Book cover of “My Hostess Wife“ by Ckat

My Hostess Wife

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Ckat
Stacey's life has been a rollercoaster of hardships. She was caught in a cycle of selling her body to men, where every touch was a commodity. But with the help of her hero, Cygnus, she was able to break free from that oppressive world. However, just when she thought she was safe, Yul Matthew Servano came into her life, and everything turned upside ... 

Chapter 1

Yul's POV

I responded to that insolent kiss that she initiated and started to budge into her enormous breasts.

"You're annoyingly hot!" I whispered then gave her a love bite on her neck.

"Come on, dude! Get a room! Are you giving us a show? Live porn?" James cuts out the sensation we're sharing. So annoying!

"Ugh, I almost forgot you're here," I jokingly said, which is partly true.

"Yeah, understandable. Look how hot she is," Harry praised Stacey and looked at her with lustful eyes. I got irritated with his actions.

"Stop looking at her!" I give her the tuxedo I removed a while ago and cover it to her body. I'm selfish with my snack so I don't want Harry to be looking at her and imagining things. Stacey is also wearing lingeries; part of her presentation, I guess.

This night, I want to make her mine. No, scratch that. I mean, I will make her mine. I want to feel her inside and hear her moan. I know these feelings I felt for her are just brought on by lust, but I want to own her.

At least for tonight.

"We'll go now," I said.

"Don't worry boys, I'll make your friend happy," Stacey said. F*ck! She's just adding the ingredients to my libidinous.

Her appeal is getting me crazy. She hits differently from me. D*mn it!

I'm literally drunk, and she's covering herself with makeup now. I don't know if she wears any contact lenses to keep the color of her eyes different.

But all I can say is; she's astonishingly beautiful.

She's gorgeous.

And I want to make her mine.

Just for tonight.

Stacey's POV

I wear my T-shirt after I get Yul to sleep. He's a little challenging to fool, but at least I managed to do so.

Yeah, I'm a whore, call girl, prostitute, hostess, you name it. But he's not that smart like me. He's only rich and billionaire in money.

After we left the bar, he brought me to his condo. He was so thirsty to feel my cunt and knockers. Right after entering this room, he grabbed my waist and started owning my body, but I didn't let him get deeper. I gave him a bottle of water with a pill to let him sleep.

As expected, he did what I wanted and now he's already asleep.

Well, that's my job. I'm a hostess, but I'm not letting my guest claim my virginity. So technically, I'm still a virgin.

Kate calling...

"Oh, what made you call?" I asked right after I answered her.

"You forgot? Ugh! Mr. Bald is giving me a headache, Stace! He said he wants you to fill in. The girl he chose to marry that guy ditched him with her boyfriend. Now, you're his only choice!" Kate said in an annoying voice.

I clenched my teeth in stress, "Girl, it's not that I don't want it. The only problem I have is, what if Mr. Servano finds out that I'm a hostess girl? Will he forgive me and still give me my payment? I have no guarantee!" I said.

I saw Yul moving, so I decided to go outside his room and continue talking with Kate.

"He's actually giving you a guarantee! Why not grab it? Okay, here's the deal: just go tomorrow and attend your meeting with him. Hear his thoughts and decide after," Kate suggested.

"And if I didn't like it, will you pay my time?" I said it in a rude tone.

"HE will pay your time," she said. And my eyes got wide open at that offer.

"Okay, you promised, huh," I assured.

"Yeah, just come," she replied.

"Okay, tell him to meet me at Pony University tomorrow," I said and then hung up the call.

"So tired of this life," I uttered to myself.

I passed by his sink and saw a mirror. I looked at myself, my body, and my eyes.

These are the things I have to feed my family. My sexy body, unique colors of eyes, what am I gonna do if I lose it?

Is this how far you can go, George? Is this the end of your life? Do you really have to sacrifice your dream just because of that f*cking loans you're paying?

Tears suddenly fell from my eyes, but I just wiped them like nothing came out.

My thoughts were cut out by a text message.

"Hey, want a yogurt? It's my treat! Go to the 9/13 convenience store in Josefa St. You'll see me there. I just happened to know where you are. Don't be mad at Kate," a smile suddenly formed on my lips.

It was Cygnus, he's my friend. He knew my work and never bothers to judge me. Also, he's the one I love. We actually feel the same way. I mean, I can feel like he likes me too.

We just share a complicated relationship, that's all.

I replied, "OK, if you insist then who am I to resist?" and laughed while looking at my screen.

Before sneaking out, I tried to get my things and leave Yul as it is 'cause I'm already paid. But he had my bag, so in the end, I just left it there for a while and I went to Cygnus.

"Hey!" I called him.

He smiled and waved at me. Argh! That dimple of his is the one that got me.

"What is it? Calling me in the middle of the night just to eat with you? You're that obsessed with me?" I teased him and tried to tickle him, but he didn't change his reaction. He remained serious.

"W-What's with that look?" I asked.

"Will you stop doing that job and come to me?" he seriously asked.

It felt like my whole world had just collapsed. What does he mean?

"I... I don't understand," I replied.

He took a deep breath. Feels like he's still constructing words to say.

He suddenly held both of my hands and kissed them both.

"Be with me, George. Be my girl for life," he said then pulled out a ring from his pocket.

I was shocked by his words.

Why did he suddenly say that? In this exact situation, I'm planning to get arranged to support my family.

Tears are starting to form in my eyes.

"C-Cygnus..." I uttered his name. He just opened my palm and put the ring on.

"You don't have to decide this soon. You can take your time to think. Just remember, I love you. I sincerely love you, George. I mean it. And I want to put an end to our complicated relationship and take it to the next level."

I feel like my heart is going to come out.

This is oddly satisfying. It really is.

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