Book cover of “Candidate for Goddess“ by Michael Angelo Soltis

Candidate for Goddess

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Michael Angelo Soltis
In the midst of the universe, there is a small habitable planet named Eris. For years, planet Eris has been thundered by continuous wars waged by its inhabitants, Erishans, leaving almost all the cities and towns ruined. Carousel, the student of Stellar Academy, is eager to find her true self and, together with her friends, plunges into the adv... 

Chapter 1

Out in the midst universe a small habitable planet just like Earth exists, a planet named Eris. Inhabitants of Eris also look somewhat just like humans, its people are called Erishans with much lighter skin than humans because their planet can barely get enough light from their star Asterie.

Some Erishans were able to cr*ck their god given talents therefore they possess different kinds of skills and they are called splitters. Those are the kinds of inhabitants that are living in that planet.

For years, planet Eris has been plagued with violent weather conditions since the end of the Great War that took place in Eris more than twenty years ago, leaving almost all the cities and towns in that world a ruin. Due to the circumstances of this post-apocalyptic era, some Erishans believed that their world is dying. People from Eris or Erishans were looking for salvation but no one seems to care, except for Demeon – a rich, past middle aged, male Erishan who owns most of the business trades running in that planet.

The planet’s atmosphere is being closely surrounded by millions of different sizes of asteroids from outer space, viciously encircling the planet. And it has been thought that the reason why there are millions of asteroids closely revolving around the planet… is to prevent the Erishans from going out.

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