Book cover of “Where Is My Husband?“ by A.G

Where Is My Husband?

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: A.G
Reina Morris was an average lady and the only child of her mother, who worked as a servant for the Delgados. When a romantic relationship blossomed between Reina and her boss, her life changed for the worse. But she believed that love was here to stay until her mother's life became her priority. When every single thing you grow to love gets snatch... 

Chapter 1

Reina's POV

"Madam, madam!"

I could hear a faint voice calling out to me. I sighed in retort, but I couldn't reach out to the distressed lady. I could barely lift a finger. My muscles felt as though there was no blood rushing in my veins.

"What is happening to me?"

My lips parted in extreme curiosity, and my eyes which seemed to have clenched shut for a day, suddenly opened. I found myself standing in the middle of the ocean. All I could hear was the sound of my feet at every movement and the splashes of water like raindrops.

"Where is this place?" Twitching of great fear rushed through my spine, making goosebumps all over my body.

"Am I dead?" A question that kept ringing in my head. My eyes suddenly gathered tears as I thought of my son Egan.

"Am I dead?"

As much as I kept asking myself, I found it hard to believe. I don't recall being sick or involved in an accident. The last memory I had was driving home at past 1 am and rubbing my temples inside my car.

"That's right, I'm dreaming." I tried to recall every incident as little as I could remember.

The morning kisses from my beloved husband-Garrett. Breakfast with Garret and Egan and then dropping off Egan at school, to having a hectic day at the foundation.

'This is all but a dream.'

I came to a halt and clenched my eyes shut. I was savaging my lips and piercing my palm with my artificial nails. I did this every time I needed to remind myself that it was nothing but a dream.

And suddenly-


I heard the woman from earlier. Her voice was even louder than before. I could sense a tremendous amount of fear in her voice, and slowly, I recognized it.

'It was no other than Mrs. Savanna-Egan's Nanny.'

"Mrs. McCoy!" She screamed, erupting me from a deep slumber, and instantly, my eyes widely opened. I had blacked out in the car.

I wobbled my head and slowly tickled my eyes. When I tried to sit upright, I noticed I still had my car seat belt on. Instantly, I removed it and grabbed my bag from the passenger's seat. And when I turned to my left, I saw Mrs. Savanna looking disheveled as she stood helpless, with eyes that looked as though she was ready to disappear in no minute.

Tears were falling from her eyes like a cascade. I quickly opened the car door and placed my hands on her shoulder with my brows crinkled.

"What's wrong, Mrs. Savannah?" I asked curiously.


That was the only thing she could say. The only word she needed to say that could make my heartbeat stop.

"Egan?" I muttered helplessly. I couldn't wait for a second more. I swerved out straight into the house. My heartbeats start pounding. I wonder what must be wrong with my baby.


Standing at the entrance of my home, it was as if a storm had hit me. Glasses were smashed all over the floor, and the vase shattered into fine pieces.

And the flowers littered all over the floor.

I couldn't move my feet as my muscles suddenly became stiff. My eyes kept scanning the living room, and suddenly, I saw Egan's sneakers. It was right by the TV.

"Egan?" I yelled as I rushed to pick up his shoes. My brain was whirring around, thinking and asking myself what had happened in my home.

"Egan!" Nothing was more important than my little prince charming, whom I couldn't find. I aloft on my feet and passed my hand through my hair.

"Savanna, where is my son?" I shrieked at Mrs. Savanna, who stood by the door, wailing as though Egan had gone missing. I didn't want to think about it.

I could feel my whole body freezing, and I was holding on to whatever it was that made me a little bit affected by Mrs. Savanna's disturbing demeanor. I wobbled my head in disagreement.

'My son can't be missing.'

Suddenly, I could hear the sound of my phone ringing. I tried placing my hand inside my long white leather jacket to reach for my phone, but then-

As soon as I glanced at my dress, I noticed the red stains on my jacket. It was evident that it could be no other but blood!

"What the?"

My eyes squinted. My lips parted in shock, staring at my hands that were dripping blood.

"Arrrghhh!" I screamed and sprawled on the floor.

I couldn't stop screaming. "What the hell happened here?"

My eyes almost popped out of my head.

"Egan?" I cried out, perplexed and helpless, and same time I wondered-

"Whose blood am I covered in?"

I swiftly squirmed to my right, crawling in search of Egan, only for me to find the trail of blood that lent directly to the study.

I could hear the thumping sound of my heart like a ticking time bomb. For a moment, I paused, welcoming the feeling of emptiness that left me completely helpless. I couldn't lift my hand or move my feet. Neither could my eyes flinch. I was like a broken vessel that suddenly couldn't feel emotions, but I was getting drawn into complete nothingness.

The clock's ticking sound was all it took to draw me back to reality. All the emotions came rushing back like I was an erupted volcano.

I felt my eyes slowly turning lifeless as every clue gave it away, the one whose blood is spilled on the floor.

The footprint of the sneakers, covered in blood, led straight to the study; despite that, I held on to the little string of hope that it couldn't be my son. It just shouldn't be.

But then it suddenly crossed my mind-'Garrett.'

Garrett?" I muttered, dabbing the tears from my eyes as though I had found a new hope to hold on to; I quickly picked up my phone, murmuring words of prayers as I dialed my husband's number.

One beeped in my ears, and I could hear the phone ringing inside the study. My phone slowly skidded down and smashed on the hard floor. Why the study?

"Madam!" The Nanny's voice echoed, and suddenly I felt her arms around my shoulders.

"Mrs. McCoy, I have called the police. They will be here soon. You don't have to go in there; let's wait out here for the police." She brandished my arm and tried to drag me out of the mansion. I couldn't leave. I grabbed the Nanny's hand and shoved it off my body as a stream of tears rolled down my cheeks.

The study was open, and blood was flowing from within. For the first time, I felt like a plumbing pipe, with all kinds of feelings of sadness, rage, and fear all flowing through my veins, making me completely helpless and at the mercy of my doubt.

It was all so evident, yet I pleaded to be wrong. It didn't help.

As soon as I could feel my frozen foot, I stepped forward.

At every step, tears rolled down my cheeks, and my heart beat erratically. Memories of the past six months flashed through my eyes. It was the happiest I have ever been all my life. Was it really all there was to me? I've never felt anything for the last few years but pain and regrets, but in the last six months, I finally thought heaven had finally noticed me.

Once again, I was wrong.

At the front of the study, I stretched my hand and slightly pushed the door open. I could feel my body quivering, but still, I struggled to keep my stance.

I walked inside. My eyes instantly meandered between the shelves. Blood was spilled on every book as though someone had butchered an animal inside the study. My gape drifted to the floor, to a sight that made my eyes wide open.

"Egan!" My lips muttered on seeing my son lying there-lifeless.

My shaky knees could barely hold my stance as my heart was coming to a clunking stop. Tears like a cascade were falling from my eyes. Helplessly, I sprawled to my knees. My heart crumbled at the sight I beheld.

"Egan..." I called out to the lifeless body in front of me.

Like raindrops, the tears rolling down my cheeks ceaselessly hit the floor. I lunge my hands forward, crawling towards my son.

With one glance at his imbrued chest, I instantly clenched my eyes, covering my lips with my hands.

There was a hole in his chest like an organ had been harvested.

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