Book cover of “Not a Perfect Marriage“ by Oh Yoorin

Not a Perfect Marriage

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Oh Yoorin
Ivy Marionette, a descendant of seers and witches, is a captivating young woman blessed with extraordinary magical abilities. Her life turns for the worse when she is compelled to wed Race Agnito, a gifted young knight from the eastern region with the rare ability to foresee the future through his dreams. Race marries Ivy without love because he kn... 

Chapter 1

A white-skinned man with slightly brown hair slowly opened his eyes. He is Race Agnito, the son of Mr. Milano and Mrs. Maria. He is the greatest knight in the eastern region and the trusted confidant of King Michel, his uncle.

Race sighed deeply and gently rubbed his face.

"What dream was that? Who is that girl?"

Race then sat up from his sleeping position and gently rubbed his face.

"Why did I draw my sword on her? What did she do wrong? What did that girl do wrong?"

Race's face looked puzzled, and he was deep in thought.

In another region, precisely in the west, the noble Marionet family had just bid farewell to their adopted daughter, Ivy. Mrs. Liana had just entered her room and found her husband sitting in his office chair.

"Has she left?" Mr. Marques asked, looking towards his wife.

"Yes, she has," Mrs. Liana replied briefly.

"Good! Finally, we can free Cheris from the curse."

"Yes, I also feel relieved that Cheris can live longer. Besides, we have been raising Ivy in this house to serve as a shield for Cheris and replace our daughter, who was destined to die young."

"Are you sure that marrying that Eastern knight can replace Cheris?" Mr. Marques asked.

"Of course, my dear. According to the latest seer we consulted, the descendant of the last seer and sorceress in the North can break the ancestral curse on Cheris. Ivy is the descendant of the last seer and sorceress, and I made sure of her lineage before bringing her here," Mrs. Liana explained in detail.

"That's good! Hopefully, the curse will disappear from our daughter soon, and Ivy can truly replace Cheris's misfortune," Mr. Marques said.

"Yes, my dear," Mrs. Liana agreed.


Tonight, Race came to his parents' pavilion. Mr. Milano and Mrs. Maria had summoned Race to come. Race was cutting small pieces of his grilled meat while Mr. Milano and Mrs. Maria exchanged glances before Mr. Milano cleared his throat softly. Race raised his head, hearing his father as if he was giving him a signal.

"Son, I have found a suitable bride for you," Mr. Milano suddenly said.

"Who is that person, dear?" Mrs. Maria interjected.

"Of course, who else," Mr. Milano replied.

"I don't want to marry anyone," Race refused firmly and without further thought.

"Are you trying to defy your father, Race?" Mr. Milano's voice began to rise slightly.

"Not like that, Father. But is this going overboard? You're arranging my marriage, and I don't even know the name or what the bride looks like," Race tried to give his reasons for not wanting to marry.

"Race, that girl will make our family prosperous. Do you know about your father's business? She will greatly help the business," Mrs. Maria said, trying to persuade Race.

Race took a deep breath and started to lose his patience. He looked at his parents alternately.

"Is a marriage as simple as that, Mother? Is your marriage also part of the business? Or have you always been accustomed to it, so Willingga and I must follow in your footsteps?"

"Race, your mother just wants you to be happy. Marrying that girl will make you stronger in the kingdom, and she can also help your father's business thrive. Please, listen to us," Mrs. Maria pleaded.

"Do not bring up that foolish child who has already passed away! Whether you like it or not, you must marry the noble princess from the West!" Mr. Race scolded, ultimately losing his patience.


Ivy was about to close her eyes and fall asleep on the luxurious and comfortable train. The journey from the West to the East was undoubtedly long and tiring. Just as Ivy was about to drift off, her breath became irregular, and she abruptly opened her eyes as if she had just witnessed something unpleasant in her dream.

"Who was that person? Why did they thrust their sword at me?" Ivy uttered with fear, scanning her surroundings.

Ivy calmed down when she realized it was all just a dream. She gently massaged her chest and reached for the water bottle beside her seat.

"It seems like it was just a dream, but why did I dream of something like that? Could it be some kind of prophecy?" Ivy muttered, taking a slow sip of the water.

"We are entering the Eastern region!"

The voice of the carriage driver could be heard shouting from outside. Ivy then looked towards the window and saw the Eastern region she was visiting for the first time. Ivy smiled as she observed the bustling and picturesque Eastern area.

"Will my life be better here?"


He gently wiped his face and sat in Race's Bungalow Pavilion residence. Once again, Race had a dream about Ivy, the girl he was supposed to marry.

"Who is Ivy? Why is her fate so unfortunate? I dreamt about that girl again. She will arrive here tomorrow morning, and I have to marry her. How can I marry a woman I don't even know?"

Knock knock knock

The sound of a knock on Race's bedroom door made the handsome man look towards it. Race then got off the bed and walked to open the door.

"Winter? What brings you here?" Race asked.

"Are you asleep?" Winter asked in return.

"Yes, but you woke me up. If it's not important, please leave!"

"Tsk... I wanted to comfort you, Race."

Winter entered Race's room without permission and sat on a chair near Race's bed.

"Comfort me? For what?" Race asked, puzzled.

Winter softly patted the empty chair beside him, gesturing for Race to sit. He then smiled faintly.

"Tomorrow, you'll be married. Of course, I don't want to miss this night. Let's get drunk until morning. Once you have a wife, you won't be able to get drunk with me anymore."

Race gazed at his cousin, who was the crown prince. Race sighed heavily, feeling annoyed. He then turned his face away.

"You always manage to turn insults into consolation, Winter Agnito."

Despite his annoyance with his cousin, Race sat next to Winter. They both agreed with Winter's idea of getting drunk tonight.

"So, you agree to the marriage?" Winter asked again.

"Of course, how can I refuse the request of my parents?" Race replied, affirming his decision.

"So, you want her? She must be beautiful if you're willing," Winter commented.

Race let out a soft snort and then chuckled lightly. He shook his head slowly.

"Marrying her doesn't mean I'm interested in her. I don't even know what her face looks like. I'm marrying her because of my parents, Winter. I won't let my feelings get involved. Our marriage is just a mutual need for each other. Besides, I will execute it in the end."

"Execute? What do you mean, Race?" Winter asked, with a bewildered and incredulous expression on his face.


Ivy looked confused at the three servants who suddenly entered her room. Each carried different items – Miranda brought some beautiful dresses, while the other servants had boxes containing shoes and makeup.

"Good evening, young lady," Miranda greeted.

"Yes, good evening," Ivy replied with a friendly smile.

"Allow me to introduce Selina and Gareta; they will also serve you here."

Miranda introduced her colleagues to Ivy, pointing at Selina and then Gareta.

"So, I have three young servants. What brings you here at this hour?" Ivy asked.

"We are here to prepare your dinner. These are the clothes prepared for you. Please choose!" Miranda explained.

"I am in charge of doing your makeup, young lady," Gareta added cheerfully and enthusiastically.

"Does dinner require such excessive preparations? I am fine wearing ordinary clothes and don't need embellishments," Ivy said, displaying her innocent expression.

"What is excessive about it, young lady? These are just ordinary clothes that nobles wear," Gareta retorted.

Once again, Miranda looked at Ivy with an unhappy face.

"Such a rustic girl! I can't believe she is a noblewoman from the northern region. How can a woman like her be paired with young Mr. Race," Miranda thought to herself.

Selina and Gareta, on the other hand, smiled mischievously upon hearing Ivy's question. They approached Ivy and held her hands simultaneously. Ivy was surprised and looked at Selina and Gareta in confusion.

“That's right, young lady, this is not an ordinary dinner. Young Mr. Race will join the dinner and introduce you to everyone in the East. Let's take a bath first. I will help you bathe.”

"Huh? What?" Ivy's face suddenly showed surprise and fear.

"Come on, young lady, I will escort you to the bathroom. I will help you scrub your back with Selina," Gareta offered.

"I can bathe by myself. Just prepare the clothes and what is needed!" Ivy swiftly left, leaving the three servants behind, and entered the bathroom.

"Why is the young lady so amusing," Gareta chuckled softly.

"Indeed, she is so cute and adorable," Selina said, agreeing.

"It's not cute, and it's foolish. There has never been a noblewoman as careless and boisterous as her," Miranda remarked, clearly disliking Ivy.

"Don't be too harsh, Miranda!" Gareta expressed slight displeasure with Miranda's attitude.

"That's the reality, Gareta. It's my first time encountering a noblewoman who behaves like that. She is too blatant in showing that she truly comes from a lower class."

The three servants of Ivy were debating, unaware that Ivy, wrapped in a towel, was looking at herself in the mirror. Ivy looked confused and sad, gently touching her back.

"What should I say about these scars?"


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