Book cover of “Forbidden Lovers. Book 1“ by Unlessyouremad

Forbidden Lovers. Book 1

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Unlessyouremad
Debby was hospitalized in a psychiatric clinic for years until she met Trevor, a crazy criminal who helps her escape. Now free, Debby discovers that her family was always linked to the mafia and ends up becoming an active member of the criminal organization. She meets Robert Wees, a handsome and mysterious man, who is looking for Trevor and his... 

Chapter 1

No person can speak with remote conviction about the exact moment a legend is born.

In general, people who do a great feat in their lives are remembered. But there are others, determined how they camouflage themselves behind an individualistic and selfish image, so that as a determined person knows how they are the only ones on the front line against true evil.

These people usually use a codename, a disguise, and a double life, to protect individuals as they love to measure how every night they go out on the streets to save lives. Some identify them as heroes, but they, in reality, are legends whose names will never be forgotten.

And it consisted of thinking about how far her own legendary story had come, how the woman advanced in an insane race to the steps on the right ladder, and listening all the time to how her pursuer was almost reaching her. She stepped forward through a heavy iron door she moved away with her shoulders to reach the roof.

The sun of that cold morning touched her eyes, and she put one of her hands in the form of a shadow over her forehead to continue running, reached the edge of the roof, and looked down.

The fall would be absolutely ugly, he thought. The trash can downstairs was closed, and if she was lucky to fall there, she would break at least some bones, considering how she was on the tenth floor. However, if he fell against the asphalt of that dead end, still wet by the rain of the previous night, he would understand how they would have to collect the remains of his body in pieces.

There was no certain chance of escaping through there. The easiest way would be to fly, just as she didn't understand where it is how her cronies were at that moment.

"That's the end, Debby," warned his stalker in a certain corner of his back. Your voice sounded blown and rough. He never had to scream to be respected. "You no longer need to hinder my work with your escapes.

Feeling the dread hit so exaggeratedly as a real blade, Debby turned Slowly in the direction of the voice. It consisted of being humiliating as he still looked beautiful with that steel armor coated with two synthetic fabrics, as they were stuck around his large and muscular body, protecting him from bullets, knives, and even explosions.

The face consisted of just a pair of green eyes, considering how a mask covered him from the forehead to the chin. Around his head was a hood as he stood up just like the very armor of his suit, swallowing it in all the black material. In the course of the night, the vision of that individual would have done with how Debby prayed for all the saints.

In the course of the day, the vision still consisted of being disturbing, but he did not have the resource of the shadows in his favor and appeared to be much less terrifying when pointing a kind of weapon at him.

Debby raised her hands, joking with boldness. At that time she had already gone through enough situations to be proud enough not to look terrified. In any case, he could not avoid the way his knees shuddered when he stared at that individual's utility belt.

By thinking about everything how it consisted of being able to hide there, and how it would appear to be one thing, just to surprise the rival with a different effect. Until the moment, only that gun as he pointed at her had been used in front of his eyes.

She had understood how the claw tip of the weapon consisted of being able to open when its trigger was fired, and how it consisted of being against how it could hang on a certain surface, even if the place became a moving plane. Now I wondered if that object would not have the power to immobilize an enemy, in addition to being able to hoist its owner up.

"Ah, vigilant... Making your work difficult is my favorite idea of fun," she said in a meow voice. She noticed how uncomfortable the individual was, no matter how she did not become able to see her features. He had an insane laugh, practicing all the teachings with the worst criminals of that ruined city. "Look around you, vigilant... You want to stop me from considering how these people do not deserve the suffering my actions cause you, but you do not realize how this city is already destroyed, and how I am only having fun before everything ends."

"Despite considering how your ideals do not allow which ones they understand, possibly you can realize how your fun is not one of the attitudes as I most esteem," he said in that altered tone of voice so that his identity did not become revealed.

Debby giggled again, sounding with less boldness and more sincerity. She knew the individual under the hero's cape. She had understood how he should be with his lips tight at that moment, in an expression of pure concentration. And she loved that expression on her beautiful face.

Debby loved the way her strong and wide hands had taken everything from her in a few hours before that moment. However, she also understood how they were being observed. She had understood how the smallest drone as she flew around the building, rising higher and higher from her head, consisted of being equipped with police weapons. She had understood how the night watchman was there in broad daylight for her to have a chance. For her not to die alone.

They were as society had understood mortal enemies. He consisted of being the masked as he should be protecting the city on every night of his life, as in the day he consisted of being the businessman with an impassive face and plenty of love stories to tell.

The wind as it passed through her intense red hair whispered to her how she did not consist of being worthy of an individual like that. Because of how she didn't consist of being good. It didn't consist of being worthy, or a heroine.

That consisted of being the Queen of Hearts of Detroit; the wife of the arch-enemy of the night vigilante. And, worse than this thing, the woman how she killed and attacked without the slightest prudence, all the time with a wide smile on her face.

It consisted of being made of everything that an individual despised. It became a story the moment she relied on an individual but became a legend the moment she discovered what it was like to be able to be much more alone. The blood of him as people in general thought as if he became his companion still stained his hands.

The red of the blood blended perfectly with the burgundy tone of her combat suit, and she was cleaning that blood the moment the drone stopped in the air, and she understood how they were just waiting for the vigilante's gesture to attack.

"How did we get to this point, my dear? "She asked, giving a sad smile.

"You dug your own grave, Queen of Hearts," He returned, insolent. With a noise sung by the wind, her gun fired, and the claw opened to accommodate Debby's body against the metal, stretching on a cable as she had understood to be of steel as firm as it did not consist of being able to be cut. She immediately felt her arms very glued to her body, and the very material of her costume produced muffled sounds because they were made to avoid dangerous contact. "And that's how it all ends."

"No, vigilant..." she murmured, watching with a certain laziness at the claw around her arms. "This is how it all starts."

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