Book cover of “Chained by Choice: Slavery Series“ by LiL A

Chained by Choice: Slavery Series

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: LiL A
Julia's love for steamy fiction takes a turn for the unexpected when her husband catches her devouring one of her favorite books. Intrigued by the content, he suggests they try out some of the games they've been reading about. Julia eagerly agrees, and soon she finds herself living out her wildest fantasies as her husband's obedient slave. "Now ... 

Chapter 1

Warning: The book contains explicit descriptions of sexual acts and situations. It may be distressing for some individuals and could trigger emotional or psychological discomfort. Reader discretion is advised.



"What are you reading now?" Scott asked.

Scott was my husband of ten years. He had just caught me engaged in one of my guilty pleasures, reading erotic romance novels. More than erotic, steamy really. Scott is tall, surfer boy handsome and fit. He has his own residential construction business and often worked with his men, which meant he was a man's man as well as a woman's. I loved him immensely and was not looking to upgrade. For that matter, he was more romantic than I was, still giving me flowers on special occasions and celebrating Valentine's Week, not Valentine's Day. He helped with the household chores, rubbed my feet or my back if they hurt, and was the best lover I've ever had. Still, I did enjoy my romances. I handed him the book.

"A reverse harem romance," he read aloud. "What's a reverse harem?" He asked.

"A reverse harem is one where there are many men satisfying one woman, instead of many women for one man; a harem in reverse," I informed him.

He continued reading the publicity blurb on the back of the book. "'I was a virgin when the earth was captured in an interstellar war. I was stripped, enslaved and auctioned off to ten alien warriors who helped subdue our world. I was claimed and ravished in the most reprehensible ways imaginable. They set about mastering my maiden body and instructing me what it means to belong to them absolutely. They bought me to use me, but in my heart I know they would protect me with their lives.' Ten men, huh?" He asked. "Does this titillate you?"

"I enjoy them, yes, otherwise I wouldn't read them. It's a fantasy. Ten would be far too many for me. One is plenty. I'm quite happy with you."

"Do you masturbate to these?" Scott asked.

"Sometimes," I admitted.

"So, what's the allure. Why multiple men?"

Scott could drive me crazy with his questions sometimes. It was a guilty pleasure, not an expectation.

"Well, think about it," I said. "To think a single man can satisfy multiple women is unrealistic. Men have to reload, so's to speak, after having sex. He'd be lucky to satisfy two women realistically. A woman could easily satisfy many men if she was willing. There's no reloading required. One finishes, another one takes his place."

"Ahh, biology, the differences between men and women. Still, ten is awfully high. A woman can only satisfy three men at once, unless she uses her hands as well, then maybe five."

"But the five would still need to reload. It still leaves five who can take care of her needs until they do."

"So, you're imagining it would take ten men to satisfy you sexually?" Scott asked.

"No. It's a fantasy, Scott. I have you and you do plenty to satisfy me. Have you ever heard me complain about our sex life?"

"Can't say I have."

"Because I don't need seven men when one good one will do. In reality, this one is more my speed." I handed him another book I planned to start next.

He started reading, "'Trained by the Emperor's Guard. First she was captured, now he will train her. When aliens raid Earth's first colony on Mars, scientist Abigail Weller is taken captive. Upon regaining consciousness aboard a strange interstellar vessel, Abigail is informed that she will be trained her to serve the alien emperor. She will learn all the ways her body can be debauched to serve her future master. Further, any refusal to obey orders will be punished harshly. Abigail earns a bare bottom spanking within moments of meeting her trainer. She soon learns there are more humiliating ways for a misbehaving human female to be reminded of her place on her knees before her Master. As her nude body is displayed and stimulated, Abigail finds herself quivering with impotent need and begging to be claimed as thoroughly as he pleases. As they get closer to the ruling planet, she realizes she wants no one but the Imperial Guard who has claimed her heart.' Mmmm; a spanking. Is that something else that fuels your fantasies?"

"Not really. Again, merely a fantasy. I'm not looking for you to spank me, thank you very much. I suppose I wonder what it would be like, but not enough to want to have one. It sounds like it hurts to me, and you know I don't do all that well with pain. Stubbing my toe is a major crisis. Sure, I sometimes wonder what it would be like to be a sex slave. Not like being kidnapped and forced to work in a bordello or something, but to be owned by one masterful man. Of course, in the books, they describe the sex slave's orgasms as earth shattering, ocean pounding and pussy melting; cataclysmic and cosmic fireworks going off."

"And yours are what?" Scott asked. "Little waves and fireworks fizzles?"

"Scott," I warned. "Don't piss me off. My orgasms with you are the best I've ever had. They are not earthquake quality, but I doubt anyone's really are. Again, fantasy. These writers are paid to make us believe in unbelievable bliss. I sincerely question unbelievable bliss exists in reality. Just because I enjoy reading about this, doesn't mean I'm missing something in my own life. I'm happy and content. Don't make it sound like I'm not. You enjoy the movie Avatar. Does that mean you want to go to some alien planet, run through trees, and mate with blue skinned natives?"

"If they wore as little clothing as Zoe Saldana does and I could do the whole mind meld thing with the pigtail, sign me up."

"So, if I'm reading this right, you'd gladly kick me out of bed if you could mate with semi-naked, blue skinned Zoe Saldanas?"

"Well, I'd prefer to have you both, but if I had to kick one of you out of bed, adios muchacha."

I hit him, a love tap really, because I knew he was kidding, and aimed a well-earned "asshole" his way.

"Your fantasies are no more realistic than my own," I said. "Maybe less so. I'm depending on an alien race to kidnap me and turn me into a sex slave, you're depending on Zoe Saldana to have sex with you."

"Burn. Touché, Julia."

"Not that she wouldn't enjoy sex with you, Scott. I'm perfectly happy with what I've got. Good luck convincing her you're the man for her."

"You mind if I keep this for a while and read it? I want to see what's driving your fantasy life."

"Sure. I still have to finish this one, but don't get any crazy ideas. I'm not looking for some Tarzan to drop me in the jungle and have his way with me. It is a fantasy only, mister, fantasy only."

"No problem."

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