“Are you giving this to me?” he asked.

“It’s all yours!” I added, and now he’s smiling again. I know he’s looking so good with that smile, but I hate it when he smiles like that.

“Really?” He’s now laughing.

“What’s funny?” I asked him and now I am so disgusted with him. I was about to leave but he said something that leaves me in awestruck.

“Did you know what this Purple Lilac symbolizes?” I turned to him.

“It represents the beginning of love or first love.” I was stunned by what he said. Why does this man know so much? What kind of brain and confidence has he have?

“So, you want to start a love with me, huh?” he said with a sweet raspy voice.

“You wished!” I exclaimed.

“Be careful what you summoned,” he said and before he even goes near me, I started to walk away. While I was walking away, I heard him yelled, “Don’t worry, I’ll keep it!”

This day is so freaking hilarious! What did just happen? That Mister fuckin Havero, I will screw you!

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