Book cover of “Dear My Mafia“ by Aliciaperth

Dear My Mafia

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Aliciaperth
Rose never imagined that she would be sold by her own stepfather for personal gain. However, her job at the brothel unexpectedly brought her face-to-face with a handsome drug dealer named Antonio. Their feelings changed, but their lives did not. Can Rose withstand Antonio, who has a dark side to his life? 

Chapter 1

The sound of gunshots heard from outside the building startled everyone. They scattered, searching for alternative exits, while the tall iron door was being forcefully breached by the special police unit. Most of the new members chose to hide in the place and resign themselves, as they had no prior experience in this field.

However, Matt was different. He was one of the most alert individuals, running towards the boss, Antonio, and standing behind him.

"I will protect you," he said as he pulled out his pistol.

Antonio nodded in agreement and immediately ran to another corner of the building, where he had already prepared an escape route in case unexpected events like this occurred. It was truly unfortunate that this incident happened so abruptly.

Matt continued to trail behind Antonio as they finally managed to open the main gate. The commotion could be heard from behind them. And, of course, some of the special police units deliberately targeted Antonio as their primary target and continued to pursue him. Thinking they would pass through a narrow secret passage, Matt took the initiative to stop there, causing Antonio to turn around instantly.

"What's going on?! Why did you stop, Fool? Hurry up!"

However, with his firm stance, Matt planted his feet firmly and stood guard, pointing his gun forward while squinting one eye.

"You're the one who will go, I'll stay here to protect you."

The man in the white shirt and shimmering charcoal black jacket attempted to grab Matt's collar and said, "You're insane, huh?! Come on, quickly."

Unfortunately, Matt had already made up his mind. He dedicated himself to saving Antonio until the end, like a loyal dog. He brushed off Antonio's hand on his clothes and pushed him towards the secret door on the left side.

"They're coming, you must leave here immediately."

And without further ado, Matt shifted his gaze and began firing at the pursuing police officers in front of him.

Antonio had managed to pass through the door but hadn't closed it yet. He fervently hoped that Matt would follow his words and escape during the exchange of gunfire.

Unfortunately... fortune was not on Antonio's side.

In the next gunshot, Antonio witnessed with his own eyes that a bullet from one of the police officers pierced deep into Matt's head, causing him to fall backward. Like a slow-motion scene in a movie, Antonio and Matt exchanged glances before Matt collapsed to the floor. His eyes rolled upwards, marking the last time Antonio saw him.

Antonio desperately wanted to stop and embrace Matt, his loyal assistant who had stood by his side for years. At the very least, he wanted to express his gratitude and bid farewell. However, the sound of footsteps heard from behind made him abandon that intention.

Antonio closed the door and pressed the buttons next to it, causing the iron door to close instantly. The chase finally came to a halt, but the 40-year-old man felt no relief whatsoever.

Matt's death had pierced his perpetually darkened heart, worsening his feelings of the devastation caused by betrayal from his closest allies.

In the midst of mourning, Antonio had to continue his journey. He used the car stored in the secret chamber and exited through the prepared underground route. All these ideas originated from Matt during the construction process and were implemented. Who would have thought that all these secret passages would truly come in handy for him, even though Antonio had to spend more money in the end?

He successfully escaped and blended in with other vehicles on the bustling outskirts of New York City. The simple appearance of his unremarkable black car kept Antonio from drawing attention. He even managed to elude the special police who intentionally surveilled him from a distance, cautious of his small black vehicle.

He changed direction and headed towards the Brooklyn Bridge. Regardless of the time it would take or the amount of fuel consumed to reach that destination, Antonio continued driving.

The Brooklyn Bridge may be famous for its age, but Antonio remembered this place as the spot where he first met Matt Octo, a friend, companion, brother, and the only person he could trust. Their encounter could be considered quite terrifying because, at that time, Matt was near death, beaten by another mafia. He was entangled in business debts, he said. However, Matt's condition at that moment reminded Antonio of his own past, and without hesitation, Antonio decided to help Matt.

With his brown eyes scanning the surroundings, Antonio stepped out of the car. There was something pressing in his eyelids, although he didn't actually shed tears. He simply took in as much air as he could and exhaled heavily. Thin vapors emerged from his mouth. Coincidentally, it was Christmas Eve. Snow fell, making everyone shiver. But unlike others, Matt's body couldn't feel warmth anymore.

The man had died, sacrificing himself.

A sense of pain coursed through Antonio's chest. Somehow, he felt that it was the first time in a long while. His father's death had been the last one for him. However, Matt's departure turned out to be significant. He continued walking, gripping the sturdy and solid edges of the bridge, gazing at the calm waters of the East River on that cloudy night.

Matt once said that for him, every day was the same. His parents had already died, murdered. Matt had endured difficult and harsh days. His other family members didn't want him around. He was often abandoned and ignored. Living alone in a city as vast as New York felt excruciatingly painful for a grieving Matt. Gambling and debt became the dark companions of his life. Until Antonio came along, helping him when he himself thought he would die, giving him hope, and sharing a bitter life together. Christmas became warm enough for Matt because he finally felt like he had a family.

But on this Christmas night... it was Antonio who felt like he had just lost his only family.

Antonio clenched his fists tightly as one face crossed his mind.

Elliot Maximus.

That wretched, ugly-faced traitor who betrayed their partnership.

His teeth gritted as he pictured Elliot, sweet-talking promises of loyalty to Antonio, only to disappear after stealing hundreds of items worth millions of dollars and putting Antonio in this dire situation.

And... Elliot was the reason Matt was shot and killed today.

"I will find you, Elliot. An eye for an eye, a life for a life."

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