Book cover of “The Ancient Warriors“ by Alegría Del Autõr

The Ancient Warriors

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Alegría Del Autõr
Pain, agony, a killing spree, power, and brutality were given to one being—the reborn long-dead female warrior who's also the monster killer, the stone fighter, the defeater of Thanatos, the first stone and god of death himself, the demon hunter, the terminator, annihilator, and savior. Sarah Lucas, the forgotten ancient warrior and heroine, is ... 

Chapter 1

Unknown POV

[Centuries ago]

The mountain has now scattered and turned upside down due to the great clashes between the Titans, hybrids, and eternal beings.

Even though we managed to defeat and seal Daniel, popularly known as Beelzebub, I know a day is coming when all seven seals will break because I have tapped into nature's power with the help of the three wanderers, Ariel, Jack, and Jake.

We manage to seal Daniel with seven eternal chains!

Even though the battle isn't their own, they mistakenly get caught in it. I look over at their position. There is Ariel, the scarlet witch. Beside him stood Jack and Jake.

Jake is a Hyperion, and he did a hell of a lot of damage to the Titan's army. Jack is a blue-eyed warrior and the last of his kind because all the blue-eyed warriors were wiped out by Demios, the god of terror.

Even though I knew this wasn't the end, since Virgo was still out there alive, hale, and healthy; his passion for power would never leave him. Then the supernatural world will never know peace unless they kill him.

Even though they had defeated Daniel, Sarah had managed to seal him. Nevertheless, it cost her something precious; it cost her life. That leaves her with no choice but to reside in her daughter's body; reincarnated with the power of nature. She is also hiding a secret, which will be known only in the future.

The stones and Virgo would never give up. They would never back down until they achieved their aim.

Now, this is what the future will be like. Daniel would be raised again by the stones, Virgo especially. But without the use of Franni's blood, which they have all predicted.

The Blue Eye's warrior and his companions would be detected in this battle again, and they might likely lose their lives.

Let the five thrones be occupied by the strongest beings on earth, but they will end up losing their lives.

With my last strength, breath, and power, I cast this scarlet sword into the city of giants in Mordor, the place where it will be protected by one of the keepers.

Only thy worth should wield it.

Guerrero, adios...

[That is a little description of what happened in the past. Now let's see what the future holds.]


[Years later]

Franni could be seen running in the woods. She could hear fast footsteps approaching her from behind with the help of her wolf hearing. "Hish, this is getting more impossible than I thought." She mumbled under her breath. Just then, a silver arrow whoops past her. "Ptcheeeeew, that was close," she mumbled inaudibly.

"Stop, and let's end this once and for all," her wolf complained at the back of her head.

"Just shut up and let me concentrate," she snapped back.

That is her wolf for you. She is the craziest wolf of all time. But when it comes to brutality, durability, and endurance, then trust her. She is unbeatable.

Oops, sorry for the rude behaviour. You know, sometimes a skirmish can make you forget an introduction.

So, this is Franni from the Moon's Frost Clan. She is the only daughter of her father, Alpha Henry. But being the only daughter doesn't make her an Alpha, and don't get her wrong; she is a daughter, not a son.

She also has one annoying little brother—the one who never ceases to irritate her.

Even though they act like cat and mouse, trust them; the love and bond they share are unbeatable.

"Franni!" her wolf shouted at the back of her head, jolting Franni out of her silly thought.

She spun in time, only to be welcomed by a heavy punch, which made her split out blood immediately.

"That serves you well," she heard her silly wolf mocking her.

Maybe she forgot that once Franni died, she would be going with her, but the idiot doesn't care.

Sometimes, Franni couldn't help but wonder why the moon goddess paired her with a dump wolf. They have never agreed on anything. Either her wolf, which she loves calling different names, goes berserk and causes her pain, or she blocks her.

She looks around, only to discover that she has been surrounded by some puny, newly-turned wolves.

Within the blink of an eye, they were all lying on the floor dead, with their heads decapitated.

"Your vampire speed stinks," her wolf taunted her. "We both know I can do better." The idiot complained in her head.

That is Franni for you. She hardly called her wolf by name. "Shut up, junk," she snarled back.

"We both know I can do better than that little vampire speed of yours," her wolf complained again.

Franni just ignores her and pulls her precinct over her face. Lastly, Franni is a tri-hybrid. wolf, vampire, and witch.

Don't be surprised; her father is a werewolf and a vampire, while she also inherited her mother's witch side. Unlike her little brother, He is a hybrid, but not just any hybrid. He is the Alpha.

Sometimes, Franni tends to wonder if she is even stronger than him because of all the power he possesses, and he never ceases training, despite how muscular he looks considering his age.

Franni took a step forward, towards the path she came from, only to be blasted by a strange force that made her feel vulnerable immediately.

She looks up to see the being that dares attack her, and her eyes widen in shock.

Right in front of Franni is her aunty, popularly known as Asteria.

According to the story she heard about her, she is her mom's stepsister. which makes her Franni's aunt.

There was a rumour about her that she obstructed Franni's mother because of a lust for more leverage and then went to join one of the stones.

Since then, she has never appeared again. What frightened Franni most was how Asteria found her.

‘And what does she want?’ Franni thought.

Different thoughts ran across her mind at once, and she could see a sly smile in the corner of her eyes. Without being told, Franni knew this wasn't going to be easy.

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