Book cover of “I'm Just His Wife“ by Zebbie Zebbie

I'm Just His Wife

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Zebbie Zebbie
"What are you doing here?!" he roared. I gulped before responding. "Ivan, you're hurting me..." I scowled even more as his hold on my arm grew stronger; tears were already streaming down my cheeks. "I don't care; perhaps you followed me here. Remember, you are my wife only on paper. You have no right to stalk me." "I-It's just a coincidence. Th... 

Chapter 1

Rigella’s POV

I put a hand over my mouth to contain my tears. I just witnessed my husband enjoying a romantic lunch with his mistress at a posh eatery. Their table was in front of the glass wall, so I could see the sweetness of their food without a doubt. He doesn’t even like to dine at places like that, unlike myself. I wiped my tears away and dared to look away before entering that eatery.

Here is where my closest friend Roxanne and I discussed having lunch. She promised to free me then since she missed me so terribly after more than a week without seeing each other. I entered carefully while covering my long hair.

I grinned as I noticed Roxanne already seated in our chair. My closest friend was missing. I missed her even though I hadn’t seen her in a while. She’s like my sister to me; she’s more than simply a buddy. She looked at me with a smile and stood up when she saw me. I hugged and kissed her when I was close to her.

She contacted the waiter as soon as we sat down and placed our lunch order. She arched an eyebrow, looked at me, and asked, “How are you, best friend?”

I hid my right arm when she kept looking at it. I failed because Ivan had become upset with me the last time he had come home drunk. Roxanne scowled and got out of the chair. Then he came up to me and took my hand off my arm. When she saw my bruise, she bit her lip rather tightly. She gave me a serious look.

She stopped and questioned angrily, “What’s this? What did he do to you?”

I retracted my arm from her and made a bow. I looked up at her and grinned when I came up with an explanation.

“It’s not that horrible, Roxy; I slipped in the kitchen yesterday and my arm hit the table, so I passed.”

She interrupted me before I could continue and sat down. I was forced to turn my back on her because she was still giving me a serious look.

My palm was already perspiring from great anxiety. I was aware of what might occur to Ivan if Roxanne learned the truth. I turned to face her and recast the spell. I grinned as I moved my seat.

I flashed her my reassuring smile and said, “Roxanne, I’m telling the truth. I never lied to you, right? Trust me.”

Her brows arched. The question, “Are you sure?”

When I saw the server coming toward us, I remarked, “Yup.”

Oh, the food was already there. “I’m really hungry.”

We started eating as soon as Roxanne’s orders were delivered. We conversed while dining and had access to my kid, Ice. It’s unfortunate that I left out my child. My son was in first grade and enrolled in school.

After we finished what she had ordered, she placed another order for dessert and brought food for ice. I first informed her that I needed to go to the bathroom because I was already urinating.

When I left her, she was speaking with someone, so I went to the women’s comfort room. To my astonishment, someone dragged me back in as I was leaving the comfort room. When I saw Ivan, my eyes grew wider. I noticed remnants when he closed the door. I gulped before responding.

“Ivan, you were hurting me.” I scowled even more as his hold on my arm grew stronger; tears were already streaming down my cheeks.

“I don’t care! Maybe you followed me here! I told you before, you were just my wife in the papers! You have no right to watch all my movements!”

I was mentally depressed. My feeble sobs stopped. I could not breathe because I was crying.

“It’s just a coincidence.”

This was also where Roxanne and I would meet. He slapped me hard, causing my back to strike the cement wall. To stop crying, I sat down on the ground and covered my lips.

“Remember, Rigella, I’ll hurt you again when Lara sees you. Now, get out!”

I hurriedly stood up and left the comfort room after he yelled. As I drew nearer to Roxanne, I pulled a handkerchief from my pocket and wiped away my tears. When she noticed me, she scowled.


She was unfinished when I took my suitcase. I sobbed, my tears still streaming down my face.

“Let’s get out of here, Roxy. Please, let’s get out of here.”

I didn’t respond to her alarmed question, “What happened?”

Roxanne and I avoided the other exit for fear that Lara and Ivan might see us there. Was that still accurate? Was it proper of me to hold onto our union despite the fact that I knew there was no hope? More to come...

I was in Roxanne’s car in the parking lot with her. We had been here before, and even though it is getting late, we are staying put since I didn’t want to tell her what happened and I was still in tears. I was merely his wife in the press, and he is correct. What prompted that, though? He continued to treat me the same way, even after seven years. Was he so repulsed by me that he was already harming me physically?

Actually, I’m to blame. Even though I was just 18 and he was only 19, we got married right away after I told his parents that he had given me a baby. They were Lara throughout those times. the lady he adored. incredibly distressing. Even worse, it hurts.

Roxanne glared at me and said, “Rigella, we’re not leaving here until you tell me what happened.”

When she’s serious, she uses my name when calling. I dried my tears and turned to face her. I’d say she was telling the truth. Because my parents were in the United States and my older brother didn’t care about me, she was the only person I could rely on. Roxanne was the only person to be there for me; she is the only one. I snorted before I began.

Ivan was earlier at the eatery as well. He dragged me into the relaxation area before hitting me. He physically hurt me. He is seeing Lara, and he asked me not to visit his girlfriend. I let out my confession. She struck the steering wheel and gave me a hard blink. I noticed sympathy in her eyes when she first awoke.

“Tell me, was that the reason your right cheek was red from his slap?” She demanded vehemently.

I sobbed slowly as I nodded. I noticed Roxanne sighing and a tear in her left eye. She gave me a hug and massaged my back and hair. I started crying more because of what she had done. Thankfully, I still had one supporter. I wouldn’t know what to do without Roxanne.

I might prefer to simply end my life. Yet Ice, my child He would not let me go. I wished for him to keep his mother. I tried to terminate my life numerous times, but I was unable to because I kept thinking about him. It seemed as though my heart was being torn apart, and I could only assume that my son was crying because I was gone.

My parents, Roxanne, Ice, and I were strong, and my strengths came from my parents. They give me the strength to continue living and enduring the suffering that Ivan inflicted.

“He’s not worth your priceless tears, so please stop crying,” Roxanne said in a voice that was calm and soothing like previously. Roxanne was invited to visit my house once we stopped sobbing.

I couldn’t stop since she assured me that I would remain in the condo initially. I also objected to seeing Ivan first. Aside from needing to rest, I was in discomfort. It’s just much too much. I wanted to quit, but I was unable to. I adored Ivan, but I had the means to leave him whenever I pleased. but my son was missing. I didn’t want him to grow up without a complete family because I had gone through it when my mother and I split up from my father due to her gender. Fortunately, they reconciled when I was a senior in high school. I wanted to provide Ice with a full family. Just don’t allow him to, even though I felt every bit of the anguish. He was my only child, and I adored him. I contacted Ice’s babysitter on the landline in Roxanne’s condo when we got there since I couldn’t help but worry about him.

After a few more rings, his nanny finally responded. She responded from the other line, “Hello?”

Before speaking, I sighed. That person was Rigella.

“Rigella, where were you?” I overheard Nanny groan. “Late hour. Ice searched for you. We are concerned for you.”

“I’m here at Roxanne’s condo apartment first.” I’m so biting my lip. I retorted, “I’m not going home right now.”

“Daughter, it would be best if you went home.” She understood that Ivan had hurt me and that it might happen again.

“Ivan was already at home, and he’s very angry because you didn’t pick up Ice, and he picked up your son,” she said with anxiety in her voice.

“But nanny, we’ve already spoken. I don’t want to go home right now,” I began to cry.

Nanny let out an audible gasp before responding. “You also go home tomorrow, huh? You know, Ice, he won’t go to school without seeing you, but he’s fine if that’s what you want.”

I hardly grinned. I said, “Yes, Nanny. I’ll be home early tomorrow. Tell Ice I love him a lot, then read him a story before bed.”

She said, “All right, daughter, I’ll take it down first, and I’ll make dinner for your husband and son.”

“All right, Nanny. Goodbye.”

Roxanne asked me to assist her in cooking our meal after our conversation finished. After cooking, we had dinner right away. When she claimed earlier that crying made me hungry, I genuinely laughed. We proceeded to the living room after dinner to watch a romance film, exactly like we used to.

We heard a knock on the door after a while. Since Roxanne was the one who offered to open the door, she got to her feet. I’m anxious because it’s possible that’s what it was. Because it appeared that the force of the rattling would break the door, it wasn’t merely a knock.

When Roxanne returned right away, I was taken aback and could see she was uneasy from the look on her face. She responded right away, as though she understood my expression.

She groaned, “It’s I-Ivan, the one outside,” which made my heart pound. 

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