Book cover of “Meet My Wife. Book 4“ by LiL A

Meet My Wife. Book 4

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: LiL A
"Do you like hearing me with another man?" his wife asked as she came downstairs, wearing nothing but a robe. He nodded, his heart racing with a mixture of emotions. He couldn't believe how turned on he was by the whole situation. As she sat on his lap, she whispered in his ear, "I want you to watch me as I pleasure him. It's what we both want, i... 

Chapter 1

Disclaimer: This book contains explicit scenes and adult language. Reader discretion advised.

I made sure Roxanne got two more fuckings, spending the night in her bed with no one else.

Sunday morning we were relaxing together after a nice romp. I was stroking her cheek and neck, with occasional brief forays to her breasts and peaked nipples.

"Whore's fiancé, Rafi, lives in Seattle. I could arrange for him to fuck you every so often for variety. He's slender, dark, not bad looking, average but still adequate cock if you want some variety. Whore has no expectations of fidelity, and he's been medically cleared."

"Is he as good as you? What the fuck am I saying. Of course he isn't." She laughed. "Sure, bring him along the next time you come over and I'll give him a spin."

"He might have practiced tantric sex at one point. I've seen him fucking Ariel for a fairly long time, though he tends to get excited when I fuck Whore."

"Then don't fuck Whore when he's trying to fuck me. I'd like to see if he can last longer than Phillip."

"Sure. I'm going to leave fairly soon. I want to fuck Whore in front of Rafi again."

"Are you going to breed Whore?"

"That's up to Rafi. He'd end up raising a light colored child and I don't know if he's that much of a cuckold. Might damage his standing with his family. I did tell him Whore was getting married with my cum in her cunt and I'd claim her first on their marriage night. He didn't raise a fuss."

"You're sick."

"I'd prefer kinky."

She laughed. "Kind of like Rodney in reverse."


"Will you breed me like you do your other women; fuck me seven or eight times a day and give me all of your cum?"

"I want to do a thorough job."

"Take me someplace romantic to breed me."

"Wherever you want," I agreed.

"Fuck me again, and then get the fuck out."

I did.


I had Rafi watch me making love to his fiancée. It wasn't the usual hard fucking I gave her, but tender, soft, slow and deliberate. I wanted him to know that I wasn't just a fuck, I was her main squeeze. Rafi's cock was rock hard as I fucked her. Whore was crying in pleasure by the time I finished, and Rafi cleaned up after me. I told him that I'd be out of town for the next week or so, breeding Karen. I told him he could fuck his fiancé twice a day only, once in her mouth, the other time in any one of her fuck holes, but that was all. Whore could cum four times each time he fucked her, but would be punished by Victoria for more.

I also told him I'd be picking up Whore the Saturday afterward, and I wanted him to come with me.


"I want you to fuck another woman exactly how I fucked Whore today. I want you to give her the best fucking you're capable of, and I just showed you how to do it."

"What will Whore be doing?"

"I don't know yet, but it's none of your concern. She's my property, not yours. If I have her at a Glory Hole sucking every cock that gets shoved through the hole, she'll do it because she's mine. I'm giving Whore permission to fuck you twice a day through the Thursday, before I pick her up. I don't want either of you cumming after Thursday, so you'll both be craving sex. Remember, you have to clean up after yourself if you don't use a condom. She has permission to cum four times while you're fucking her. Any more than four, Victoria will be spanking her ten swats for the excess for me. You can't fuck on Friday and Saturday because I want you to be able to fuck all Saturday night to give this other woman the maximum amount of pleasure you can. She's a Dominant with two of her own slaves. She may have you fuck her female as well. If you don't come with me next Saturday, it will be a week before you touch Whore again. Do you hear me, Whore?"

"Yes, Master. Four orgasms or I'll be spanked. Rafi can't fuck me if he doesn't come with on Saturday. Please come, Rafi. I want you to fuck her so we can continue to have sex."

"I'll come."

Controlling the source of Rafi's pleasure, was a little like controlling Rafi. It's not like he wasn't getting something out of it. I don't know what his sex life was before Whore, but it was pretty damn good now.


I texted Charmaine and told her Ariel and I were on our way to check out her preparations for her new lover tonight. We'd be there by four. Ariel asked me if she was going to be naked during dinner.

"No, we want Charmaine to be the sluttiest one at the table tonight. Wear something casual, say a loose tee and skirt, nothing that makes your tits stand out too much. Charmaine will be doing the seducing tonight, not you. Barry will be in his cock cage, so he can't fuck you, but he can lick you to an orgasm, although I expect him to be distracted by what's going on in his bedroom. He'll be jumpy. I like that it's not going to be a stranger, but someone he knows.

We arrived and Charmaine and Barry talked about their preparations thus far.

"I've shaved Charmaine and picked out something for her that Jack should like. She'll put me in my cock cage a half hour before he's due to arrive."

"Do you still remember how to flirt, Charmaine, or did you lose that after you got married?"

"Does any woman ever lose the ability to flirt?" Charmaine asked.

"I don't know. Maybe they don't flirt with me, just beg to fuck. What I was thinking of, is something overt, not anything Jack has to be wondering about. Perhaps rub your breasts against the back of his neck as you're giving him something, or dishing up his plate, sitting next to him and resting your hand on his thigh, sliding up a little at a time until you're touching his cock. Resting your hand on his, tracing your fingers up his arm. Maybe flash some boob or pussy. Put his hand on your leg. Be obvious, not subtle. He needs to know you're trying to get into his pants. First of all, since he's Barry's friend, I wonder what he's going to say to Barry, if anything. If he tries slipping you a note asking you to meet him at some other time, Charmaine, you'll immediately tell Barry that Jack wants to fuck you and ask him if he'll request permission to unlock your cunt.

"If he says something to Barry, Barry will tell Jack that it's all right if he fucks you, that he's a cuckold and locked in chastity for the night and then Barry will undress you and offer you to Jack naked. But it's important for Barry to tell Jack that he no longer has control of your pussy, but someone else does. You need to tell him he must listen to my rules regarding sex with Charmaine before he can fuck her. If he agrees to the rules, you'll unlock her pussy and put her hand in his, asking him to please fuck your wife.

"Charmaine, you can offer to suck his cock right then and there, although he may not want to do it in front of everyone. If he doesn't, it's okay, you can take his hand and lead him into your bedroom. You'll have until 9:30 to fuck him as much as he can get it up or you want, but then he's done. You can offer him your ass, Charmaine, as it should be stretched out by now, but make sure he knows you've never done it before and he needs to be gentle and use lubricant. I have some if you don't. He also uses a condom until he provides proof he's been tested as clean. Barry should have condoms since he shouldn't be fucking my pussy without them. I don't care how much someone whines or begs, they get wrapped in rubber or they never fuck you again and you can't fuck anyone until you test clean a second time. After he leaves, I'm going to claim your ass myself since Jack will have broken it in, then Cuck has to clean you up afterward, no matter where you were fucked. Agreed?"

"What if my condoms are too small for him?" Barry asked.

"How big is he?"

"I never saw him erect, but he looked big."

"I carry big ones with me. He can use one of mine."

"Your pussy isn't locked up yet," Charmaine said. "And when can I fuck Jack again if I like him."

"I've got your pussy chain, and I'll lock it up when you put Cuck's cage on. From now on when his cage goes on, your chain goes on, and I need to give him permission to unlock it. If you want to go on a fuck date with someone, Barry can discuss with me how to arrange for you to unlock your cunt for your date. You can't fuck Jack again until you've fucked at least two other men. Better yet, once a month. As I said before, you're not looking for romantic partners, you've got one. You're only looking for fuck buddies, and no matter how much you enjoy a fucking, that's all it is. I won't let Cuck unlock my pussy for the same people all the time. You're a slut now for all men's pleasure, not one."

"Charmaine's ass isn't locked up," Barry said. "She can let other men fuck her in the ass without seeking permission."

"You're right, Barry. If Charmaine wants to become an ass whore, there's nothing we can do to stop it. Except I can seek custody of her child if she misbehaves in a way that is detrimental to the child. Reckless ass fucking with anyone and everyone would certainly seem to be grounds to take her child away. She wanted this child with you. If she doesn't want to raise it with you, she's not anyone you'd want to be married to, nor me to own the pussy of. At that point, I say fuck her and feed her fish heads. She's not someone to keep in our lives. Just because you're responsibly fucking other people doesn't mean you can't responsibly raise a child. If someone becomes irresponsible, it needs to be corrected, and that includes you, Barry. You're not to encourage Charmaine to be a whore or stripper, or whatever else your cuckold head might come up with. She's not to be in bars picking men up every night. You start unlocking her without my permission, you might be losing custody of the child. I won't tolerate reckless behavior. This is Ethical Non-Monogamy, not fucking everything in sight. I hope both of you understand this."

"Yes, sir."

"What are we having for supper tonight? I'm starving," I said.

"Grilled pork chops and baked potatoes, apple sauce and steamed broccoli," Charmaine said. "Barry can handle the cooking while I make myself pretty for my new lover."

"Ariel and I will help any way we can. I brought some wine. If we're having pork, I recommend a mild red. I'll uncork it to let it breathe about a half hour before Jack is due to arrive, about the time you both go into chastity together."

We discussed a plan for the night, including all of my rules.

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