Book cover of “Dirty Little Secret“ by AC Gray

Dirty Little Secret

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: AC Gray
“Why do your rules require sex every night?” “Because I’m obsessed with you, and I like you, but you don’t like me because I murder people.” She remained silent. “Let’s just try. If you want us to do it, I’ll give you a month to fall in love with me.” Ace Shelton has experienced several traumatic events in his life. He leads a secluded life i... 

Chapter 1

Third person’s POV

There was a thunderstorm outside, and the Shelton family was preoccupied with their work. Ace Shelton’s father was a lawyer, and his mother was a college teacher who taught a law course.

Ace was keeping an eye on his parents because his mother was preoccupied with the test paper she was holding, and his father was preoccupied with writing about the case he was having. Ace returned to his room, only on the first floor, and sat down on the bed.

“You haven’t slept yet, Ace,” Ace’s mother said.

“I can’t sleep because it’s loud in the living room,” Ace explained to his mother.

“I’m sorry your father and I are taking care of important things to us; we’ll sleep later,” Ace’s mother said as she kissed him on the cheek.

When the light was turned off, Ace closed the door and hugged his pillow, but he soon woke up because someone was shouting, and he slowly got up to his bed.

When Ace got out of his room, he saw blood on the side of the stairs, and when the light came on, his family was gone. Ace got down on his knees, unable to believe what had happened and what he could see now. Ace was sobbing in front of his deceased father and mother.

Ace picked up his mother’s phone, but he didn’t know what number to dial because he didn’t know yet. When Ace saw his father and mother’s bodies, he considered burying them in the garden.

But because Ace couldn’t lift his family, he waited for it to become bones, and when it did, all he could think about was burying his family in the garden; ten years later, Ace endured the stench of the smell when his family was dead.

No one knew there were dead bodies in Ace’s mansion because there weren’t many neighbors in his area.

He also posted that his mansion was for sale on social media, but the truth is that he needed someone.

Ace also discovered who murdered his family because it was captured on CCTV previously, and he identified Edward Heils as his uncle. He was enraged and desired vengeance, but he couldn’t do so until he figured out a way to kill him by making a wise decision.

Ace also worked out to get his body in shape to fight Edward.

Unice Venixe decided to visit Shelton’s mansion after seeing what was posted on social media.

At first, Unice was perplexed as to why the Shelton mansion was the only house in Singapore’s Woodlanders district. Unice walks into Ace’s mansion, unaware that Ace is watching her.

“Is there anyone here?” Unice spoke softly because she heard footsteps as she approached the mansion.

Unice went to the living room and arranged the sofas and furniture, which surprised her because it appeared to be a mansion. She went upstairs to look at the rooms, but just as she was about to open the guest room, her phone rang.

“Hello there, Zoey. I’m here today at the mansion I saw advertised for sale on social media,” Unice told Zoey she was her best friend.

[Does your home have a lovely appearance? I should have come with you, but I didn’t because I was too busy with my work.] Zoey responded to Unice on the phone.

“It’s okay, I can do it myself; when I’ve fixed the things scattered throughout the mansion, I’ll give you the address,” Unice said as the signal went out.

[All right…] That’s all Unice heard before losing the signal.

“What happened? The signal suddenly disappeared,” Unice thought to herself as she looked at her phone, which had no signal.

Unice took a deep breath and placed her phone back in her bag. When she raised her head, she was surprised to see a man holding a woodsman pal and staring at her. Unice screamed because she was terrified of Ace holding her in that position.

Ace would kill her, but he didn’t because he thought the woman was just lost. Still, the truth is that he advertised his mansion for sale on social media and invited people to come to see it.

Suddenly, Unice ran out of the mansion, and Ace pursued her. While Unice was running, she came across many trees, but Ace still caught her. Unice fainted suddenly due to her fear, and Ace was taken aback, so he managed to bring Unice back to the mansion.

When Ace returned to the mansion, he took Unice to the attic and tied her hand and foot while waiting for her to wake up. Unice awoke not long after to find Ace still holding the woodsman pal.

“What do you need from me? Please don’t kill me!” Ace let go of the woodsman pal he was holding as soon as she said immediately.

“Did you see that I posted on social media that this mansion of mine is for sale?” Ace questioned Unice.

“Yes, I saw, but I no longer want to be in this mansion! I want to go!” Ace suppressed his annoyance as Unice said this to him immediately.

“I need to be with you in this mansion; I’ll pay you double just to accompany me,” Ace said, his voice threatening.

“I’m not going to! I’m getting out of here!” Ace took his woodsman pal after Unice replied.

“If you don’t want it, then I’ll kill you right now because I don’t want anyone finding out about my mansion!” Unice yelled even louder as Ace said and sighed.

“Please stay in my mansion, I beg you,” Ace begged, and Unice thought.

“Stay with me forever,” Ace said as Unice’s body began to tremble. Ace approached her, and they stared at each other.

“Just pay me double,” Unice said, fearing Ace would kill her if she refused.

Ace removed the rope from Unice’s hand and foot, Unice stood up, and she followed Ace, but Unice was unable to follow.

“Stay there,” Ace said because his room was in the basement. Unice waited, and Ace came out with money.

“I’ll give you the rules of the mansion later, this is your money, and if you want more money, I’ll give it to you as long as you just do what I tell you,” Ace said, and it was apparent that Unice was nervous.

“Can you tell me where my room is?” Unice asks Ace.

“Follow me, you will stay in my old room,” Ace told Unice.

Unice followed Ace and noticed how he walked. She also looked at his body because it was masculine. When Ace opened the door and she saw that he held many keys, Ace turned to face Unice.

“There is plenty of food in the fridge, so if you get hungry, you can cook or do whatever you want. I have a library upstairs and a television in the living room. Let me know when you buy something. I’ll put something for you,” Ace said. Unice was terrified.

“What are you going to put on me?” Unice questioned, her hand still trembling.

“Tracking devices because I can’t let you go to the police and report me,” Ace explained, to which Unice nodded.

“It’s good, and you understand that if you don’t do anything, I won’t hurt you,” Ace said, looking down at Unice’s neck.

Unice’s hair was short, and Ace could smell Unice’s scent. Unice was nervous because Ace appeared to be staring at her when she entered the room.

When Unice looked at her back, Ace was no longer behind her, and the door was closed. Unice lowered her bag and was about to pick up her phone when she realized it was gone.

“Did he steal my phone?” Unice told herself.

Unice began crying again. After all, she couldn’t leave the mansion she had entered and she still had the money Ace had given her. Unice hid the money in her bag after taking out all of her clothes because it was evident that the money was real and not a forgery.

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