Book cover of “La Cuevas: When the Star Falls. Book 1“ by Jojissi

La Cuevas: When the Star Falls. Book 1

  • Genre: Romance
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Jojissi
He opened the front seat and tossed my bag inside. “Get in.” he said with full authority. W-why is he acting like a boss all of a sudden? “I’m fine--” “I said get the fuck in.” God, I got goosebumps hearing him curse that way. Why do I feel like if I made the wrong choice, he’ll execute me? When he realized I wasn’t moving, he glared at me using... 

Chapter 1


“Congratulations, Attorney Galvez.” I smiled at Atty. Raegan Ignacio. He’s one of our contract lawyers here. “You’re really a highly skilled lawyer who knows how to make evidence suppressed in court. You really amaze me.”

“Thank you, Attorney.” I replied. He was also present in the court earlier to watch the final trial of my client. I just got my client acquitted, and by that, I had to overwork myself preparing for trials and cross examinations, motions and too much stress.

Dang, I feel so tired. I just want to go home to my son so I excused myself politely because I still have personal things to do.

When I got into my old SUV in the parking area, I immediately dialed Yana’s number.

“Ciao!” She greeted lively. “So how did the trial go? Did you win? Tell me you did!”

I smiled. “I did…”

“Gosh! You haven’t lost a trial before! I’m so proud of you!”

I felt my heart flattering hearing her voice. She’s been my best friend since then. Though I’m six years older than her, we became really close because I was her tutor in political science when I was in law school.

“Thanks, how are you?” I asked. She’s now in Palawan and I haven’t seen her for two years because her parents prohibit her from leaving there.

“I am very fine, Celine. Aries is taking care of me so you don’t have to worry. Worry about the father of your son who doesn’t have any idea that you had a child!” She laughed as if she’s finding it funny. Well, it somewhat turns out like that.

We talked for a few minutes while I drove my way home. We are now staying here at La Cuevas with my son, Cohen. He’s in the apartment that I rented and we’ve been staying there for eight months already.

I decided to move here with my son because he’s been bugging me about his father. I actually considered telling him that his father’s dead, but my conscience won’t allow it. Now, we’re here waiting for a good time to introduce them to each other.

I’m sure he’s now a successful surgeon. He’s always been at the top of his class back then. He can even outstand anyone in med school without even trying. He’s just so good at everything.

I heard my phone rang again so I reached for it quickly. I saw Kyo’s name on the screen. He’s a college student and the only one I trust here with my son. He takes care of Cohen when I’m not around, and I pay half of his school expenses in return. He lives next door alone to our home.

“Celine! Where are you? Something bad happened to Cohen!” I heard his voice shaking on the other line. I automatically felt shivers all around my body. My grip on the steering wheel tightened as I started to panic.

“W-What?! What happened to Cohen?! Kyo, what happened to my son?!” I exclaimed looking at the hanging rosary on my rearview mirror. God, I have a bad feeling about this.

“He was shot! Cohen was shot!” I suddenly lost it. I mindlessly stepped on the break and my head banged on the steering wheel.

“Ah… shit,” I felt pain all over my head. My temples are throbbing and my heart’s about to explode from too much fear.

“…where here at the LCDH… Celine? Celine what happened?!”

I heard the beeping sound of the cars behind me. Thankfully I’m still conscious and nothing worse happened to me, except from blood running out of my forehead, I don’t care. My son was fucking shot. Oh God, Cohen!

I immediately pulled around my car and drove my way to LCDH. I prayed and prayed while driving. Lots of possibilities went on my mind and for the stress that I’ve got these past few days, I feel like my mind’s about to crash.

When I reached the hospital, I asked the nurse. “Is there a gun patient here? H-he’s a child and it just happened a while ago.” I couldn’t even recognize my trembling voice.

“Yes ma’am, you just came after him. He’s now being transferred to the OR.” I ran to the elevator and pressed the floor for the OR.

“Fuck, please, please baby. Hang on there, mommy’s here- what the fuck is wrong with this!” I slammed the elevator’s door out of frustration. My heart is pounding so loud that I could lose my mind if I won’t make it there in a second.

When it opened, I saw Kyo walking back and forth, gripping his hair and shaking his head.

“Kyo!” I called him beside the ER.

“C-Celine…” He looked apologetic but I held him for a hug. He cried on my shoulder and I understood how he must be feeling. He’s traumatized from seeing a terrible thing, but I’m in total despair because it’s my son. I held his shoulder and cheek to face me.

“Look at me, Kyo.” He obliged. “What did you see?”

“T-there were two men in a motorcycle, the one on the back ride shot Cohen on the shoulder… I was… I was shocked, I couldn’t protect your son, I’m so-”

“I’ll take care of it, for now you’ll need to cooperate with the police. Tell them everything and make sure you always lock your doors when you get home. I’ll ask for your protection so you don’t have to-”

“I don’t care about myself, Celine! Your son’s shot right before my eyes! You should resent me!”

I inhaled deeply to prevent my tears from falling again, “Calm down, Kyo. I’ll talk to the doctor.”

I stopped talking when my eyes caught someone coming out of the emergency room.

Dashing in his white lab coat, gray slacks, and a stethoscope on his left hand, he looks different now. His face in general didn’t really change, but some of his features I remember back then became sharper and more manly.

His natural grumpy and serious expression is still there, as if he’s ready to raise hell to anyone who’ll get in his way. His body now looks better and more defined in many ways. And that… smell. Like me, he’s also taken aback without sudden interaction after three years.

“Are you the guardian?” He asked me in the coldest way I could hear from him.

I nodded “H-he’s my son.” He stilled. I saw his Adam’s apple move. “How is he? Is he critical? Does he need to be operated on?” I panicked again.

He became more serious and distant. Seeing him like this makes my heart break into pieces. I could even recall myself with him back then, when I could still hold, kiss and tame his beast inside. I can only wish I really made the right decision to leave him back then. But where did my feet take me? Here. In front of him. Again.

“He’ll be fine after the operation.” I sighed in relief.

“T-thank you, Lore- doc. Please save my son…” Our son. I added in my mind. He didn’t pay much attention to what I’ve said, but he looked dangerously at Kyo as if he’s some kind of trash that needs to be disposed of. What kind of stare is that?

When he shifted his gaze again at me, my heart instantly reacted the same way as it does every time he’ll look at me three years ago. It’s still here. The same feelings I felt for him. The same old thing I had for him. I just hope he feels the same way too.

“For now, come with me.”

I almost dropped on bended knees when his familiar scent enveloped my nose once again as he walked past me. When I realized what he just said, thousands of voltages came rushing through my veins, sending unbelievable nerves in every bit of my body.

He’s now walking away from me, just like what I did to him back then, but unlike him who never looked back at me… I’ll follow him. I’m gonna chase the biggest star in my sky.


“Mierda! Can I just skip these?! It’s fucking long!” Yana exclaimed pertaining to the Philippine Constitution I made her read.

“No.” I firmly said. She’s a third year student taking Political Science at the University of the Philippines. She hired me as her tutor since I also need extra income.

“But I already read the Australian Constitution! Mi fa male la testa!”

“You’re here in the Philippines now and that’s just the fundamentals of your course.” She’s originally from Italy, but studied in Australia with the same course.

“What about you? You’re supposed to teach me, why are you just writing there?” She’s really like a child.

“I’m writing to your reviewer so you won’t have to read everything you need. Shut up and read what I told you to.”

I’m six years older than her. I’m taking law at the UP college of Law here in Diliman just the same as her.

She frowned at her beautiful face. “Non voglio.” I can’t even understand her.

I heaved a sigh and nodded before closing her notes. It’s also about time for my part time work at the cafe. She immediately smiled “Grazie! Do you want me to drop you off?” she offered and I nodded. Of course.

“Sure, thanks.”

When I arrived at the cafe, there were only a few customers, so I took my time wearing my uniform at our locker room.

“Hi, Celine.” Steven, my workmate, greeted.

I just nodded at him and smiled before proceeding to my post.

“Hi sir, welcome to Cafeteria, may I take your order now?” I sweetly asked when a customer came to the counter. Our manager taught us to be sweet and polite to everyone and it somehow helps. Especially to male customers.

The guy stared at me for a moment and blinked several times which isn’t new, so I just did what I usually do.

“May I take your order now?” I repeated. It happens a lot of times, I don’t know what’s so special about my face. My skin is tanned, my eyes are not that big, I have the average kind of nose and my lips aren’t that good either. Are they fooling around or what?

“Oh, uh, one double espresso and iced latte,” he smiled shyly.

“Do you want to add up the desert, sir?” yup, strategies.

“What would you recommend?”

I faked a smile. “Cinnamon crumb cake is our best seller sir, you should try it.”

He smiled excitedly, “I’ll get that.” Yes jerk.

When 12 o’clock came, I immediately pulled off my post and went back to the locker room to change. I informed my manager that my shift is done and ran out of the café to go home.

On my way home, I stopped at a convenience store to buy some noodles and canned beer so I could focus on my review later. Atty. Felasco sent an email to all of us regarding the schedules of the cases each day. And by that, of course, the undying and nerve wrecking recites every day. I can’t attend unprepared.

When I got what I wanted to buy, I walked to the counter to pay but I stopped myself when the door opened and a man in his white dress shirt, folded until his elbow, and his first three buttons unbuttoned, I mindlessly lost my breath.

I don’t like men, God, I hate them. But this man at my front has this dark and sharp aura that prevents me from breathing fine. He’s taller than me, fair skin, clean cut, dark and serious eyes, pointed nose, rosy plump lips and yes, his smell. He smells mixed alcohol and mint. No wonder he looks reddish on his face down his neck-

“If you’re not paying, then move,” he said with a snob.

The fuck? I automatically stepped back to give him the way which I immediately regretted because duh?! Why would I do that? Who does he think he is?! How could I get intimidated with this jerk?!

I held my patience and surveyed him with my dagger eyes. He bought a box of condoms with a ‘trust’ on it so I almost choked with my own saliva.

“C-come again, sir!” The cashier said with obvious admiration.

He smirked and whispered, “I’m almost cumming.” Before he ran out of the fucking store and went inside a white Mercedes.

What did he just say?! I found myself parting my lips open in shock after getting back to my senses. That… that pervert jerk!

My classes were early dismissed after I was once called to recite. It went well, but I’m not quite satisfied.

“Are you sure you won’t come?” It was Kate, my org-mate at the UP Law Student Government. They said that there’s gonna be a party tonight at the Red Black Club, it’s a club made exclusively for students around Manila. And she’s bugging me to come after work.

“Pass. That’s the only time I could rest.”

“You’re always workaholic! You should try partying sometimes! And it’s gonna be organized by the BOC so our tickets would be free!” UP Law Bar Operations Commission is the adjunct org of UP LSG, I know some of them but I never got close to anyone.

“Whatever. I’ll think about it.” I reasoned so I could get rid of the topic. I really don’t have any interest in going.

Since I still have enough time before my session with Yana later, I just decided to go to The Lib where students go to study. It wasn’t really a library but more like a café too, just more quiet and review friendly I guess.

When I got to my seat, I didn’t waste any time and brought out my yellow papers, books, and laptop. I started digesting the cases that need to be done this week. There are also group digests that I need to accomplish tomorrow so my group mates could read it early.

While I was reading, my peripheral vision caught a familiar face from the table not so far away from mine. My eyes instantly widened in shock when I realized it’s that man from last night in the convenience store! He’s wearing a medicine uniform now and he’s also reading something from his thick medicine book. So the jerk is a med student, huh? With creased brows and serious eyes, he seems to be focused and ruthless.

I tried to find the school logo of his uniform but there’s none. He’s not even wearing his id. I’m certain that he’s not from UP because I only saw him last night. Fuck, why am I even studying him? The fuck I care?

I shrugged and shook my head in disbelief with myself before inhaling deeply and went back on reading. But damn it, I can’t. I can’t fight the replay in my mind of how he snubbed me last night, and how vulgar his words and actions were. I’m sure he’s about to fuck somebody that’s why he looks in a hurry.

Huh, man of his kind…

“Excuse me.”

“Jesus!” I held my chest when he suddenly appeared in front of me. My eyes widened again to see him up close. What? Why is he here? Did he recognize me? What does he need from me?! “Y-yes?” I stuttered. Fuck it.

He placed a piece of folded paper on my table “You dropped this.” He said monotonously. His voice is so low and round, it suits his figure.

My eyes went down to his arm, it looked firm and had a lot of visible veins.

“Oh… t-thanks.” I said and looked up to his face. He’s expressionless and his face looks better today and his color is now normal, compared to his drunk face last night.

He didn’t say a word and left me watching his back. He’s holding two of his books on his left hand while his right hand is holding his black backpack hanging on his right shoulder.

When I looked at the paper on my table, it’s a white notepad and not yellow which I was using, so I’m certain it’s not mine.

I creased my forehead and opened it. Only to lose my breath again with what’s written inside.

‘You shouldn’t stare at someone who wants to focus on studying. Nice eyes, though.’

I cursed countless times in my head upon reading it. What the actual fuck?! He caught me staring! He fucking knew I was examining his face! Oh my God, Celine! This is so embarrassing!

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