Book cover of “Caged by My Alpha“ by Alphabetical B

Caged by My Alpha

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Alphabetical B
Crystina is the pack's outcast because her father murdered their last Alpha. She was brought into their pack as retribution to pay for the sins of her father, and despite their Alpha's hatred for her, he couldn't stop noticing her tiny smiles and her pretty face. When Luka thought he would get over it, he realized she was his mate. How was he sup... 

Chapter 1

Crystina’s POV

“I heard the Alpha is back,” a voice whispered, and I turned, suddenly on alert as fear descended upon me.

“There she goes, weirdo,” a male voice quietly mocked from behind me as I stood in the hallways of Moonvalley High School. I didn’t need to turn to know who it was or if they were referring to me. I knew it was for me, and it wasn’t the first time. Everyone had different nicknames for me: weirdo, dumbo, sicko, and every other awful word that ended with an ‘o’. It’s not like I cared about what they called me or what they thought about me. In all honesty, I couldn’t stand them either.

I’m just an ordinary girl in the powerful Moonvalley Pack. Nobody cared about me being bullied or insulted by a group of spoiled high school brats. I was sure only a few people in the Moonvalley Pack knew my name or even knew that I existed.

Since I was brought here ten years ago, nobody looked at me twice except for Alpha Luka anyway. Well, no one would really care about the daughter of a murderer.

I opened the locker and screamed before taking a step back. I stared in horror at the dead rat sitting inside my locker on top of my chemistry textbook.

Everyone around me was laughing. I bit my lower lip as I tried to keep the tears from my eyes, but I didn’t think that was going to work today. The evil triplets walked toward me, laughing, just as my best friend, Paige, stopped beside me. She peeped into my locker, saw what they did, and groaned.

“You guys need to grow up,” she warned. Brandon, the oldest of the evil triplets who had made it his mission to terrorize me, shunned her by waving his hand in her face, telling her to shut up.

“How was our little present, freako?” he asked, smiling.

“The last one was better, Brandon. This is way below your regular prank standard. Shouldn’t you have done better?” I asked him. The smile slipped away from his face and was soon replaced by a frown.

“You weirdo!” Breston spat. “You think you’re so smart, right? Let’s see if you’ll survive the next one.”

“Do you know what’s going to be weirder? If you guys are still standing here trying to bully my best friend in the next ten seconds, I’ll rub this dead rat all over your face and shove it down y’all's throats,” Paige threatened while holding up the dead rat. I hadn’t even noticed when she brought the rat out of my locker.

“Oh, God!” I groaned as the stinking smell hit my nose. Paige, on the other hand, wasn’t bothered; she could care less about it as she was grinning from ear to ear.

The ‘B’ triplet moved back from her with disgust plastered on their faces. Breston looked like she was going to throw up while Brandon could only scrunch his big nose. Billy wasn’t impressed as well.

“This isn’t over, Crystina and her crazy friend,” Brandon warned as they turned, ready to walk away.

“Of course, it isn’t over, idiots. You are the ones walking away now,” Paige yelled after them. Soon, they walked away from the hallway, and the little crowd that had gathered to watch the show slowly dispersed.

Paige was the blonde while I was the brunette. She had a dimple on one of her cheeks, and she was so beautiful I could hardly believe she was a friend to a plain Jane like me.

“Show is over; everyone should mind their business now,” I said as I glared at the remaining few. They rolled their eyes before walking away. “High school is hell,” I groaned.

Paige threw the rat into the waste bin down the corridor and walked back to her locker. Her locker was beside mine, and it had always been that way since we were in junior high. We didn’t bother talking about what just happened. It wasn’t the first time it would.

“Where’s Nico anyway? Did he finally get lost in the dark forest?” I shook my head in disbelief. Nico was our third friend. He and Paige had never been on the good side for twenty-four hours straight.

“He won’t be around today. He said he was busy with something that I shouldn’t tell you about.”

When I turned to look at her and saw her glaring at me, I couldn’t help but laugh. “Let’s get to class before it’s too late,” I advised.

“Yeah, I really don’t want to be in detention by the end of the day; that place makes me sick to the stomach.” We held hands as we walked together to the class.

We were lucky to get there ten minutes before the teacher. We quickly settled in our usual spot and waited in silence. I’m not the type who loves talking in class, and I’m glad Paige understands, even though sometimes, she doesn’t care, especially when it’s something that she wants to tell me about badly.

During lunch, we could hear some girls gushing about someone in the cafeteria. Luckily for us, we were sitting behind them, so we could hear their dark fantasies and bullshit.

“He’s so handsome and beautiful at the same time. How’s that even possible? He’s so unreal,” a girl gushed. Both Paige and I shared a look of confusion before turning to the girl. She wasn’t alone; she was surrounded by a group of other girls who were busy staring at something on their phones.

“Alpha Luka is the nicest person I know. Do you guys know that Alpha Luka just donated some money from his personal account to the school?” the principal’s daughter asked. Her friends gushed, shrieked, and even a girl let out a cry.

“No way!”

“Yes! My mom just told me about it. Guess what, he’s back in town. My mom went to meet with him for a meeting.”

As soon as she said those words, the other girls all brought out their makeup kits while I slipped back into my seat. The cold bread in my hand dropped into the tray as anxiety enveloped me. I could feel cold sweat breaking from my forehead as I clasped my hands together.

He’s back. Alpha Luka is back!

He’s been gone for three years; why was he back now? What am I supposed to do?

I’d thought he would be gone forever, and never did I expect to see him again or hear about him again. My life had been silent for years, and now, he’s back for what exactly? Alpha Luka was the leader of our pack, the only surviving son of the late Alpha. His father was friends with mine until he was accused of killing Luka’s father.

Luka had brought me back to the pack to live with him and his people when I had no one left to take care of me, and ever since I got here, he made my life a living hell. Not only did I become an outcast, but I was also treated like a slave.

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