Book cover of “The Mafia Heir & The Secret Heiress“ by XMadieX

The Mafia Heir & The Secret Heiress

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: XMadieX
Ready to take on the world of medicine, Mykaela is forced to confront the secrets of her past while fearing the possibility of losing her best friend Miles, the heir to a wealthy and secretive Italian vampire clan. Lorenzio Tomassini is a shrewd multimillionaire businessman with ties to the Italian mafia. After a death in their clan, he pursues a ... 

Chapter 1. Prologue


After decades of living with my family's dark secrets, I settled with the fact that a future with her just isn't possible. Nothing but a selfish wish.

Yet I held onto hope. No matter what they all thought, no one else in this world could fill this dull, hopeless void I've tried to accept as my fate for being a Tomassini.

The first time we kissed, I knew I was done for. She's my kryptonite.

It's almost insane. How much I want her. How much I miss her. How much she makes me wish for a better future for us.

I knew forever was too much to ask--I didn't need to hear why. Besides her stubborn feelings for her best friend, I always knew she wouldn't stay. And I don't blame her.

It just pains me to think that the only woman I ever wanted this much is the one who could tear my whole family apart.

Falling for the enemy's daughter...

Putting my own brother in prison...

Betraying my flesh and blood...

I broke every single one of the clan's rules.

They all think I'm just a self-centered bastard and Mykaela should keep out of my chaotic life. But I don't care anymore. I just want her.

I would give up everything. Do anything it takes. I'll make her believe in us again. Make her see the whole picture.

I need to make her choose me.



We're just not meant to be.

The quiet, normal, happy life I wanted and dreamed for us... It was just that. A dream. Too good to be true.

It's not entirely his fault. My life and priorities were to blame, too. The fact that monogamy wasn't his thing didn't help, either.

Then again I always knew. I should've known better than to give it my all.

My dreams. My heart. My soul. For him, I would've done anything. I was about to put my entire career on hold just to make him happy.

Then other things got in the way. Bigger, messier, life-threatening circumstances. Now it's all clear as day: a real marriage with him--just out of the question.

Yet my broken heart still wants to try. Give it another shot. Test fate and everything else. Idiotic, but, my heart never really listened to logic and common sense. It's no longer a matter of right or wrong.

It's crazy and stupid to take such a huge risk. To challenge everyone and everything telling me to face reality and move on... But I just can't imagine a life without him.

I want Enzo back. I miss him. I need him. Our love deserves another chance.



This world deserves to go down in flames.

I'm no hero by any means. My crimes warrant lifelong punishment, in fact. But these idiots had it coming. There's just one too many selfish, corrupt bastards who refuse to acknowledge right from wrong. Including my family of wealthy crooks.

So I pushed my best friend away. For good. It's time I learned to live without her.

Kel doesn't need me anyway. Not anymore. She needs a better future. A better life. Somewhere far and quieter than mine.

I'm nothing but a disappointment and years of baggage she can do without. A quiet, normal married life in New York suits her better. Being with someone like me would only get her and her family killed.

Or I just need a better shrink to "fix" me and my brain, like Mamma said.

Removing the Tomassinis from the face of the Earth remains one of my priorities. But for Kel's safety and happiness, Lorenzio can stay off my hitlist.

Unless he makes her cry. Or he does some stupid shit that puts her and her family at risk.

We made a deal. I've given him enough chances.

If he breaks his word or her heart, I'd gladly introduce him to his God. My guns won't be necessary. Won't be the first time, either.

I got nothing left to lose. I already sold my soul.

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