Book cover of “Contract Marriage: Fated Love“ by Nia Tessy

Contract Marriage: Fated Love

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Nia Tessy
Emily was chosen by her family against her wish to marry Jayden, the CEO of the Jace Group. But Jayden lived a promiscuous life even after they were engaged. Just two days before the wedding, Emily caught him cheating and decided to put an end to the marriage. But her family would hear nothing of that sort. She was drugged and was supposed to be ta... 

Chapter 1

She stood at the door and listened again. Sure enough, the noise was coming from the room. She could hear their moans and ass slapping noises. She opened the door to meet an unwholesome and unholy sight. There, on the bed was her supposed finance, making out with a strange woman. They were so engrossed in the act that they failed to notice her presence. 

"Harder baby," came the lady's moans.

Emily couldn't bear it any longer. She stamped her foot hard on the floor. That attracted their attention. Jayden gave her a look one would give a fly that fell into his food. They didn't even bother to cover up. 

"What is wrong with you?" Jayden asked in anger. 

"Really! Jayden?" Emily returned.

Finally, Jayden had the decency to put on his trousers. He flung the bedsheet at the lady indicating that she gets covered too. 

"Can't you see you are interrupting us?" the lady on the bed asked. She was visibly angry to have her moment with the billionaire interrupted. 

"Get out," Jayden said flatly.

"It is her who should get out and not me. I am your fiancée for goodness sake, Jayden," Emily fumed. 

"Fiancée indeed," the lady sneered. "Who do you think you are? Some lowly pauper trying to get married to Jayden Mason? He might marry you but he will never love you. Know your place."

Emily turned to Jayden,

"Can't you show me some respect? Our wedding is in two days."

" So…." the lady began.

"...Shut your trap," Emily cut in. "You should be silent and ashamed of your silly self. Going around with just anyone."

"Jayden. She is bullying me!" the lady said, trying to act coquettish.

"Get out Emily," Jayden said again. 

Emily was annoyed that Jayden had chosen to defend the lady and not her, his wife to be. 

"I will no longer marry you," she stated firmly.

Jayde smiled. "You what? You wouldn't dare."

"Watch me do so," Emily responded. 

"No one will marry you if I reject you. No one dares. Behave yourself and get out now while I am being nice or I will make you regret it," Jayden threatened.

Emily thought about his words and realised it was true. No one would dare to marry her if she were rejected by a man as powerful as Jayden Mason. She turned and walked out of the room. But she was determined not to go ahead with the marriage.

Emily hailed a taxi to take her home. She sat silently and tears rolled down her face. She was only a young girl of 21 years. Yet, fate had never smiled at her since she was born. Her parents despised her and she never knew peace at home. She had to work to fend for herself. Despite that,her family still wanted to use her to attain financial independence and abundance. They were determined to use her to the last drop of her blood. Her mother, father and sister were all guilty. None, not even one was left out. She was not in anyone's good books. Her crime and what she had done to deserve such ill treatment, she knew not. 

"Here," the kind hearted driver offered her a tissue paper. It was then she realised she had been crying. She took the tissue and forced a smile. 

"Thank you," she said politely. At least, one person had been nice to her today. If only her parents could also learn and be nice to her…

"We are here," the driver announced, jolting her from her thoughts. Emily took a deep breath and stepped out of the car. She was back to her hell of a home. 

She opened the door and met three pairs of eyes, staring at her with extreme hostility. 

"Good evening, mum and Dad," she greeted and tried to sneak off to her room.  

The family were at the table having dinner. Her elder sister, Rose rolled her eyes at her. 

"Why are you at home? You should be spending the night at the Mason's mansion," her mother, Olivia Grant, was quick to point out. She did not bother hiding the cruelty in her voice. She wanted to get rid of Emily at all costs. 

"I am not getting married to him any longer," replied Emily. 

"What!" Olivia and Rose screamed in unison.

"You must be joking. I will not let you ruin our chances in this family. You will not put us to shame. Yes. You won't. Hurry out now and go back to the Mason's family," Olivia said spitefully. 

Emily didn't bulge. Olivia was surprised. Emily had always obeyed all her life. 

"No mother. I am not getting married… "

Rose cut her short with a slap. "How dare you challenge our mother? Father?" Rose said, calling her father for help. 

Mr Williams Harper looked on in silence. His heart bled a bit for Emily, his youngest daughter. Emily too called on her father. He was her last hope. 

"Father, I can not marry Jayden. He will not treat me well," she cried.

"Treat you well indeed. You don't deserve any better, you good for nothing child," Olivia spat.

Emily's heart ached to hear these words from her own mother. She was used to it but each day's comment hit her differently. Begging her father was in vain. Although he had slight pity for her, his wife and her mother had influenced him greatly too. He looked at his wife and she flashed him a death glare. He opened his mouth and said to Emily,

"Emily, obey your mother. Go back to the Mason's family."

It was always the same old story. Always 'obey.' Emily had no say in that house. She went into her room in tears and anger. 

Rose and her mother exchanged glances. 

"Mum, she must go right? We can't lose much money and the chance to live a happy life. Think about the fame, the riches, the power and the happiness that follows. We can't let her go, right?" Rose asked.

"Definitely. She must get married. But she is proving stubborn. The wedding is in two days. And she must be in his house tonight. We can't make mistakes or they might change their mind. What do we do my dear child?" Olivia replied. 

Rose thought for a moment and said,

"Leave it to me mum. She either goes on her own or I will make her go. I just need to d**g her and send her over."

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