Book cover of “Suddenly, There's You and Me“ by Empress Kei

Suddenly, There's You and Me

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Empress Kei
Kylie loved her husband so much that she gave him everything. However, Brent betrayed her in the end. She accepted her defeat in love and chose to move on. But things became interesting when a young man liked her. While she was falling for another man, Brent reappeared and demanded reconciliation. Will she forgive the man who broke her heart a mill... 

Chapter 1

It's natural for me to be strategic in life. At a young age, I knew how to earn a living. We're just poor, so I dreamed of getting relief from life because I don't want to die poorer than a rat.

I have high dreams in life, and I have always been told that I am ambitious. One of the people who called me ambitious was my mother. I wanted to ask her why she think that way but I held back a lot.

I wanted nothing more than to improve the situation of our family, and thank God I got what I wanted. Actually, a senator was right when he said that hard work and perseverance were needed to advance in life.

I was able to study for free because of a scholarship offered by a university. Tuition and miscellaneous fees are free. They only have to give me an allowance and boarding house payment, but that was still difficult for my parents.

Due to extreme poverty, I had to work in an internet café after my classes. It was hard, but I managed it. I don't care if I look like a panda because of the black circles around my eyes.

Well, so much for reminiscing the past. My co-worker’s voice called my attention.

“You are always lacking in sleep, Kylie. Anyway, I heard that you will replace, Levi.”

As soon as I heard her voice, I instantly returned to the present and faced my co-worker, Lorena. “Hello, Lorena. When did you hear such an amazing news? Anyway, the manager mentioned to me that there is no appointment letter from Mr. Chavez, yet.”

Well, I used to be Levi's documentation staff, and the man was about to move to the Sales Department because a salesman's income was higher. Besides the salary, there was also a commission that could be obtained when the total sales exceed the monthly quota.

“Why is that so?” she inquired.

"I guess our boss is still busy. Let's just wait, but if the manager was telling the truth, I will really treat you with a burger from Burger King," I promised my colleague.

Well, she was not just a colleague, but a friend, too. Lorena and I have been together at EC Brokerage for three years, and she was my first friend in the office.

"I would expect that, but have you told Brent about your promotion?" Lorena asked because she knew the situation between Brent and me.

"Only when it's really true," I said and motioned for him to shut up when the phone rang on my desk. "Kylie speaking," and when I recognized the voice on the other line, I couldn't explain the nervousness I felt. I feel like Lorena really spoke like an angel, and when I heard the magic word from Mr. Chavez, I suddenly pinched Lorena. "I'm on my way," I said before hanging up the phone.

"What did he say?"

“He wants me in his office," I informed Lorena.

I was almost overcome with excitement, but I just stopped myself because there was still a fear in my heart that maybe I was just expecting too much. Disappointment hurts.

“Hmmm, I can smell Burger King here in the office," said Lorena.

"Let's watch later," and I winked at Lorena before picking up my phone and then heading to Mr. Chavez.

When I arrived in front of the office of Mr. Chavez, the nervousness in my chest grew stronger. I don't know if I should knock or just move on. I sighed deeply before knocking, and when I heard the man's voice, I turned to his secretary to get courage, but the woman was not in the mood and didn't even smile.

"Good afternoon, sir," I greeted the man sitting in his oversized swivel chair while turning away from the door.

"Sit down, Kylie. Let's wait for Rona," he said.

Miss Rona is naturally kind, and one of the things I like most about her was her humbleness.

"Thank you," I said.

"Rona, it's up to you to tell the front desk person to reserve dinner at our favorite hangout," ordered Mr. Chavez.

"I'll take care of it, sir," replied Miss Rona.

"Tomorrow Levi will turn over everything to you," he added.

I just smiled because Levi didn't care about what he knew, and he also shared it with me. With all the excitement I felt earlier, I almost forgot about Brent. I don't know how to tell him about my promotion. Because he was too sensitive when it comes to our income, and he has no idea that the payslip I always showed to him has been edited so as not to offend him.

Is it my fault that the company he worked for wasn't good enough? It's not my fault why my monthly income was higher than his, but I couldn’t shout to our friends that my salary is also high because it will hurt the man's pride.

When I returned to my desk, Lorena was waiting, and she was even happier than me. When I sat down and opened the email, I was surprised by what I saw. Miss Rona has already announced my promotion, and everyone knows about it.

"You deserve it," said Lorena.

"I know, right?"

And we laughed as friends, but behind our happiness was the apprehension and fear of how I would talk to Brent.Honestly, I'm tired of lying to him. Sometimes I thought, Why do I have to adjust so as not to hurt his ego? Why do I have to lie so as not to offend him?

"It's Brent!"

My eyes widened when I saw what Lorena pointed out. My phone was on silent mode when I went to see Mr. Chavez because the company strictly prohibits all workers from playing loud ringtones inside the office.

"Yes Brent?" I answered the call and signaled for Lorena to go back to her desk and we'll talk again later.

"Guess what?" he asked.

I noticed that the man's voice on the other line sounded excited. Usually it's just fun whenever there's a salary and the payday is the next day.

“Hmmm, good news?" Maybe their company has already released their Christmas bonus.

"Yes! But I'll tell you everything later. Let's have dinner later at Casa Verde," he said on the other line.

We could only afford the price at such a restaurant, so I thought that maybe the man was talking about money. "We have a company dinner later." I refused because I had already committed to my colleagues.

"What a shame! I was promoted at work, so I would like to celebrate with the two of us," the man replied.

He was also promoted? Well, good!

"Let's have dinner tomorrow so that we can be with the child and the nanny," I suggested to him.

"Guess how much my salary will be in my new position," insisted Brent.

"Fifty?" I asked him, but the man refused.

"One hundred," he answered. saw what Lorena pointed out. My phone was on silent mode when I went to see Mr. Chavez because the company strictly prohibits all workers from playing loud ringtones inside the office.

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