Book cover of “Hot Desire of Marriage“ by MissMine

Hot Desire of Marriage

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: MissMine
Bella Sophie felt guilty toward her husband for getting pleasure from her husband's friend, Austin Harold. A man with many secrets and mysteries, he approached Bella because of something. Feeling guilty, Bella did not suspect that the husband she loved and trusted so much had a relationship with her best friend, while she herself had not been 'touc... 

Chapter 1

It was already five o'clock in the afternoon. In a light nightgown, Bella waits for her husband who has been a CEO for the past two months. A husband who is always on time to arrive home after work no matter how busy he is.

This was their fourth year as husband and wife. Since they were in high school in their third year, they have been inseparable lovers. The perfect couple.

Steve William was a handsome young man, with a stern face and fair skin. Tall and athletic body. A young man who has excelled in studies and sports.

Bella Sophie is a beautiful and charming girl. She has a sexy and well-proportioned body. Her skin is white and clear as milk. That made Bella the beauty of the school.

They decided to get married after graduating from college. Where was their unhealthy dating period. Since third grade high school they have had a relationship like husband and wife. And it was Steve who took Bella's virginity.

Bella, who loves Steve deeply, is very confident that Steve will always keep his love.

And every time they meet, or wherever they have the opportunity. Steve and Bella will release their longing and desire for each other. Without getting bored they continue to give each other pleasure without a break.

The door was opened by Steve. With a tired face but not forgetting to give a smile to his wife.

"Honey..." greeted Steve seeing Bella who ran a little towards him.

"Honey, you look so tired today..." Bella said softly while taking the briefcase from Steve's hand.

They both walked into the house together, their new home that they had just moved into a week ago.

Steve loosened the tie perched around his neck and plopped down on the sofa.

"Let me help you, honey," Bella said, deliberately pressing herself closer to Steve as he undid his tie.

"Thank you honey," Steve said who did not respond to the touch given by Bella.

"Do you want to have dinner first? Or do you want to take a shower?" asked Bella right in front of Steve who was unbuttoning his shirt.

Steve stood up and gave Bella a quick peck on the lips, making her very happy.

"Do I have to lure Steve first tonight?" thought Bella.

Steve walked over to the dining table. And smiled brightly at the many dishes that Bella had prepared.

Steve pulled out a dining table chair and sat down "I think I'll have dinner first. Please prepare some warm water for my bath, honey."

Bella smiled and walked closer to Steve, then picked up a plate and spooned enough rice on Steve's plate.

"Bon appetit honey, I prepared your warm water...!" exclaimed Bella with a sweet and teasing smile.

Her mind was already racing, tonight would be their warm night again after over a year of not doing so.

With a feeling of excitement, Bella prepared lukewarm water in the bathtub and did not forget to give a few drops of aroma therapy so that Steve's fatigue and tiredness would evaporate.

After finishing, Bella came out of the room and saw Steve who had also finished his dinner.

"The water is ready honey," Bella whispered right in her husband's ear.

"Thank you honey," Steve replied with a smile.

Steve stood up from his seat, then took off all his clothes and entered the bathroom.

Bella took Steve's dirty clothes and put them in the laundry bag. After that, she cleaned the dining table and washed Steve's dishes.

Since they only live together, Steve and Bella decided not to use a domestic assistant.

After finishing with her housework. Bella went into the room, then Bella opened her closet and looked for her most seductive and sexy nightgown.

"Hmm, Perfect!" Bella was satisfied to see her reflection in the mirror.

She put lotion and perfume on Steve's favorite spots on his body.

For about fifteen minutes Bella waited for Steve by sitting on the edge of the bed facing the bathroom. Bella's heart was beating so fast waiting for her to act aggressively towards her husband later.

Bella clenched her fists and spoke to herself, "Today, it has to happen!!!" to strengthen her resolve. Which is how she longed for her husband's touch. She read all kinds of articles about couples' bed problems.

And according to the articles she read, married couples do sometimes get bored in this regard. Therefore, one of the partners should act more aggressively or have a discussion with the other.

Steve comes out with only a towel covering his lower body and displays his six-pack abs walking towards the bed.

Steve who found Bella sitting on the edge of the bed raised his eyebrows in surprise. "You're not asleep yet?"

Bella became nervous and clenched her fists. With a shy face, "Yes honey," Bella said.

While swinging her legs, Bella said so softly and intimately "Hmm, honey... how about today we..."

"It's been so long since we've done that..." continued Bella in a rumble.

Steve looked at Bella guiltily "Sorry honey, today was very tiring... Let's do it another time...hmm?!" said Steve and hugged Bella's shoulder.

"I have an important meeting tomorrow morning anyway," Steve continued.

"Even though I'm already wearing this sexy dress, Steve still isn't tempted?" Bella thought with disappointment.

She followed Steve who walked towards the bed while thinking "No! It has to be today!"

With a quick movement Bella squatted down and unwrapped the white towel that was wrapped around Steve's waist.

"Bella!" gasped Steve as he saw Bella pull the towel away and take his in her mouth.

"We have to do this today Steve! It's all for the sake of our household too. I want us to be like we used to be, honey." Bella's mind was already in control.

Steve, who initially did not want to, finally enjoyed what Bella was doing. Without realizing it Steve sighed and hissed "Ahh!"

Bella gently directs her husband to sit on the edge of the bed and she proceeds to indulge her husband in her mouth.

With his arms Steve held his weight on the bed "Ugh Bella!" Steve moaned while closing his eyes.

Bella closed her eyes savoring every moment she missed so much "Hmm, it's been so long since I've enjoyed Steve's!" Bella thought happily.

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