Book cover of “Morgana: The Alpha's Pet“ by thinkster

Morgana: The Alpha's Pet

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: thinkster
“I didn’t know you had a heart,” I say to him. “You think too lowly of me,” he states with a frown. “That is not my fault,” I say. Welcome to my world, where werewolves reign supreme, vampires lurk in the shadows, and witches are on the brink of extinction. Humans like me? We're the bottom of the food chain. But don't count me out just yet. I ... 

Chapter 1. Caged


I can’t remember how long it’s been since I got locked up. I’ve been wearing the same uncomfortable clothes for 2 months now, and it makes it even worse now that they are blood stained. I haven’t been whipped in a long time, and that’s only because I’ve tried as much as possible to obey the slave master and do everything he tells me to.

I hate the slave master. He’s a short man with a fat belly and I’ve always thought his face -which despite his disgusting personality- was too cute for him. He whips humans- slaves- for the dumbest of reasons. I once had a cell mate whom the slave master beat to death because he asked her to smile, and she retaliated by spitting in his face. An act that she paid for with her life.

He came into the cell and started giving her lashes with his whip. He beat her all over until she just suddenly stopped screaming. Her still fresh carcass was taken to the vampire slave room so her blood could be fed to the starving vampire slaves. The slave master’s whip has thorns around it’s edges, making it impossible for you not to bleed when you get whipped.

I was traumatized for a good two weeks after that scene. Whenever I closed my eyes, I heard her painful screams and I saw her dead body lying limp on the floor in front of the pet master. She was the only friend I had for a long while since I got locked up.

I got whipped yesterday because I overslept. The castle grounds need to be kept clean, and humans and vampire slaves take turns cleaning it. Yesterday, it was my turn, but when the slave master came to get us, I was still asleep. For some reason, I didn’t hear the sound of the annoying bell that wakes us up every morning.

I thought the slave master would cut me some slack since I’ve been a good slave for a long while, always doing as I’m told. He, however, didn’t take that into consideration as he dragged me by my hair out of my cell. He tossed me around like a ball, bruising my skin with his long whip. I honestly thought I was going to die. It was a pain I had never felt before. And to make it worse, after whipping me, he threw me back into my cell and poured a bucket of water mixed with salt on me, knowing it would sting as my wounds were still fresh.

‘I hate you’ I said to myself as the fat man whipped me.

‘One day I’ll make you pay’ I thought as I felt the cold liquid sting my wounds.

I couldn’t get any sleep last night because of how badly I was hurting. Every time I tried to move, my wounds would remind me to stay still. I couldn’t move, and I was bloody and uncomfortable, and I felt my left leg cramping up already.

‘At least you’re not on your period, Morgana, ’ I whisper to myself.

I place my hands on the cold floor and try to lift myself up as I hear the morning bells ring. Today isn’t my turn to clean the castle grounds but the pet master wouldn’t like to see me still asleep anyways.

I don’t know what I ever did to offend the gods to deserve a life like this. The huge door roars as the pet master pushes it open. The rest of the slaves and I flinch at the sight of the disgusting man. Some of the slaves scoot further back into their cages, whimpering in fear. Through the power of his whip, he has learnt to command fear and obedience with his presence.

As he walks further into the cell, he comes to a stop in front of my cage, shooting me a scornful look.

“Good to see you’ve learnt your lesson human. Next time I catch you asleep after morning hours, I’ll feed you to the vampires.” Two other guards behind him let out terrifying chuckles as the pet master laughs in my face. He spits in my cage before moving further in to torment other slaves.

At one point, I wanted to get fed to one of the vampires. I wanted to have the blood and life sucked out of me by one of the night walkers. It’s not difficult to be suicidal while living in a place like this. A lot of slaves have attempted suicide before, and some have succeeded.

Some slaves have lost hope and have accepted their fate. Working forever as slaves to the werewolf nation. Very few of us still have hope. Sometimes, I think I’m the only one left with hope in this hell hole because I have a dream. One day, I will make them all pay.

The werewolves who so brutally slaughtered my parents and the vampires who have been feeding off of the humans for years. I will kill each and every one of them, and power will belong to the humans.

I, of course, have no idea how to go about this plan of mine, given my current situation, and the fact I’m physically weaker than my enemies doesn’t exactly give me the upper hand.

But one way or the other, they will all pay. They don’t just get to get away with their horrible deeds. They don’t just get to oppress us forever, not after all that they’ve put us through. Not after what they did to my parents.

I will get my revenge, and it will be delicious.

After the pet master finished checking every cell to see if all the pets were awake, he stood at the center to make an announcement.

“One of you will get lucky today.” He states with his hoarse voice. “The alpha’s mate died. The bloody thing killed herself. Our prestigious slavery organization has been chosen to provide the alpha with a new pet. He has sent someone to fetch one of you.”

As he finishes with the announcement, the doors open, and a tall man enters the cells. I try to make myself look bigger as I push myself closer to the iron bars holding me in. I would give anything to get out of here. Serving the alpha would get me closer to my enemies.

Unfortunately for me, I’m badly wounded, so I might not be chosen. No one wants an incompetent, bloody weakling as a slave.

He scans around the cells with a disgusted look on his face, glancing from cell to cell until he finally comes to a stop in front of my cell.

“This one.” The man says, pointing at me. His voice low.

Even with all the pain I’m feeling, a shimmer of hope glides down my spine as the man looks at me.

‘Finally’ I think to myself.

“What happened to her?” He questions.

“Ah, that little shit right there slept past morning hours. You don’t want her. She won’t do any good for the alpha.” The pet master mocks as he spits yet again into my cell.

“How old is she?” The tall man asks.

My hearts beats more in excitement. He’s considering taking me with him. Good.

“18 Sir.” The pet master answers.

“Get her ready. She’s coming with me.” The man states simply.

“Are you sure, Sir? She’s badly wounded, and she’s just a girl. I have stronger slaves in my holding cell. A strong male would be more preferable for the alpha don’t you think?” The slave master questions as he glances at me with a disgusted look.

“Get her ready, and don’t ask any more questions.” The man says authoritatively, shutting the pet master up.

The pet master grabs a collar to tie around my neck, pulling me out like a goat about to be slaughtered. It doesn’t help that my wounds are still fresh, and I can barely move.

“I bet the alpha will get tired of you and send you back here in less than a day when he sees how useless you are, human!” He whispers in my ear before finally giving me away to the man who came to get me.

We hop into a carriage and drive away. I take one last glance at the building in which I’ve lived in for a good part of my life. I definitely won’t be missing that hell hole.

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