Book cover of “Love's Journey“ by JoWriter

Love's Journey

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Language: English
  • Author: JoWriter
Becky was just getting over a devastating heartbreak when she met Colin, the billionaire scion of the biggest cargo company in the United States of America. Colin fell in love with her at first sight, but she was reluctant to open her heart up to him. When she eventually did, she found out that she had to contend with Debbie, Colin's childhood f... 

Chapter 1

"Should we stop over at Remy's Plates?" Evelyn looked into Becky's eyes and asked when they were a few kilometers away from the restaurant. They were coming from a meeting with one of their sponsors and on their way back to the office. 

"Remy's Plates is okay," Becky said, and Evelyn pulled over when they got there. They were just stepping out of the car when they heard someone say, "Evelyn Benson, is that you?"

Both of them turned around. A guy in a fitted brown suit, cream shirt, and red tie strolled toward them with a huge grin on his face. Colin Blake, the son of the business mogul, Sir Benjamin Blake; the Chairman and CEO of the popular Blake Cargo.

"Wow, wow!" Evelyn smiled at him. "Colin of life!" She hailed him.

"Evelyn, the beautiful girl," he opened his arms, and she walked right into his embrace.

They were childhood friends. They used to live together in the same neighborhood while growing up. Her father was a banker then, and they lived in one of the houses his bank maintained for their very senior staff members, while Colin and his family members lived in their personal apartment. Though he was closer to her twin brother, Edgar, who remained one of his best friends till date.

"It's been a long time. How are you?" He asked when they pulled apart. "What about Mr. Benson, and the kids?" 

"Mr. Benson and the kids are fine." She smiled back at him.

"That's great," Colin remarked. "I hear great news about the NGO every time. Keep it up, sis." He patted her back.

"Thank you," Evelyn smiled with delight.

"It's almost two years since we last saw each other," he said with fondness.

"Yes, yes," Evelyn nodded. "We met last at Yenny Adam's wedding. I remember now."

"I always ask about you from Edgar." "Edgar," Evelyn waved her hand dismissively. "That one, he won't tell me anything. He only comes to my house when he wants free food."

"What do you expect from a bloody bachelor?" Colin remarked jokingly, and they both burst into laughter.

"I don't think I have met your friend," he looked over at Becky. She was so beautiful and she had a special aura around her.

"Pardon my manners," Evelyn said, "Meet Becky Andrews, she's the Programme Manager of the Open Arms Foundation." She said to Colin and then turned to Becky. "Colin is a great friend and one of our great supporters. You know, the checks from Colin Blake that come every month. That's the man behind the name."

Becky nodded. Recognition of the name from their financial records dawned on her. Her face broke into an appreciative smile. There were a lot of Evelyn's friends and family members who supported the foundation. 

Colin stretched his hand towards Becky, "It's nice meeting you, Becky." She took his breath away as she looked directly at her now. Her beautiful smile and dentition mesmerized him.

"The same here, sir." Becky smiled and took his outstretched hand. 

"Just Colin, please," he corrected with a chuckle.                            

"Okay," she nodded. 

"Thank you very much," she said. "We are grateful for your support over the years." Since she started working at the Open Arms Foundation, alerts from his bank have never failed to come in on the second of every month. 

"We thank God for that," Colin said as he pushed open the glass door leading to the restaurant. "After you ladies," he said. 

The ladies went in and he followed.  

"Good afternoon sir," the duty manager scurried towards them. Colin was one of their big customers. He always has most of his private and business meetings there. 

"Good afternoon Mr. Leo," Colin replied and pumped the young man in the shoulder. "How do you do?" 

"I'm fine sir." he gave Colin a mock salute. "I can see you have company," the man said. "Please come with me."

He led them to a table and then called a waiter to attend to them.

"Becky, here is the brain behind our programs and the amazing results of the foundation. She's the program manager." Evelyn said as she took her seat. 

"That's good to hear." He took the seat directly opposite Becky, with his eyes fixed on her. "You are doing a great job Becky, please keep it up."

"Thank you si-," Becky smiled and looked away shyly. 

He ordered a bottle of champagne for the starter, which the waiter brought immediately into a bucket. 

While they sipped their wine, Evelyn opened her bag and brought out a white envelope, and handed it to him. "We are having a special program next week; an education congress. I will like you to come."

"Education congress, oh yes, I have seen the advert like twice on TV. He brought out the invite from the envelope. “Wow, it's going to be three days of events." He looked at Becky.

"Yes," she placed her wine glass on the table. "It's going to run from Thursday to Saturday."

"I will be looking forward to seeing you," Evelyn said. "You know you have never been to any of our programs."

"Yeah. I will come this time around." He said, smiling at the ladies. 

"Is that a promise?" Evelyn sipped from her wine glass.  

"Yes," his gaze fixed turned on Becky, he flashed her his killer slow smile, "If not for anything, I will make an appearance on Saturday because of Becky." 

"That will be great!" Evelyn's face brightened up. 

"I am so busy these days," he said further. "I would have promised to come during the week. You know, with daddy not being around and all." His dad had an accident and wasn't in the country at the moment. 

The burden of doing his own part in the company and being the eyes of his father in his absence at the same time had not been easy at all. 

"I'm sorry about your dad," Evelyn said. "Edgar told me." She cleaned her mouth with the napkin. "How is he now?"

"Well," he shrugged. "He's getting better. Though the process is going to take a while." 

"Yeah," Evelyn nodded. "I can imagine."

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