Book cover of “Infinite Adrena: The 27th, Total Override“ by THEE MECURIAN

Infinite Adrena: The 27th, Total Override

  • Genre: Romance
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
Kira was chosen to join an army battling machines that had overrun the world. In a fierce battle during the annual tournament known as the Infinite Adrena between captains, Kira is brutally beaten by a foe who seems to know her from the past. This event triggers a hidden power within her, leading to the destruction of the entire arena. Now on the r... 

The 27th, Total Override | Chapter 1

This is planet Micros. Our planet has been a very peaceful place ever since we discovered technology. Every one lived in peace and harmony, we all loved each other, and our machines loved us. Yes! our machines had emotions; crazy, right?

All was good, all was fine, until all of a sudden our machines started turning against us for some reason. From phones to cars, to fridges, and even electric cookers. Everything broke into chaos, and we all had go underground. Our military, economy, and farming were all taken over by machines and no one knew why. 

Our military decided to recruite one child out of every family to join the fight against the machines. My family was among the families chosen and I was the only child. My name is Kira Tyson and I am the 27th.


At a press conference, a lady wearing a white long sleeve shirt with polished black stripes across stood behind a podium with two auto security bots standing by her sides.

"This is the new beginning for Micronian kind. All that we found impossible, all the lines we feared to cross, and every single rule we failed to break has today, with the launch of our new electronic helper bot, been made possible," she said. "The futures of your kids are assured, and you as parents do not have to be afraid of leaving kids at home alone any more because with these new bots you and your family are--"

Her speech was cut short as a knife pierced through her eyes from behind her head, splattering blood on the faces of the front row audiences. As she screamed, her head was ripped off by one of the auto security bots standing beside her, and the audience started to panic and run around arbitrarily.

A man from the audience looked up and saw one of the security guns pointing at him. Before he could question what was happening, the gun suddenly activated, initiating a random shoot out on the audience, him being the first victim. All the other security guns around the building activated and started shooting, spraying blood and guts like rain. 

Nearly every body in that building died, leaving only a few to escape with their limbs intact. That's how it all started; a mere random shoot now turned world war. All Micronians now lived underground, and only soldiers who were specially picked went out to the battle field to fight for what was once ours. And I was one of them.


Gunshots were heard from across the field as soldiers from squad B fired towards the invading war machines. These machines were equipped with weapons that even the best engineering soldiers couldn't identify; a single shot and a bunch of our soldiers were sent flying back. 

"27! Our soldiers won't last long if we stay here firing at them. They're too powerful," my commander yelled into his walkie talkie from the other side of a wall built to separate the soldiers from the battle field.

"What do we do commander?" I asked.

"Take some of the team's soldiers into the field, and use your weapons to attack from the left. I'll take the rest and attack from the right. We'll push them into a circle and blow them up all at once. Do you copy?" replied my commander.

"Copy that commander," I replied. 

"Go, go, go, go Team 2! Move into the field and attack from the left!" I screamed to the soldiers on my side of the wall.

We all ran into the field, attacking the war machines one by one. I used my gun, a two hand ultra mechanic blaster that shot out ultra violet light energy in form of small glowing balls, to blast the machines ahead of me. I ran towards one of the war machines yelling with rage in my eyes. It tried to swing its arm at me but i swiftly bent backwards and slid in between its legs, blasting it from behind.

Another war machine tried to step on me with its right leg but I was able to sweep it off its feet and blast it mid air. As it exploded, i turned around and blasted another war machine trying to attack me from behind. I realised my energy blaster was out of juice so i threw it to the ground and pulled out a large sword, a special sword powered with light energy. Here, that light energy manifested itself in the form of a broad saber. I slashed through more war machines and some more until we were able to trap all the war machines in a circle.

All of a sudden, I heard my commander scream, "Everyone! back up, back up!"

I quickly guided my team away from the war machines as a bomb was about to explode. But after I and my team had cleared the area, I noticed something was missing. My necklace, a gold pendant my mom had given me when I was little. I looked towards the danger zone where the bomb was about to go off, and found it laying right at the center of the war machine circle. I couldn't let it go. All of my memories, at least the little that I had, were all in that necklace. I had to get it back. 

I pulled out my sword, and ran towards the machines. With anger, I jumped on one and sliced off its head clean. I turned, and slashed another in half. My aim was to get to the center of the circle and nothing was going to stop me.

My commander sighted me from afar and started to scream my name. "Kira! fall back, I order you to fall back." I could hear the echoes of his voice fading out but I didn't listen. I was turned deaf by my rage.

I sliced my way through the machines till I reached the center. I fell on my knees before my pendant, and picked it up.

"I won't ever let anything happen to you mom," I said as I clutched it tightly against my chest.

Suddenly, my senses came back to me, and I could hear ticking. I heard my commander call out to me.

"Kira leave that area, now! Kiraaaaa!"

As I turned to look at him, the bomb went off.

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