Book cover of “Marry Me, Lord“ by Immazureala

Marry Me, Lord

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Language: English
  • Author: Immazureala
There's trouble in the Knights' household when a golden necklace worth billions of dollars is stolen by one of the housemaids. In the quest to find it, Lucas Knight finds something extremely terrifying. A shrine made specifically for him. It contains items like his pictures, clothes, his used toothbrush, and even strands of his hair. It seems like ... 

Chapter 1. Prologue


I arrive from my job as a waitress only to be greeted by silence. No hugs, no welcoming smile, nothing. I am not surprised though, in fact, I am already used to it.

That is how it has been for as long as I can remember. I am already used to being alone and not having anyone to rely on.

Sitting on the couch, I think about my miserable life.

Ever since my parent's death, It seems like I ran out of joy.

My parents died when I was only ten years old. Then my grandmother took custody of me.

It's safe to say that the old witch didn't give two shits about me. She blamed me for the death of my parents and didn't miss any chance to verbally and physically abuse me. The only reason she even took custody of me in the first place is because of the money my parents left for me in their will. She was hoping to lay her filthy old hands on it.

She couldn't though, because the money couldn't be touched until I turned eighteen. My grandma waited patiently, just waiting for the day I turned eighteen so that she can take all the money my parents left for me.

I came from an extremely wealthy family. After the death of my parents, all their money became mine. I wasn't allowed to touch it until I turned eighteen.

Fortunately for me, Grandma died when I was seventeen years old. Somehow, I knew that if she was alive when I turned eighteen, she would find a way to take all the money.

The system thought it was useless to put me in an orphanage after her death. So, I started living on my own. I

moved from the countryside to our old mansion in the city and started working to take care of myself.

My inheritance was handed to me the same day I turned eighteen. I still kept my job though, the thought of being idle and lost in my thoughts being the main factor for me not quitting.

I have no friends and most people think I am proud. They all just assume that I don't talk to people because I think I am better than them.

It isn't the case though, I just don't how to talk to others.

I was homeschooled by my grandma when she was alive and after her death, I got a private teacher to teach me.

I am not smart, so I am not planning on ever attending college.

I don't need to attend college though. With the amount of money my parents left for me, I could decide not to work for the rest of my life and still be able to afford to live a luxurious life.

I snap out of my thoughts and switch on the TV. I was not paying attention to what is being said on the news, at least, not until I heard his name.

Lucas Knight.

I met Lucas Knight when I was only six years old. It was at a business ball I attended with my parents.

I remembered that the first thing I noticed about him was how pretty he looks. Even at the young age of nine, he radiated confidence.

I was immediately attracted to him. Being the shy girl I was, I couldn't approach him, so I secretly followed him around.

I never saw him again after that night.

Seeing him again rekindled the crush I had for him. I know he is too good for me, so I have no plans of meeting or speaking with him. I just want to be close to him.

Lucas was confidently standing in front of the camera, making a speech. It is the opening ceremony of one of his hotels.

Even from afar, Lucas Knight still possesses the ability to take my breath away. I would love to be close to him again, but I can't.

He is a billionaire with very tight security. I won't be able to get past his bodyguards, but there's no harm in trying right?

With these thoughts in mind, I move to my room with a smile on my face. I am going to see Lucas again.

I stayed up all night googling stuff about him. I didn't find much, but after intense searching and observation, I found out where he lives.

The next morning, I woke up super early, so that I won't be late for my meeting with Luke.

My plan is simple, I will wait for him at the entrance of his mansion and when he is on his way to work, I will get the opportunity to see him.

Putting on a hoodie and sweatpants, I leave my house. I didn't have anything to eat because I was too excited at the thought of seeing Lucas after thirteen years.

I reach the knight's mansion as early as 6 am. Taking my camera out, I take a few pictures of his house.

It's even more grand and much more beautiful than the one I live in. I am not surprised though, Lucas also inherited everything from his grandfather. His mother died five years after giving birth to him, and his father committed suicide some weeks after the death of his mom.

I wait patiently, hoping I haven't missed Luke. I am about to find a way into the mansion when a woman comes out of it.

“Who are you?"

Shit, what am I supposed to say. Panicking I look around, trying to come up with an excuse.

“OH! I am so sorry dear, you must be here for the maid position right." “Yes, yes I am here for the maid position." I laugh nervously.

“In that case, come in. You should have informed Henry about your arrival, I am sure he would have let you in."

I could only smile in response. The shock of being in Lucas Knight's house leaving me tongue-tied.

She takes me to the kitchen and asks me some questions, which I answer as best as I can. Ganna, the woman who I later find out is the head housekeeper gives me the job without second thoughts.

Just like that, my wish to be close to Lucas is granted.

Seems like heaven is backing me up.

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