Book cover of “He's My Heartbeat“ by Infinitylocks

He's My Heartbeat

  • Genre: Romance
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Infinitylocks
As soon as Christian, the new student, enrolls at Hailey’s high school, she falls head over heels for him. Despite her best attempts to catch his eye, he can’t stand her constant attention. Just as Hailey starts to move on, she meets Dean - the charming football player who seems perfect for her. But with Christian constantly on her mind, Hailey fin... 

Chapter 1

I walked into the hallway of my school and found people were whispering. No, it’s not about me but they’re talking about someone transferring into our school.

“I swear I saw him, he will be the next IT boy!”

“Hope he’s in the same class with us.”

“Where is he?”

“He’s in the teacher’s office getting his schedule.”

I turned to Lia, my one and only best friend, and she shook her head. We both are not interested in gossiping besides I don’t think we will care about this new boy.

Let me introduce myself, my name is Hailey Song. My mother is American and my father is Half Korean and Half American. People only knew me as an ordinary girl who sometimes gets into trouble but I’m actually Harrison North’s one and only daughter. My family actually owns a couple of big trading companies and chemical companies. I begged my family let me change my name to Hailey Song just for the sake of high school and they let me. They completely understand and let me do my thing. The school knew about my real identity and Lia of course.

As an only child, my family loved to spoil me. They love to give me all the things I want in this world but my grandmother told me not to be greedy.

“He’s coming!” I turned my head around to see where the screaming came from.

“You already collect the homework?” Lia asked and I nodded as I turned my head back to her.

“Oh!” I heard girls squealing and some girls were sighing. I heard that the new guy went to the class next to us. Even though I said I don’t care but I’m still curious. We walked into our class and the bell rang.

“Students!” My biology teacher came and I sat down on my usual seat.

“Mr. McCoy, why isn’t the new guy going to this class?” I turned to see one of my friends say it and I shook my head.

“He belongs next door, now.. let’s start the class.” He announced and we started to study. I was not paying attention because I’m not in the mood to study, I want a thrill and school is not giving it to me these days. After a few classes, the bell rang for us to have a break.

Lia grabbed my hand dragging me to the cafeteria.

“I’m so hungry, you don’t understand.” Lia said and I chuckled. As we walked into the cafeteria, there’s people whispering and I turned to see the new guy. He’s around 6 foot 3, he has a muscular body that was meant for sports and his eyes are blue with his sandy-colored hair. All eyes are on him and it was like a magnet to me.

“Hailey.. earth to Hailey.” Lia poked my arm but I can’t turn to her just yet.

“Hailey!” She pinched me and I turned to her glaring.

“Christian Russo.. he’s hot.” I heard someone say his name. I found myself smirking when I found out his name.

“Oh no! I know that look..” Lia said and she continued to drag me to buy food.

“Christian Russo.” I repeated.

“Take the freaking food.” Lia hissed and I chuckled nodding. I ordered some food but I kept stealing glances at Christian Russo. He’s going towards the line with his new friends.

After grabbing my food and paying for it, I walked to our usual seat. I moved my seat to look at Christian who’s currently picking up his food.

“You’re too obvious! I thought you won’t care about the new guy.” Lia said and I turned to her. She took a big of her burger and I leaned my body back to my seat.

“He’s different, I knew it.” I said and Lia chuckled.

“Yeah different, he looks like an asshole to me.” She said and sipped on her pepsi.

“Something about him..”

“Developing a crush?” Lia asked as she grabbed her burger again.

“I don’t know.” I turned to look at Christian again. He’s walking to an empty seat with his friends. Some girls walked up to him asking something and he brushed them off.

“He’s popular and I’ll bet my money that he’s an asshole.”

“You assume too early.”

“I know, Hailey.” She said without looking at me.

“You rarely have a crush on anyone.” She added before I let out a sigh.

“I know.”

“He’s sitting with Gio, Mike and Fred.” Yup, those are my friends but I barely notice them because I’ve been busy looking at him. 

Gio was my childhood friend, we were close but everything changed as time passed. He’s a basketball player and he’s good. Mike and Fred are basketball players, too, and they’re pretty popular but not like Gio. I’m assuming that Christian is interested in basketball since he’s hanging out with them.

I was busy looking at Christian and completely ignoring my food. Suddenly he turned his attention to me and smirked. My eyes widened and I turned to Lia. She’s busy with her food and I gulped nervously.

“Did.. did he just..” I said to myself.

“He what?”


“Don’t even think about crushing on him, he’s trouble. I can sense it..” Lia warned but too late.

“I do have a crush on him.”

“Yeah, it will last a day. I bet you.” She said.

“Lia..” I sighed and she turned to me. I looked at her and she raised her eyebrows.

“Are you for real?”


“Good luck.”

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