Book cover of “Thrones of Dust and Destiny“ by Casmir E. Cas

Thrones of Dust and Destiny

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Casmir E. Cas
“What are you doing to me?” I groan while her eyes search mine. “Show me the beast in you…Assyrian.” *** Razal, an Assyrian-Neem, threads an intricate path of destiny when his treacherous love affair with a fair Sorceress begets a cursed child whose birth unchains the shadows in the alternate realms. In a bid to alter fate and destiny, he under... 

Chapter 1


Some myths and legends once said:

“... And the gods came down to earth and took the fair women unto themselves, so they bore them children, who were giant, evil, and corrupt, trampling upon the inhabitants of the earth with incredible strength and dark magical powers. They were called Anakims.”

Many generations passed until a few dilute bloodlines remained, multiplying until a city, Golem, was formed. These human-than-gods became the muscles of the Assyrian Empire—the greatest military force in the known world. Ferocious, barbarous, and brutal.

The purest bloodline was called ‘Neems’ in the Assyrian tongue, meaning ‘spirits,’ a separated clan born for war and revered by kings. As early as the age of six, all young children, boys and girls, born by the purest Anaki bloodlines, were taken to the ‘Crypts of Bane’ to be trained in the darkness. There, they learned their peculiar dark magic and mastered all the weapons of war.

Today, a massive golden army fights at the command of the Assyrian King. Nevertheless, a prophecy unnerves them, one which has lingered for ages. It says, “...On that day, the earth shall be purged of evil bloodlines by fire.”

The King of Babylon rides upon Assyria with fiery horses and a mighty army. He flies the banner of his god, Marduk. He is the bringer of fire!

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