Book cover of “Possessive Husband“ by Putrimaharani

Possessive Husband

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Putrimaharani
"Just wait and see! I will prove it! I will get a husband in no time!" Alika Soedirja is a businesswoman who is about to take revenge on her ex-husband. She is looking for someone who can be her husband in some matchmaking agency. And that man is Yustaf, a man who has all the things that Alika looking for. But behind that, he has a mysterious ... 

Chapter 1

A beautiful woman with wavy hair and a ruby red dress that trailed down to her feet walked gracefully in three-inch high heels. Her name was Alika, a 28-year-old businesswoman who had been the director of the famous Alika's Group for three years now.

She was attending her ex-husband's wedding. Some people whispered as they saw her.

"Look, she's here. What a shameless face! After humiliating Rachel in public, she still has the nerve to attend her ex-husband's wedding," muttered one woman.

"Maybe she lost her shame," another woman laughed.

Alika rolled her eyes and tried to ignore the disgusting words of some people. She didn't care if many people were cursing her, even though she knew where she was.

She had entered the lion's den. Once she stepped inside, she wouldn't be able to get out.

Honestly, she didn't want to attend her ex-husband's wedding. If it weren't for work, she wouldn't have set foot in the lion's den.

It was a filthy, disgusting, nauseating place, and it was even the resting place of the homewrecker and her ex-husband, who loved to show off. Attending their wedding could even undermine her self-respect.

Alika met with her ex-husband (Andrew) two days ago at his office. Initially, they were discussing work, but suddenly Rachel came and clung to Andrew, telling Alika not to get too close to her future husband because they would be getting married soon.

Alika couldn't believe the woman was even talking about such a ridiculous thing at work. It was as if she was mixing personal issues with work problems.

Moreover, Andrew agreed with Rachel's words, which shocked Alika. According to Andrew, Alika visited his office too often, why didn't she just leave the problem to his secretary named Albert?

That's what he said. He even said that he was worried that his new fiancée, who was very proud and a cum laude graduate from Oxford, would become Alika's target.

Alika was annoyed at that time.

This guy is so arrogant! Even if you think about it, both of them have something in common, which is to raise blood pressure!

At that moment, Alika responded with words that were not much less harsh. She said that Rachel was overreacting, and she couldn't distinguish between work problems and personal relationships.

If she couldn't be a self-aware person from the beginning, how could she be a proud wife? Moreover, trying to get Andrew back was the most nonsensical thing.

Would she grab a toy that had belonged to someone else? That's what Alika said.

And there was nothing that Alika could capture from Rachel's face except an angry stare. As Alika was about to leave, she suddenly stumbled on Rachel's foot. The girl looked pleased as she saw Alika almost fall.

Andrew felt very confident that Alika was doing it to get his attention so that he would hug her or help her stand up. Andrew expressed how sickening it was for the umpteenth time.

Alika got up on her own and saw Rachel looking so majestic. Alika couldn't stand it, so she grabbed a glass of water from the table and poured it on Rachel's face.

Alika felt very satisfied, even though many people started paying attention to them, and even after that, they started suspecting Alika.

Today is their wedding day. On stage, Andrew, her ex-husband, and Rachel, the other woman, shake hands with some guests. Alika feels very lazy to go up on stage and shake hands with them.

But if she doesn't shake hands with them, she won't be able to leave quickly. At least she has to respect the event host.

Alika then dared to climb the stage, where she could hear many whispers behind her.

"Look at her, the mood destroyer."

"Why was she invited?"

"She must be jealous. She's probably going to mess up the stage."

"There might be chaos after this."

Those were some of the voices of several people behind Alika that were very audible to her. Alika tried to ignore them and walked towards Andrew and Rachel.

When Andrew saw Alika approaching, he greeted her. They shook hands right then.

Andrew whispered in Alika's ear, "You look so beautiful today, but don't expect me to turn to you again." Alika immediately responded by stomping on his foot.

She still smiled at him and then turned to shake hands with Rachel.

"I'm sorry, Al, for what happened back then. You were annoying, so I got moody too," said Rachel. Alika pretended to smile, even though she felt like throwing up inside. She even muttered to herself quietly.

"You're annoying too. I never regretted pouring water on your hair," Alika murmured.

"What did you say, Al?" Rachel asked, unable to hear her over the loud organ music.

Alika shook her head and smiled, pretending that she didn't care at that moment.

Suddenly, Andrew said to a guest who wanted to shake hands with him, "Sir, would you like to be with this woman? She's my ex-wife. Isn't she beautiful? If you're interested, I'll give you her phone number later."

Alika immediately felt angry and thought Andrew was very foolish. Was this man crazy?!

"Her name is Alika, sir. Since our divorce, she has been daydreaming, getting angry for no reason, being vengeful, and having acute melancholy. Do you want to be with this woman?" Andrew asked.

Alika felt truly humiliated. Was she an item or something?! Without realizing it, Alika's hand moved to slap Andrew's cheek.

All the guests who had anticipated this happening whispered to each other. "I told you so." They gossiped about Alika's reputation, which had been tarnished in the eyes of Rachel and Andrew's supporters, particularly their families.

"Do you think I'm some kind of commodity to be offered to anyone?!" Alika exclaimed.

"Come on, Al, don't deny it. You're a divorcee now, so there's a chance you'll find another husband, which is rare," Andrew said, followed by Rachel's defense.

"He's right, Al," Rachel said.

Alika felt a deep hatred towards them both. She said, "Just wait and see, I'll prove it! That I will find a husband in a time that you don't expect!" and made the two obnoxious creatures fall silent.

"I'll show you! I'll find a husband soon!"

After that, Alika quickly walked out of the wedding venue. Albert, her secretary, who saw Alika rush out of the building, tried to catch up with her.

He knew what Alika had just done - slapping her ex-husband on his wedding day, in front of the public and company delegates.

She had successfully tarnished her name and reputation at this event. But what she had seen all along from Andrew was that he was a jerk, a man who loved to make Alika hypertensive.

He was not suitable to be Miss Independent's life partner.

In her Pajero Sport car, Alika continued to stare out the window. She took a deep breath to calm herself down. Albert quickly entered and sat in the driver's seat, right beside her.

"You look troubled. Is there something wrong?" Albert asked.

"Where can I find a husband as soon as possible?" Alika asked straight to the point.

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