Book cover of “100 Days with Mr. Romero“ by adesewa_x

100 Days with Mr. Romero

  • Genre: Romance
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: adesewa_x
It was supposed to be a one night of fun: letting go and celebrating graduation from college. That was all Emma had bargained herself for. But Gideon, the owner of the biggest club in New York and a few other countries, had other plans. A typical player? No, he wasn’t that type of man, but that didn’t mean he minded having some occasional fun. Or ... 

Chapter 1

Emma’s POV

Pregnancy was a joyous thing, they say. A thing to be happy about. But why was I having mixed feelings towards this bun in my oven?

I always expected to get pregnant, yes, but that was not in my plans when I had slept with him. It was supposed to be a one-night stand. It hasn’t been in my plans to have a baby.

How was he going to feel about this baby? Would he accept the baby? Would I – would we raise the baby together? What was to be expected of me? But still, I didn’t regret sleeping with him. What I regretted doing was getting too carried away and forgetting to use the protection.

But then the way he had rubbed, licked, sucked... no, Emily. You shouldn’t be thinking of things like that.

First, I had to get something in my stomach. I stood up, my handbag in my hand, as I vacated the shelter of the warm cafe. Whatever was going to happen, I was keeping the baby – my baby.


The breeze blew in an alignment into the room as I prepared the outfit I was planning to wear out tonight. Today has been the end of school, my graduation from college and taking a big step into my life. There was no better way to celebrate than to go to a club. Not just any club but the most popular club in the whole of New York.

I had moved to New York a few years back, leaving my family in another country – miles away to study and help my parents and assist them. I was now a step closer to assisting them. I just had to get myself a perfect job and relieve them of a little stress.

“Emma, don’t tell me you aren’t dressed yet?” Lily, my best friend of two years, walked into my small apartment with irritation. She was dressed in a short tight purple dress with black stilettos to complete her look. Her hair was packed in a messy bun on her head and her bright earrings dangled from her ears.

She had put on light makeup, and the lipstick she had gone for that night was a red one. I looked at her, staring confusedly as I tried to gauge why she would be ready to attend the club at 6 p.m. in the evening.

“Lily, I get that you don’t like being late, but this is just too early for my sake.” I rolled my eyes at her, leaving her irritated face and walking into the living room.

I placed myself on my small red couch with throw pillows scattered around it when Lily walked in.

“Bitch, I’m aware it’s early, but we aren’t going to the club first. I told dad of our outing, and he suggested we go out for dinner before clubbing.” She rubbed her nape as she spoke to me, slowing down her words like she was explaining to a six-year-old.

I looked up at her; this time, it was my turn to get irritated.

“Then you should have called me before coming here. Where do I want to start from? I’m still in my pajamas, with messy hair, and fuck, sometimes I could just strangle you.” I pushed my hands on my head, massaging my brunette hair and rubbing my scalp along.

“I’m so sorry, I forgot. Daddy was hell-bent on sending me here sooner.” He wanted to be sure I came along with Tony. Tony had been working for the Taylor family since Lily was little.

Lily’s father was a well-known billionaire in New York. He was involved in men’s underwear manufacturing, and suffice to say, his business was booming well. If it hadn’t been for the connection Lily had, we wouldn’t have been able to make it to the club, BLING.

“Alright, I’ve heard you. You just have to help me with my makeup, that’s the least you could do.”

“I’ve got you, girl,” Lily said as she immediately dragged me by my hands, leading me to my room and getting right on to work.

It had taken us forty-five minutes max for the makeup and dressing. I stood in front of the mirror as I examined my outfit. I was in a purple gown, similar to that of Lily’s, only mine was armless. I paired it with black stilettos. Lily had also gone simple with my makeup, making it light as she had focused more on my eyelashes which had made my light brown eyes pop out.

“Look who’s looking smoking hot.” Lily gushed from beside me, using her hands to signal me to turn around. I did as I was told, as I made several silly poses.

“Let’s go, girl, I’ve called Tony to bring the car up front.” She called out to me as she grabbed her silver clutch, and I also grabbed my black one.

“Time to party!” I yelled as I locked the door, securing my keys right under the flower p*t as I walked after a half-twerking Lily screaming her head off.

BLING stood high and mighty as we walked into it after showing our VIP passes to the bodyguard standing in front of the VIPS stand. I, alongside Lily, walked hand in hand, slightly tipsy as we entered the club.

Immediately, we were engulfed by loud music and loud cheering as the stage was halfway cleared, making way for the two couples that were in the center of the stage, creating entertainment for themselves and the crowd.

“What are you doing, Emma? We are going up to the VIPs.” Lily yelled, using her fingers to signal to the ceiling, indicating we were going up.

“Alright,” I yelled back as we continued our journey up.

Unlike the regular bar down, the VIP was quieter than the noisy one we had left downstairs. Different men in suits sat on black leather cushions as women entertained them. The laughter of men could be heard from a part, and I resisted the urge to cower back and shrink.

This was what always happened with me, I wasn’t comfortable in Lily’s world, but I hadn’t ever breathed air and told her that. It would make her feel so horrible, and she might start to think the fault was hers.

“We’ll have some tequila, please,” Lily’s sweet voice announced to the barman, busy cleaning a cup when we arrived at the bar.

“Coming right up.” His deep voice resonated as he got to work, preparing our drinks for us. A cup turned to two, three, till I lost count of them and just continued to gurgle all down.

“Let’s go dance!” Lily yelled as we went downstairs to the dance floor, grinding on each other. We were together till we got separated by a hard body.

I looked up at the tall frame of a guy, he was in dark tight jeans with a black tight black shirt, muscles straining and budging to come out.

“Sure,” I said as I moved close to him, grinding him. His hands went on my waist as he pulled me closer to him, his hard-on rubbing my ass straight. I bent as I rubbed my ass on him, twerking the more on him. He let out a slight “fuck.”

His hands began creeping up my body, and I realized it was time to put a stop, and also, I had to use the bathroom.

“Dance is over; I’ve gotta use the bathroom.” I removed his hands, grasping tightly onto my waist.

“Aw, c’mon, you silly bitch.” He grumbled as he walked past me, immediately finding another dance partner and winking at me. I gave him the middle finger as I found my way further into the bar, stumbling around, looking for the bathroom.

I hadn’t realized how drunk I was until I stumbled and almost fell flat on my face on the stairs. I had been rescued and put back on my feet successfully by something, or rather someone.

“Hey, careful there.” A deep voice spoke through, and I raised my head up to register the face. It was blurry, I couldn’t see well except for the trimmed beards and deep blue eyes or was it green?

Everything became blurry, everywhere faded as I landed back against the floor, this time banging myself on the hard floor.

I muttered a low wince as darkness consumed me with the voice of someone cursing, “Oh, shit.”

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