Book cover of “Married on Paper to the Billionaire“ by Ebony Pete

Married on Paper to the Billionaire

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Ebony Pete
Love is not part of why billionaire CEO Kane Beaumont marries his virgin bride, Emilia Taylor. It is purely a contract deal to him and nothing more. Emilia's motive for marrying a man she barely knew was to save her family's business from the claws of evil loan sharks. However, she doesn't count on being hopelessly attracted to him even when he ... 

Chapter 1. Here Comes the Bride

“I now pronounce you, Mr and Mrs Beaumont. You may kiss the bride,” said the minister with a wide smile.

Emilia stole a glance at her new husband, wondering if he would kiss her or not. He watched her with hot hazel eyes as if he was thinking the same thing. He finally leaned forward and kissed her chastely on the cheek.

“Classy!” His mother complimented him and clapped like an impressed audience.

“Congratulations, darling,” her father said happily.

“Congratulations, sweetheart,” said her mother. She was the happiest person in the room.

Emilia smiled brightly but she was annoyed. This wasn’t how she’d pictured her wedding day to look. She’d dreamed of wearing a white ball gown and walking down the aisle with a large bouquet to join her handsome husband at the altar.

Instead, she was wearing a pink skirt-suit that her mother chose and marrying a brooding stranger in the family room of his mansion. She felt like a sacrificial lamb.

The Beaumonts were from old money and they were into several profitable businesses including consumer goods production, oil and gas, real estate, banking, and information technology.

“Let’s all go to the dining room now, shall we?” Said Elsie Beaumont, Emilia’s new mother-in-law. Her perfectly styled silver hair matched her dazzling jewelry.

Everyone followed her lead. The table was already set for the seven of them which included the newlyweds, the minister, Elsie, Emilia’s parents, and her younger sister, Chloe.

“It’s a shame the rest of the family couldn’t be here for the ceremony,” said Lara Taylor, Emilia’s mother.

“My other children are always traveling somewhere,” Elsie laughed. “Emilia is lucky to have married the most reliable one among them.”

Kane smiled tenderly at his mother. It was the first time that Emilia had seen his hard face soften today.

“I’m sure Jack and Lillian would’ve loved to be here today,” he said. “But they too have their lives to live.”

“Of course,” replied his mother smoothly. “Let’s eat.”

The food was delicious and enough to feed a battalion. They ate in silence for a few minutes before Kane’s deep baritone overshadowed the muted sound of cutlery clashing with plates.

“Please, give the marriage certificate to my assistant before you leave,” he said calmly to the minister. “He will file it properly for me.”

“That’s not necessary,” said the elderly man. “I will give it to your wife. It’s her property now.”

“And she’s my property. Give the certificate to my assistant, will you?”

“She’s not your property, she’s your wife,” Chloe snapped.

Emilia’s face turned red with embarrassment. “Chloe, please stop!”

“Let’s all calm down, shall we?” Said Elsie. “It doesn’t matter who keeps the marriage certificates, as long as it’s safe.”

“I apologize for my daughter’s rudeness,” said Andrew Taylor, Emilia’s father. “You know how teenagers can get sometimes.”

Chloe was going to respond to that but her mother stepped on her foot under the table and gave her a warning look.

“That’s fine,” said Kane dismissively.

Emilia hated his coldness towards her family but they were practically at his mercy. Beggars can’t be choosers.

After dinner, her family said their goodbyes and left Emilia was left alone with her new family. Kane was busy on his phone and completely ignored her.

“Welcome to the family, once again,” Elsie said to her warmly. “The butler will show you to your room.”

Harry, the butler, showed up and took her to the second floor where her room was located. It was a large room with a queen-sized bed and was lavishly decorated. Her things were still inside her box beside the bed.

As she began to undress, a door opened behind her. She was shocked to see Kane strolling into her room, looking like a Roman god in a suit. Her heart skipped a beat.

“What are you doing here?” She asked.

“What else? I’ve come to consummate our marriage,” he replied confidently.

“I beg your pardon! I barely know you.”

“Does it matter? We’re already married and I have a marriage certificate to prove it.”

Emilia took a step backward. “Listen, I’m not in the mood for this right now. At least, give me some time to warm up to you.”

“Don’t worry, my hands will warm you up.”

“That’s not what I meant.”

“I don’t care,” he said flatly. He was now standing only a few inches away from her and she could smell his expensive cologne.

Without saying a word, he began to undress. Emilia’s mouth went dry as she watched him reveal his toned torso and began to undo his pants.

“This isn’t how a normal wedding night should go,” she protested.

“We didn’t have a normal wedding, did we? Now, stop whining and take off your clothes.”

Her fingers shook as she began to take off her clothes. Wasn’t he even going to seduce her?

He had stripped down to his underwear and she could see the large bulge in the front of his boxers. She blushed and looked away.

“Your father said you’re a virgin. I’m beginning to think that it might be true.”

“Why would he even tell you that?”

He shrugged. “I guess he figured that’s your biggest selling point.”

Emilia resisted the urge to punch his handsome face and wipe that smirk off it. She’d never met anyone as rude as this guy.

“I don’t have all night,” he snapped. “Get undressed and lie on the bed.”

Her temper flared. “I’m not doing this with you.”

“I am not in the mood to play games with you, Emilia. I have honored my part of the deal by paying off those monsters who wanted your father’s head and his business. Now, it’s your turn to do your part.”

Her anger disappeared. He was right. She owed him.

She finished undressing and stood in front of him naked. He scanned her body with his eyes, leaving a trail of heat on her skin. She could feel his desire for her and it stirred something within her too.

“Lie down,” he ordered her and she obeyed quickly.

He joined her on the bed and ran his hand over her soft body. Emilia gasped with pleasure, surprising herself. She couldn’t believe that she was getting turned on by this man that she didn’t even like.

“Look at me,” he said softly.

Her shy green eyes met his hazel eyes. He kissed her tenderly while his hands continued to roam over her body. He touched her thighs and she shivered with excitement.

“I – I haven’t done this before,” she stuttered.

He smiled. “We’ll see about that,” he replied and slid a finger into her.

Emilia gasped and closed her legs, trapping his finger inside her. That little taste of intimacy had sent her to the edge of heaven.

He withdrew his finger and got up. And then, he began to get dressed. Emilia was confused.

“What are you doing?”

“Getting dressed. I have a date tonight. I just wanted to be sure that you and your father weren’t playing tricks with me.”

The humiliation she felt could not be described in words.

“Wait, so you were just checking to see if I’m truly a virgin?”

“Of course. I paid a high price for you, so you must be worth it. I’ve got to run. My date is waiting for me.”

“But you can’t just leave me here and go on a date with another woman!”

“I can do whatever I want,” he replied coldly. “You knew the terms before you agreed to marry me. It’s none of your business if I decide to set up a harem in this house.”

“Then what the hell am I here for?”

“To be my trophy wife. This isn’t a love marriage, Emilia, so don’t fool yourself by expecting something you’ll never get.”

His words cut her like a knife. Tears gathered behind her eyes but she blinked them away.

“When my sister returns from her trip tomorrow, she will take you shopping for new clothes and accessories. My mother will train you on how to be a perfect hostess and select which charity events you’ll be attending this month.”

“I can’t believe this…” she whispered.

“Believe it. This is your life now. The sooner you get used to it, the better for you.”

He walked away through the adjoining door on the opposite wall which led to his room. Emilia was speechless. This wasn’t what she’d expected when her parents talked her into marrying the billionaire in exchange for his money and protection.

She grabbed her phone from the bedside table and called her mother.

“I can’t do this!” She wailed as soon as her call was answered.

“You can and you will,” her mother replied firmly. She didn’t even bother to ask what Emilia meant because she knew.

“You don’t understand, Mom. He’s horrible!”

“Don’t say that, Emilia. Why are you so ungrateful? Have you forgotten what that man has done for us?”

“I don’t care!”

“Well, you should. This isn’t just about you, Emilia. You’re doing this for your family. Now, get off the phone and do whatever your husband says.”

The line went dead.


“I haven’t seen Kane in three days,” said Emilia.

Lillian giggled. “You’ll get used to it, darling. My brother is a workaholic.”

“But why isn’t he coming home after work?”

“The mansion isn’t his only home, you know. He has a condo near his office. He likes to stay there sometimes with Kendra instead of bringing her here. Mother doesn’t like her.”

“Who’s Kendra?”

“Oops! I’ve said too much. Sorry.”

“Is she his lover?”

Lillian gave Emilia a sympathetic look. “Yes. They’ve been dating off and on for four years but things have been steady between them for a year now.”

“So, why didn’t he marry her?”

“Because our mother would rather eat needles every day than accept a lingerie model/social media influencer as a daughter-in-law. Besides, Kendra is not the marrying type. She’s too restless for that.”

“I’m surprised that she still agrees to be with him after knowing that he’s now married.”

“And that’s because she knows that you’re only married to him on paper. No real wife will allow her husband to spend their wedding night with his mistress.”

Her words sounded like insults to Emilia but she couldn’t deny that her sister-in-law was right. She was like a new piece of furniture in the Beaumont mansion. She had no say in anything, not even in her so-called marriage.

“What would you do if you were in my shoes?” Emilia asked innocently.

Lillian shrugged again. “Either play along or change the game. I’d change the game if I were you though.”


“I can’t spoon-feed you, Emilia. You’re a twenty-three-year-old woman, for heaven’s sake. The best I can do for you is to tell you where Kane’s condo is and you can do whatever you want with that information.”

That was all the encouragement Emilia needed. She knew exactly what to do next.

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