Book cover of “Gladiator Series. Book 2“ by Erarexon

Gladiator Series. Book 2

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Erarexon
She was a princess, blessed by the goddess to be a monarch one day… Until her father, the prince, had not abandoned her, for he was afraid that his child would have such a destiny. But he didn’t know that his daughter Lilith would become a fierce warrior whose wit and beauty would help her exact her revenge and restore her noble name. He was a s... 

Chapter 1

Most favored concubine of King Reineous.

Imperial noble consort, just one step far from being an empress.

Lotus of the Silian River.



The goddess’s grace and blessing upon the Empire of Grevian and the one that could breathe life into a dead man.

Goddess with golden blood.

She is acknowledged with all above and then her true self with none at all, her name: Helixis.

Sword lined with thick scarlet blood dripping sparked ambers, like rubies encrusted on the ground, warm fresh blood covered the entire throne room.

A beast had bared its fangs today and massacred the entire royal family of the Grevian, leaving not even a single soul. The emperor, empress mother of the nation, royal concubines, servants, princes and princesses, not even an animal inside the Palace was spared, such is the wrath of the woman who had onyx eyes darker than night with strong hues of gold swirling in them.

Bound with a man fifty years older than her at a young age of fifteen, with his children and daughters her age, taunts and schemes, conspirators and monsters surrounded her in a misty fog of darkness but hasn’t she emerged victorious?

Make her surrender brutally and eventually take her life, 

Twist the white silk around that pale neck and stop her breaths, 

For if not then she shall survive and the moment Helixis will return, 

The favor shall be repaid thousand folds, 

Till the raw flesh would burn and blood will be flown, 

A river of skulls created on their own,

Till the skies bathe in vermilion with poison water in them,

A goddess with birth and hellish devil in soul, she was someone you shall not provoke.

Hundreds of thousand army men in King Reineous army were slowly yet steadily for nine long years were cultivated to rebel, ministers who knew the powers of the future Saintess were aware that the ones who shall follow her would turn into aristocrats with noblest of blood whose power cannot be questioned and the ones who defied her will turn to ashes, for there was no ahead of Helixis, there was only beside or behind.

And then there was one, sitting on a golden guest seat meant for Kings in foreign alliance with Grevian. In the bloody throne room looking at her with sparkling eyes as her long inky hair blew with the gust of cold chilling wind.

Emperor Heun of Ambrose was nineteen, four years older than Helixis when he first saw her in a banquet of the royal family of Grevian, the King Reineous whose dead body was hung on the market tower today then showed her off as a new jewel in his inner palace.

But when he looked at her then and those onyx irises of now were completely different, she used to be colder than ice, deep seated hatred that was hidden in her eyes completely veiled but now every single soul could see the wrath and rage like fire that she had in her.

Heun as the crown prince had liked her then to the point of madness yet considering her relations with the King of an ally state tried to forgo but even after nine long years neither he could forget the woman nor he could give any other her place in his heart…Emperor Heun was obsessed with Helixis and wished to make her his consort.

“The crime to rebel, murder and assassinate the entire imperial family of Grevian, as an ally kingdom this one can order the end of her highness.” Tilting his head he looked at the woman who stood before him drenched with think red liquid on her clothes and could not understand that how can someone be that enchanting…so cold that he wanted her entirely to himself.

“This emperor has rushed here from my own empire to ensure that proper justice is served and has brought my army along, what do you have to say for yourself?” Helixis laughed so sweetly that it made Emperor Heun dazed.

“If this one becomes your consort would my crime be forgiven? All the brutality forgotten and the empire of Grevian erased from history?” There was silence at another end before the man sighed and whispered a yes as if it was his heart’s desire.

“Say, Heun, since how long have you desired this one and how long did you take it to express such shameful emotions of yours?” The woman wearing waterborne fabric consisting of pure snow white that seemed to flow like breeze walked towards the seating of Emperor Heun climbing one step of the staircase at a time.

“Did you wished to display your devotion the day you accidently sent thousand fragrant perfumes to me, the former imperial consort instead of that old empress mother? Or was it the day you killed your army general since he was incompetent and sprouted that I was a vixen?”

“Helixis,” Emperor Heun was silent despite the savage and cruel words that seemed to give him no respect and only insults. He could only whisper her name when the woman who was directly in front of him sat on his lap like she did not had a single care in the world.

“Tell me Heun what can you offer this one?” The was a moment of spark that made the passion burn the Emperor’s throat etching a gentle smile on Helixis’s lips like she hadn’t slaughtered males and females alike an hour ago.

“Position of main wife, this one will dispose of the empress and make you the one…what else do you want, I can dismiss the entire inner palace-”

“Liar...” She kissed his earlobe before softly chanting it into his ear.

“Dismiss all your women? This one can never be assured till you kill them all but then why shall those lives be lost because their King was seduced…you’re dedicated to your petty throne Heun and thus unworthy of this one, you will never stop your greed and neither would your heart stop beating for this one, will it?

This one took all my vengeance by my capabilities, killed all those that one laughed and took advantage of me then why shall this one need you.” King Heun was stunned when despite saying those words Helixis’s eyelids drooped, her lips slowly coming down to meet his as his hands encircled her waist.

A fiery kiss that could make flames of passion ignite was broken and King Heun tried to grasp onto the situation that seemed to be surreal.

“This one thought that you were a fool but it turns out that I underestimated your tangled mind. Then listen to my answer Heun, neither this one needs you nor do I desire your empress position since to fight for your honor this one will neither sacrifice my peace nor my pride, your position and empire are all worthless.

In this life our paths are unmatched and never meeting but since you are burning and this one cannot see your eyes looking like that at me, then for today’s night this Helixis is yours so live your desire of years and scram after that.”

King Heun for the first time in his entire lifetime felt pain in his chest, around that ice cold heart of an emperor there was an anguish and he mourned for what he has lost in the process of being the emperor.

Kisses and rustling of clothes with trembling fingers of the King held the woman that he was making love to yet could not have.

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