Book cover of “The Rejected Mate“ by Deborah Onyeamah

The Rejected Mate

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Deborah Onyeamah
A young girl becomes a pawn in a dangerous game in a world where power and destiny collide… As tensions rise and loyalties weaken, a mysterious alpha male appears, bearing a curse that binds him to a fated union. Their bond goes against all odds, but time is running out. Will they challenge fate and change their story, or succumb to forces trying t... 

Chapter 1

Through the long, treacherous night, a heavy cloud of despair weighed upon my heart. Each step I took towards the towering castle only deepened my sense of foreboding. The vast, rugged terrain seemed to conspire against us, causing me to stumble over hidden rocks, though I was grateful that the storm had yet to unleash its full fury. 

The isolation I felt was palpable, seeping into my veins with every breath, as the reality of leaving our pack, our home, settled like a haunting specter in my mind.

Wrapped tightly in my scarf, its fabric offering a meager shield against the biting wind, I trudged onward. The weight of responsibility bore down on me, the burden of ensuring my mother's safety and well-being resting solely on my shoulders. Her tired eyes, etched with lines of worry and fatigue, served as a constant reminder that I was her sole caretaker now.

As we neared the summit of the mountain, exhaustion gnawed at my mother's strength. With labored breaths, she signaled her need for a brief respite. Her voice, filled with weariness and desperation, quivered as she spoke, "I can't... go on... much longer, my dear. I've... failed you..."

Tears warmed up in my eyes as I knelt beside her, taking her trembling hands in mine. "No, Mama," I whispered, my voice laced with determination. "You haven't failed me. We're in this together. We'll find a way. Just a little further, I promise."

Her gaze, filled with love and gratitude, locked with mine. "You're... so strong, my child. I couldn't ask for a better daughter." Her words, feeble but heartfelt, carried the weight of a lifetime of sacrifices. The words wrapped around me, so comforting and soothing.

As fatigue and cold hugged into her old body, I clung to her, desperate to keep her with me. Panic laced my voice as I pleaded, "Stay with me, Mama. Please, have hope"

Her voice, barely a whisper, reassured me with fading strength. "You... will always carry me... in your heart. You're... my strength."

I sobbed, unable to hold back the flood of emotions. "But I need you here, Mama. I can't do this alone."

A gentle smile curved her pale lips. "You're... never alone. Remember... our love... will guide you."

In that moment, as her grip on life slipped away, my world shattered. I cradled her lifeless body, tears streaming down my cheeks, as I cried out in anguish. "Mama, please! Don't leave me! I need you!"

But the wind carried my desperate pleas into the night, unanswered. My heart ached with a profound emptiness, as if a vital piece had been torn away. Yet, even in my grief, her words echoed within me, igniting a flicker of determination to honor her memory and carry her love forward.

"I will make you proud, Mama," I vowed through tear-stained lips. "I'll find my way, and you'll be with me every step of the journey."

In that desolate place, on that fateful night, I embraced the weight of her legacy and the love that would forever bind us together. And with a fragile spark of resilience, I rose to face the daunting path ahead, guided by the eternal flame of a mother's unwavering belief in her child.

In the warmth of the room, I woke with a pounding headache. Outside, footsteps echoed, and the forest appeared to recede. Searching for Mama, weakness consumed me. My body, once strong as a werewolf, now felt feeble and human.

Aching ribs signaled my body's depletion. Gathering what little strength remained, I approached the door, desperate for help. Silence met my pleas, while whispers swirled in the distant hallway. I mustered all the energy left in me, crying out for Mama's presence. 

Before collapsing, the doorknob turned, and strong arms caught me. Blurred vision clouded my senses, but their comforting touch provided solace. Faint whispers soothed, but I succumbed to unconsciousness once more, drifting away.

As I stirred from my sleep, I found myself cradled in those same strong arms. They held me tenderly, as if I were the most fragile thing in the world, and I found solace in their embrace. Frustration twisted my features as memories of that dreadful night flooded my mind, where everything I held dear was torn apart. Beads of sweat dotted my forehead, and the man beside me reached for a glass of water, offering it to me.

Without hesitation, I greedily drank the water, my breath catching in my chest. He gently rubbed my back, his touch offering reassurance. Now, I could hear his whispered words, urging me to calm down. But how could I find calm amidst the storm of emotions brewing within me? The memories of that night played on a loop, and in the midst of it all, Mama's face flashed vividly before my eyes. Desperation surged through me, and I clutched onto the man, my voice trembling as I called out Mama's name, my anguish palpable.

Another figure, a woman, appeared on the scene as my vision slowly cleared. The air was heavy with tragedy, and I felt disoriented, unaware of my surroundings. The woman approached, holding an injection in her hand, and pressed it against my skin. The needle pierced my flesh, causing me to flinch, while the man held me steadfastly. I looked up at him, a mixture of worry and confusion etched across my face, but he seemed unperturbed, a pillar of strength in the chaos surrounding us.

It felt as though I had been cast into a dark abyss, imprisoned for a crime I hadn't committed. Yet, the touch of the man, his soothing presence, provided a temporary respite from the turmoil raging inside me. His chin rested gently atop my head, his arms encircling my trembling form. He whispered words of comfort, attempting to calm the storm within me.

Pushing him away, a surge of determination coursed through me, and I confronted him, my voice wavering yet filled with urgency. "Where is Mama?" His gaze bore into mine, a mix of annoyance and weariness. He let out a heavy sigh before a commotion erupted, the entrance door bursting open simultaneously. And there stood a man, adorned with tattoos that adorned his neck and body, a striking figure.

His breaths were slow, yet runny. I could see his muscles tense through his shirt but before he opened his mouth, the man beside me interrupted.

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