Book cover of “Hot Night with CEO“ by Dilan

Hot Night with CEO

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Dilan
Darian Mahesa is a 29-year-old man with all the privileges in his life. Besides being wealthy, intelligent, and always accompanied by success, there is one important thing he has yet to attain — love. Since childhood, he has been recognized as the sole heir of Putra Company. For him, work comes first, and this obsession led him to dedicate all hi... 

Chapter 1. Virginity

"Say Fahira!" Darian said, gazing intensely into the black irises of the woman in front of him.

"Do whatever Mr. Darian wants from me!" Fahira replied softly, lifting her hands and tiptoeing, slowly moving towards the back of Darian's head. Summoning her courage, Fahira's hands encircled his neck.

Darian's smile instantly widened, and without wasting any time, he began to unite their lips. Darian gently nibbled on Fahira's lips, the soft kiss demanding a response. Daringly, he bit Fahira's lip, seeking access to explore further inside.

"Respond, darling!" Darian whispered amid their kisses.

With closed eyes, Fahira started to reciprocate Darian's kiss, following her instincts as her heart raced. It was the first kiss she had ever given to her own boss. Fahira's hesitant and nervous kiss only fueled Darian's passion.

Darian could feel Fahira's body relaxing and responding to his touch. Although he had never taken a girl to his bed before, with Fahira, he managed to hide his nervousness. It would be embarrassing if Fahira found out that the man usually admired by women was still a virgin.

Unconsciously, Fahira let out a soft moan that sounded extremely seductive to Darian's ears, making him explore every inch of her smooth body with his hands. Darian's kisses moved down to Fahira's slender neck, occasionally leaving a mark of ownership. He then pulled away from her body for a moment, gazing at Fahira with a tender smile she had never seen before. Not the sharp, intimidating gaze he had at the office, but the gaze between a man and a mature woman.

With a single touch of Darian's hand, the small strap on Fahira's shoulder slid down to the floor, leaving her topless. Fahira felt nervous again as Darian's hazel eyes scanned every inch of her body. Darian chuckled at the blush that appeared on Fahira's pretty face. Gently, Darian resumed kissing Fahira's lips while lifting her onto the bed. Not wanting to play for too long, Darian soon removed all of his clothes and continued by removing the last piece of cloth on Fahira's body.

With full submission, Fahira closed her eyes tightly as Darian began to claim her most precious possession. Darian felt a little awkward trying to unite their bodies as it wasn't as easy as he had imagined. Especially when he saw Fahira's pained expression, he felt hesitant. But due to his high ego, he had to succeed that night. Darian didn't want to risk his pride in front of Fahira, who was merely his subordinate. Finally, with their breaths racing and covered in sweat, Darian fulfilled his desire.

"Where are you going? Remember, tonight you belong to me," Darian warned when he saw Fahira about to get off the bed.

"I want to clean myself up, Sir," Fahira replied with a trembling voice, holding back the pain in her core while wiping the tears that started to fall.

"We'll shower together later. I want to rest for a while before we do it again," commanded Darian, causing Fahira to shoot him a sharp, tearful gaze. How could Darian do that with pride while Fahira felt nothing but shame and disgust towards herself.

"Damn bastard!" Fahira cursed in her heart while wiping the tears streaming down her cheeks.

"I have told you to stop me. So don't blame me if I want your body all night," continued Darian as he pulled Fahira's body and covered both of their innocent bodies with a blanket.

Fahira chose to sleep with her back facing Darian, who hugged her tightly. Fahira bit the edge of the pillow to muffle the sound of her crying, enduring the pain stabbing her chest and shattering the self-esteem she had upheld. Fahira remained in the same position for a long time, until Darian fell asleep, and then slowly got up from the bed.

Darian's eyes slowly opened as he realized the empty spot beside him. The corners of Darian's lips lifted into a thin smile when he heard the sound of the shower turning on. Of course, Fahira was cleaning herself up after their passionate encounter, which lasted for three rounds. Darian chose to pretend he was still asleep when Fahira came out of the bathroom wearing only a bathrobe.

Darian closed his eyes again when Fahira finished cleaning her prayer equipment. Fahira changed her clothes in the bathroom and soon came out wearing a black knee-length dress. Darian stretched his body and changed his position to face Fahira, who was sitting in front of the dressing table. Darian sat, leaning against the back of the bed, and let his bare chest be exposed.

"It's still very early, honey. I still want to have fun with you," said Darian, immediately stopping Fahira's activities as she applied peach-colored lipstick to her lips. Fahira turned and looked at Darian with a hurt expression, while Darian laughed and enjoyed Fahira's facial expressions, which made him want to relive their passionate night from before.

"Come on, Fahira! Wasn't last night really fun? In fact, you really enjoyed every sweet treat I gave you!" Darian's teasing intensified, and he pushed aside the blanket that covered part of his body. Darian walked over to Fahira, after picking up his boxers scattered on the floor.

"Transfer whatever amount you want to your account," whispered Darian, now hugging Fahira from behind and nuzzling his head into Fahira's long neck, inhaling the soft scent from her body that still carried his fragrance from last night.

Fahira's body stiffened as Darian's affectionate touches resumed. Darian kissed Fahira's neck several times, seemingly never tiring, while Fahira swallowed hard, trying to muster the courage to politely reject Darian because she was still sane enough to think about her job—the job she had worked so hard to get two years ago.

"Sorry, Mr. Darian, I was paid only to accompany you for the night. So I hope you will allow me to go home now," Fahira replied firmly as she looked into Darian's eyes through the mirror, forcibly releasing his hands that were holding her.

"And I hope that what happened between us last night is something you'll pretend never happened," continued Fahira, turning her body to face Darian with an unreadable gaze. Darian grinned at Fahira's cold attitude, instead of getting angry, he wanted to tease her—the only woman he ever played games with.

"Hahaha, you are very sweet, Fahira. I really like it! You are the only woman who dares to reject me! But it's okay because I'm the first to touch and enjoy your body," Darian replied, followed by laughter.

Feeling humiliation and tightness in his chest, Darian stood up from his seat, took his bag, and left the hotel room, deeply wounded. To him, she was just a woman with no pride left.


Darian massaged his throbbing head with his fingertips, closing his eyes. His body leaned against the back of his large chair. The bright sun rays shone on his face and through the large glass in front of him. His emotions were in turmoil ever since he returned from the hotel where he spent the night with Fahira. He couldn't shut his eyes even for a moment. Darian couldn't describe the sudden feelings that sneaked into his heart. The feelings that were previously reserved for his mother were now starting to waver. He didn't know what was happening to him, but one thing was clear: he wanted to have Fahira completely, just like last night.

"Shit!" he cursed when suddenly Fahira's image, wearing sexy lingerie with a seductive smile, danced in his mind.

Elsewhere, Fahira stood frozen behind her boss's office door, her heart pounding. She wasn't prepared to face Darian after surrendering her purity willingly last night.

"Is there something wrong, Han? Are you feeling sick?" David asked, standing by Fahira's side for a few minutes now, without her realizing it. Fahira was startled and dropped her agenda and papers to the floor.

"I'm fine, Mr. David," Fahira replied shortly, quickly picking up her scattered documents with David's help.

"I have something to discuss with Mr. Darian, but you can leave first," David said with a smile, patting Fahira's shoulder gently. Fahira nodded and knocked on Darian's office door.

"Come in!" Darian's voice came from inside, and Fahira took a deep breath before opening the door and entering.

Darian, sitting in his high-backed chair, smiled faintly as he looked at Fahira, who appeared different today. She was wearing a scarf wrapped around her neck, and he was sure that his kiss marks were scattered there. Remembering the sensual night, Darian suddenly felt hot and suffocated. He loosened his tie, which seemed to be choking him, and adjusted the room temperature with the remote.

"Okay, thank you, Fahira. Oh, please call David to meet me," said Darian in his usual cool and composed manner.

"Yes, Mr. Darian. I'll inform Mr. David right away. Excuse me," Fahira replied respectfully, then hurriedly left Darian's office.

Once outside, Fahira went to her desk. She placed her agenda on it and stared blankly at her flat computer screen, trying to calm her racing heart. Her legs felt weak, as if she were made of jelly, after leaving Darian's office.

"Be strong, Fahira," she whispered, trying to soothe herself like the gentle breeze. Regardless, she had to maintain her job, even though her dignity had been tarnished. Regret filled her heart. She had exchanged her virginity for a sum of 100 million rupiahs. However, she also felt happiness, thinking of her brother Ariel. He would soon be healthy again, not needing to take medication every day. Fahira was happy that there was still hope. Hope for the only family she had.

At 11 am, Fahira prepared herself to accompany her boss for an important meeting with a client at a booked restaurant. She checked herself in a small mirror she took out from her desk drawer, retouching her makeup to conceal her pale face and cover the fresh tear tracks on her smooth cheeks. Her tears seemed endless since yesterday.

"Meeting time," Fahira said to herself, mustering a natural smile in front of the mirror before putting everything back in place. She had to be professional, forget everything that happened, and fix the consequences of her big mistake. Fahira resigned herself to the possibility that no man would ever want to marry her again. But that was fine; she believed that God had a better plan for her.

The meeting went smoothly. However, something irritated Darian's heart suddenly. Usually, he didn't care if his clients paid attention to his secretary, as it was not the first time they were enchanted by Fahira's charm. The charm he only realized last night. His body felt hot and stifling. He loosened his tie, which seemed to be choking him. He increased the room temperature while trying to divert Mario Attala, a 35-year-old CEO of Sagara Company, who kept looking at Fahira with evident interest. Mario's gaze was clear to Darian as a mature man. Mario was standing with his secretary, welcoming Darian with a friendly smile and a firm handshake.

"Thank you for your time and the opportunity, Mr. Mario. We need to meet another client now," said Darian politely, rising from his seat and extending his hand to Mario.

"You're welcome, Mr. Darian. It's an honor for us to meet you in person," replied Mario, standing up with his secretary, and shaking hands with Darian warmly.

David, sitting in the driver's seat, glanced at Darian and Fahira sitting side by side in the passenger seats through the rearview mirror. It was unusual for the atmosphere inside the car to be so tense and quiet. Darian seemed preoccupied with his Apple logo-adorned gadget, while Fahira gazed seriously out the window beside her. Although Darian was always cold towards everyone, this time the atmosphere felt more suffocating. Usually, light business conversations accompanied their journey. But now, it was completely silent. No music, no conversation. Only the faint sound of Darian's long sighs, which filled the narrow space between them a few times.

David's intuition told him that Darian was under strong pressure from the powerful Mrs. Yasmin, who was urging him to get married. However, as far as David knew, his boss had never dated any woman. A few months ago, David accidentally overheard a heated argument between Darian and Yasmin during a dinner at the grand residence of the Putra family, where the topic of marriage was brought up. David was quite sure about what he heard, that Yasmin was going to arrange a marriage for Darian with the daughter of a business associate. And of course, Darian couldn't refuse because he hadn't fulfilled his promise to Yasmin.

Darian had promised on his 30th birthday to bring a prospective daughter-in-law for his mother. And in two months, that deadline would arrive. If Darian couldn't fulfill his promise, he would have to accept the woman chosen by his mother, whether he liked it or not.

As usual, Fahira returned home using the services of Go-Jek. Mr. Damar, the Go-Jek driver she had been using for almost a year, was a middle-aged man who was very kind and courteous to her.

Fahira sighed as she recalled the wise advice from her Go-Jek driver. Those pieces of advice were like bubbles constantly popping in her mind. They were real but intangible, even though her faith and principles had been tarnished, she was determined to improve herself and not repeat the same mistakes. From a distance, a tall, well-built man, about 180 cm tall, was observing Fahira from inside a car. Like every other day, he had to make sure that Fahira's regular Go-Jek driver arrived before he left.

Soon, the Go-Jek driver named Damar arrived and handed Fahira a helmet. They seemed to have a brief conversation before Fahira sat in the backseat with Damar and they drove away, disappearing from his view.

"I will definitely keep my promise, Fahira, to take care of you and Ariel," the man mumbled to himself as he drove away from the towering building of Putra Company.

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