Book cover of “My Hot Billionaire“ by Aurorae

My Hot Billionaire

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Aurorae
Handsome, has it all, and is loved by women... That's the perfect life of the young billionaire. At first, Edward's life went as expected... until one day, he accidentally had a one-night stand with a virgin named Chloe Hazel. Edward meant to take responsibility, but Chloe rejected him outright. The only woman who dared to leave him alone. Who ... 

Chapter 1

"Shit! You're still a virgin. Are you trying to set me up on purpose?" 

Edward growled in annoyance at a woman who was now lying beneath him. 

"I beg you, and please finish everything. Please don't torture me by hanging on to games like this. You will only make me feel ashamed." The woman looked at Edward with a misty look. The passion for desire still shrouds him.

 "Chloe, you've gone mad! I can't continue this game. From the start, even we both were wrong!" 

The next second, the man hastily intended to get down from the woman's body named Chloe. So far, Edward is known as a man who likes to change partners. After all, who doesn't want to date Eduardo Martin? A wealthy aristocrat who is the sole heir to AlphaBeta Corporation. What he does is always the center of attention of a broad audience. 

However, of the many women he had dated, none had Edward ever asked to get into bed. After all, he also has the principle that he will never sleep with any woman if they do not have the status of husband and wife. 

But tonight, Edward was so stupid that he was tempted and decided to take a woman to his bed. Especially now that he just discovered that the woman is still a virgin. Of course, the guilt just got bigger. 

"Let me take the lead if you don't want to finish it. Don't keep turning me down like this." 

Chloe whispered in a voice so sensual and seductive. The smell of alcohol wafted sharply from the woman's beautiful lips. Then, unexpectedly, the woman bravely pulled her body by force. Hug tightly. And somehow, Edward's position now moved down. Countless, the man let out a long breath. Everything was done to control himself, but he found the opposite. He was suddenly frustrated. Why can you suddenly be this weak against a woman? Had Edward been tempted? 

"We'd better stop. You're drunk, Chloe. I'm not responsible when you realize you're going to regret what you did ---" 

"Sssstttss...." Chloe hissed. Quickly interrupted Edward's sentence. "You're so weird. Why are you talking so much earlier? Please shut up and enjoy what I'm doing. Besides, I'm giving it away for free. So you have nothing to lose, right?" 

"But, Chloe---" 

The woman ignored Edward's words. He chose to continue his action by landing kisses on every inch of Edward's body. Then move gently and seductively. Complete all desires that previously had been delayed. As for Edward, the man could only resign himself to being the subject of Chloe's game. A game that will turn their lives upside down in the future.


A few hours before.

Edward was at one of the most famous nightclubs in Great Britain. Tonight, he enjoyed the bachelorette party hosted by Marvin, his best friend, who was getting married in two days. There, they spend more time drinking and having fun. Edward himself had forgotten how many glasses of vodka he had consumed tonight. 

Towards the end of the night, Edward, who felt his head was already heavy, decided to return to the Hotel. He thought keeping caught up in the party could be dangerous. Just stepped forward past the bar counter, a beautiful woman accidentally bumped into and spilled a drink on her body. Edward wanted to be angry. 

However, seeing the condition of the woman being heavily drunk, he restrained himself and chose to ignore it. However, when he tried to walk again, the drunk woman immediately hugged Edward's body tightly. 

"Don't leave me. Please, don't leave me," she muttered, clutching Edward's body. 

Confused, Edward tried to break the hug momentarily, then ventured to pat the woman's cheek gently, then asked. "Miss, what's your name? Better go home soon. You're such a mess now." 

The woman lifted her head, trying to look at Edward. "Call me Chloe. Please take me home. I beg of you," she said with sad eyes. 

Feeling pity, Edward agrees to Chloe's request to take her home. However, along the way, Chloe chattered more and didn't even tell her where her home address was. As it was getting late, Edward took the initiative to take Chloe to the Hotel where she was staying. He thought he could ask for the address after the woman woke up. When they arrived at the Four Seasons Hotel, Edward immediately supported Chloe's body and carried her to the room. 

After laying the woman's body on the bed, Edward intended to shower. However, just turning around, Chloe suddenly caught Edward's attention until the man fell over him. 

"Don't leave me," Chloe chirped. The smell of alcohol wafted through his mouth. 

Edward, who was still half-conscious, tried to get up. But instead, the woman locked Edward's body and hugged him tightly. 

"Miss, you were drunk. when you rested." Edward kept trying to escape. 

Chloe was shaking weakly. "No, you can't leave me like that. Could you help me? My body feels hot." 

Without a word, Chloe grabbed Edward's face and kissed him forcefully and demandingly. Her hands were even wailing, trying to unbutton Edward's shirt. 

"Stop doing you. We don't know each other," Edward snapped after he managed to pull his face away. 

With droopy eyes, Chloe smiled. "Just one night. One night, I promise you." 

Edward rocked. "No, I can't. We barely know each other." 

Chloe's face was red. It was apparent she was nervous. The next second, the woman grabbed Edward's fingers gently. "No need to know each other to have this relationship. Please help me. I'm feeling hot right now." 

Edward fell silent. He was considering what should be according to the woman's request in front of him. He didn't know Chloe at all. So far, Edward has always ensured that female beet seeds will be included. He never wanted to choose just any woman. Invite a woman to get into bed, never, actually ever. So, what to do now? 

"Oh, come on." 

Chloe teased again. Before Edward could answer, Chloe pulled Edward back to lie on the bed. She even managed to pull off the man's clothes with one movement. A moment later, they continued to kiss until; finally, Edward was tempted and did what they both shouldn't have done. 


Edward woke up from sleep while continuing to massage his heavy head. When his eyes opened perfectly, he was surprised to find a beautiful woman sleeping in his arms. Edward closed his eyes. He was trying to reassemble the memory fragments about last night's events. What made him able to be with a woman this morning? 

"Damn, you're still a virgin! We can't continue this game." 

"You talk too much. Just shut up and enjoy what I'm doing. You have nothing to lose." 

Edward's head was throbbing in pain. He began to remember one by one what happened to him last night. 

"Oh my God, Edward patted his forehead lightly. Last night you fucked a virgin, Eduardo Martin."

Edward lowered his gaze, peeking at something under the blanket wrapped around him. 

"You didn't even wear safety last night. Good grief. If it turns out that this woman has Aids, what will happen? Or if this woman ends up getting pregnant, are you sure you want to have children at this young age? What did your parents say? You can tarnish the family name."

Edward kept cursing in his mind. 

"Wait a minute, as I recall, I forbade that woman to have this relationship last night. But he kept pushing. Does that mean the same as if he raped me?" 

"Well right."

Edward nodded confidently. "That woman raped me. So he should be responsible."

Busy wrestling with himself, Edward felt the woman in his arms squirm slowly. It was clear to him the curly eyelashes were moving beautifully. I blinked until it finally opened wide. Edward and Chloe looked at each other. They looked into each other's brown eyes. It was long until Chloe finally released the hug and inched out of bed.

It was evident in Edward's eyes Chloe's innocent body, who was not wearing any clothes, strolled while picking up her clothes that had just been lying on the floor. Silently, the woman put on her dress. Do your hair and make-up, then get ready to go. 

"Looks like I got drunk last night," Chloe said, then smiled faintly. "Thanks for bringing me. Sorry if I bothered you so much." Chloe said carelessly; then, she walked towards the exit. 

"Wait a minute!" hold Edward. 

Chloe turned around and looked at Edward questioningly. "What is it?" 

"You didn't even tell me who you were in advance," Edward said. 

"It doesn't matter who I am," said Chloe curtly. Edward was taken aback.

"After last night, you want just to leave?" 

Chloe raised an eyebrow. "What do you want?" 

"Especially?" Edward gasped in surprise at Chloe's completely normal expression. "You're not asking me for something? For example, being responsible? If you forget, I even took your virginity. Yes, even though you were the one who insisted. So it's not my fault, but ---" 

"Stop!" Chloe cut in after hearing Edward blabbering at length. "Forget about last night. You don't have to be responsible." 

"You don't want to ask for something, like money or anything else?" Edward asked. "I'm not a bitch who, after having sex, you give money in return." 

"But are you sure you don't want anything from me?" Edward made sure again. 

Chloe nodded. "Very sure. I'm not interested in you anyway," Chloe replied, looking deeply at Edward. "If there's nothing more to talk about, I have to go now. Thanks again for the hot night you gave me." Chloe smiled mockingly and then left Edward. On the bed, Edward snorted.

"Seriously, after giving up her virginity so easily, she left me carefree?" 

Edward shook his head in disbelief. In this world, even all women are mesmerized by his charisma. Who doesn't want to be the lover or date of a young master of the Martin family? And the woman, clearly refusing, even said she wasn't interested in him. 

"Damn it!" Edward cursed. "I have to find out who that woman is." Edward then shuffled down and grabbed his cell phone on the nightstand. Contacting someone he believes can help find out who the woman he slept with last night was. "Hello, Hans. I need your help. You have something important to do." a sharp grin appeared on Edward's face.

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