Book cover of “I'm the Vampire's Bed Warmer“ by Heaven Hell

I'm the Vampire's Bed Warmer

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Heaven Hell
Lust over love and lies over truth. It started when a girl met a mysterious CEO with his deadly handsomeness that could lure everyone. It was then that she found out that he wasn’t human but one of the princes of the vampires in their realm. Her life became a rollercoaster when her vampire boss told her that she was his long-lost mate. 

Chapter 1. Him and His Rudeness

“Did you chain her to my bed?” I slowly open my eyes hearing a voice that is almost a whisper. My blurry sight can’t deal with this dark room, but why am I even here?

“Yes sir! All good.” Even if I can’t clearly see the surroundings, I can sense that there are people in this room. I don’t know why, but even if I try, I can’t utter a word. My body doesn’t obey my mind and remains helpless on this soft bed.

“You can all go out. Better not disturb me by any means.” I want to move my head but I can’t, as if my body is all frozen. I feel someone’s presence that’s getting near my direction. A domineering aura and strong charisma are occupying this room.

“Lady, you’ll be in my care from now on.” I was stunned by what he said. What does this man mean? I can’t even see his face, all I can feel is that he has these sharp dimmed eyes focusing on me.

He caresses my hair and sniffs my neck as if there’s a hidden fragrance in it. I can feel his hot breath touching my cheeks and his warm palm teasing my shoulders. My mouth is still shut while my eyes are slowly regaining sight.

“Lady, don’t blame me. Blame your scent that made my body crave for more.” He murmured right into my ear and bit it. There’s a sudden heat running in my veins as he is planting small kisses on my neck. How did I even get here? Did I climb onto his bed? But I don’t  remember anything like this? And I don’t even know this guy?

I’m just a college student who works hard to serve myself. Knowing that my life has always been so lonely, I would never imagine to end up like this. And encounter a more heavy burden in my heart.


Aesthetic’s POV:

“Hurry up Thea! Mrs. Smith told us that the boss will arrive today.” My friend Kendra shouted at me when she noticed that I’m just sitting on my chair, doing nothing. I barely set my eyes on her and nod tardily as if I am just hanging around.

I can’t blame anyone for being so sleepy at work: it was already five in the morning when I fell asleep because of my stupid dream. I dreamt about a man who looked exactly like a protagonist in a fantasy story. Though I can’t clearly define his features, all I know is that he can definitely drag women’s interest.

He has these dimmed eyes with a deep meaning inside. It seems that there are nameless emotions there that may break his stance any minute. That dream! That dream always shows up thrice a week. What does it mean? And who the hell was that man?

“Are you done day-dreaming? Do you want to get fired?” I glanced at Kendra who sarcastically asked me a question. Kendra has always been a hot-tempered woman, maybe that’s the reason why she’s still single. Oooppsss! We’re actually the same.

“I’ll be at your back.” I answered. She turned her back at me and walked slowly while stamping her foot. This Amazon girl is really aggressive. Well, she cares for me, and I appreciate it. 

After my parents and an elder brother had died in an accident ten years ago, she became my family in an instance. I was twelve years old when I was left alone. No relatives, no friends. I remember that I felt so hopeless and thought that I would die together with my parents, but unexpectedly, a fifteen-year-old girl named Kendra showed up and grabbed me to save my life. 

Subsequently, she brought me to an orphanage, and we grew up together. My parents were known for being great in business, but there was no news about their death. Nobody came looking for  me, their missing daughter. That’s why I stayed quiet and started to stand up on my own feet. Nevertheless, that was all from the past, so maybe there’s no one who can recognize me now. After all, I grew up as a fine lady and an independent one.

“Crap!” I cursed and ran as fast as I could when I noticed that I was the only person left on this floor. Maybe they’re all at the entrance, welcoming our new boss. I quickly stepped my foot in the elevator and pressed the first floor. 

I’m on the forty-fifth floor now and I have to get down to the first one. Holy moly! Maybe because I have been out of my mind these past few weeks, I’ve even neglected my work in the department of finance.

I’m wearing a black skirt that’s two inches above the knee, paired with a white fitted shirt and a black coat. This isn’t the proper uniform here, but mine was soaked wet last night when the rain poured from the sky. 

I’m now twenty-two years old and still a graduating student from Stallion University. A school that has a good reputation and reviews. It’s an expensive school, but I was able to study there because I have my scholarship. Maybe that was the reason why they hired me even though I’m not a college graduate yet.

I lifted my head to see who’s the person in front of me when the elevator stopped on the twenty-fourth floor. Seems that I’m not the only one who is late and will be fired? Thank God I have a companion if Mrs. Smith is ever to blow fire on me.

“Hello?” I greeted my voice going up as if I was questioning him. LOL! I was aiming to take a quick glance but ended up fixing my gaze on him. I was so shocked when I realized how good-looking this person is. The person whom I have just seen at this very moment. Could it be… fate? 

“Ahemm… Don’t you know how to talk?” I said sarcastically and then stared at him. He had this domineering aura and a catchy charisma. I looked at his face and saw how artistic his eyebrows were. His dark eyes that radiated danger, they were so gorgeous that I wouldn’t get tired of boring into his two dimmed eyes.

I moved my gaze to his well-shaped nose and down to his thin sexy lips. Ghad! How can this man be so perfect? His skin that looks so soft and his jaws that seem to have been  curved by an artist for a year. His Adam’s apple was so luscious that I felt my breathing go rapid. Woah! Is he a celebrity? But how come he’s here?

“Tsk! Your eyes are indeed annoying.” I suddenly snapped out all my fantasies in my head. Really Thea? You lost yourself just because of this arrogant man in front of you? Hump…

I looked at him from head to toe, as if I was disgusted, but I really knew how perfect he was. Wearing a formal suit that fits his tall height and body. Though I can’t see through to know how it really looks, I can definitely guess that he has some hidden perfect abs under his black coat. And it looks really expensive.

“Dream on! I was just looking around.” I stated and looked away. Why do I feel that this elevator is so damn slow? Aren’t we there yet? I played with my fingers, trying to stay calm when I sensed that he was looking at me. The heck? Why is my heart beating rapidly like I’m in a race or something?

“Hmm… You’re pretty brave for an employee.” I lifted my head when he spoke up. Huh! Is he trying to discriminate against me because of the work I do? Can’t let this dumb guy win. I crossed my arms and darted my deadly gaze at him. Eye for an eye, a man for a woman.

“Don’t you know that being an employee in this huge company earns me a bigger salary as compared to some celebrities?” Gosh! Seems like I was reciting poetry. Still eyeballing him hard, I raised my eyebrow. Yes, he is indeed handsome, but that doesn’t mean that I’ll let him get away with being rude.

My body froze when I found out that he was actually trying to make me embarrassed using his sharp eyes. His features are truly irresistible while his figure is definitely the perfect definition of the word perfect itself. He may be from a well-known and wealthy family.

“I didn’t ask…” He said with all seriousness right into my face. He frowned but looked away immediately after taking a glimpse at me. Well, I’m cute so maybe he can’t resist my beauty. Oinks!

“Now you’re acting weird. It’s ok! I know you’ve already regretted what you said.” I said calmly and took a deep sigh. Now we’re almost on the first floor. Kendra and the group might literally kill me if I put stains on our department. I know that there are many employees who don’t like me at all. Maybe because they thought that being just a student doesn’t qualify me to work in this company.

I hurriedly stepped out when the elevator arrived. I was about to run in order to welcome our new boss at the entrance when someone held my wrist tightly. I moved my head and saw the guy from the elevator whom I already didn’t like. Well, I loved his physical appearance but not his cold and rude personality.

“What is your problem?” I asked him tensely, trying to break his grip. I was stunned when I saw danger in his dark eyes, as if there was something he didn’t like. I followed his finger pointing at me at that moment. I shrieked when I realized what he wanted to say.

“You want your black bra to show off? Fix that damn button first before someone sees it…” After saying those words, he left and didn’t bother to look back. His broad shoulders were dragging others’ attention. I hurriedly buttoned my shirt and fixed my messy hair.

While walking, my mind was occupied by that mysterious hot man. Maybe that was the reason why he seemed shy earlier. I thought that he realized something good. Well, some wealthy people don’t know how to respect others, they keep bragging about their money and pride. But should I call him the elevator guy? Cute!

“You silly girl! Where have you been? The boss already arrived a while ago.” Mrs. Smith asked me in a low but deadly voice. All my colleagues were staring at me with pure amusement. That’s not new to me at all, almost all of them hate me. I don’t even know why?

“I have a stomachache, that’s why I was late Mrs. Smith.” I responded but didn’t dare to look at her. We’re just standing near each other. 

This company really has many employees, no doubt that this is the most well-known company in this country. There’s no such thing as a grand entrance or party. As employees, we were only informed that the new boss will be here to run this business from now on. It felt weird. I saw how women squeaked as if they were truly excited. Some were whispering, and others were looking at the mirror, fixing their make-up. Never mind! They just want to show off to be favored by the new owner.

Seems like Kendra is nowhere to be found. With this huge number of people? I can’t even recognize some people around me. I just started working here last year, so I’m not really that aware of others’ agendas.

“Everybody, go back to work now!” I stiffened when I heard that deep manly voice. I was scared to look up, but I decided to enlighten my thoughts. Could it be him? That elevator guy?

“Oh God! Please spare me…” I whispered when I confirmed that it was actually him. The girls began to murmur, and his catchy aura spread all around this floor. He’s near me, probably just ten steps away. I started wandering around, hoping he wouldn’t see me, but I was totally wrong.

“You…” All eyes were on me when he pointed his finger in my direction. I felt my heart skip a beat. Will he fire me? If I had known that he’s my boss, I wouldn’t have talked to him like that. I might have even just taken the stairs earlier just to avoid him and his rudeness.

I almost stopped breathing when he slowly walked towards me. All I could hear was the beat of my pitiful heart and the sound of his shoes touching the floor. I wanted to move away, but I couldn’t, and I wasn’t supposed to. I collected myself and kept my stance. I smiled at him, but I didn’t dare to look into his dangerous eyes.

“Follow me in my office…” He whispered and continued to walk. I felt the sudden heat rise up to my cheeks when his breath touched my ears. A huge voltage of electricity ran through my system. Now what? Should I call myself lucky now?

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