Book cover of “My Long Lost Love“ by Chhavi Gupta

My Long Lost Love

  • Genre: Romance
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Chhavi Gupta
He dreams about only one girl... Damini. The girl who stole his heart when they were still in school... But one day she left without saying a single word to him. After many years they find each other but there is still a problem. Her parents want her to marry someone from their own community. 

Chapter 1

Sagar’s POV

Everyone was enjoying the party around me, it was just me who was not feeling any excitement. We were at the leading 5-star hotel of Delhi, throwing a party as it was our 27th birthday today. I was not interested in it but Sahil, my twin, wanted to throw a grand party.

There were so many people here, Sahil had invited almost everyone he knew. Most of them were business associates and Sahil’s friends, my 4 best friends and a lot of girls. Sahil was a certified Casanova, changed his girlfriends like shirts… But l love him a lot and he loves me.

I saw Mehul coming towards me. I smiled at him. He hugged and wished me. I smiled faintly and thanked him.

“Hey Mehul, it is good you came I was getting bored as most of the people here are Sahil’s friends. But where is Megha? Don’t tell me that you came along.” I asked him.

“No, Megha is here with me. I just came to find you.”

“Ok, let’s go and meet her.” We both went to where Mehul left Megha.

Mehul was shocked to see what was happening right in front of us.

Sahil was holding Megha’s hand firmly in a handshake, “Thanks a lot, beautiful… This birthday of mine is really happy to meet you. Are you by any chance single?”

God, this Sahil… it is going to be his last birthday… Mehul was already looking angry.

“What do you mean by that now?” Megha asked him smiling.

I am sure she thought it was me she was talking to.

“I just meant, what I said. Are you single?” He asked looking at her.

“Stop kidding, Sagar! You know...”

“Sahil leave her hand before Mehul turns into an angry young man and breaks yours...” She heard that and turned to look at us. The moment she looked at me she looked shocked then she looked at Sahil and then again at me.

Both Sahil and I are used to of this kind of reaction. We are identical twins. There was no visible difference in us even if anyone looked at us closely. Since childhood, We have pretended to be each other many times and we usually got away with it. But our parents, family and very close friends could tell us apart.

“What… Is… You are…?” Megha was confused as hell.

“Yes, Megha… Meet my brother Sahil. Well, you have already met. Let me introduce you to him… He is my twin, Sahil. Sahil this is Megha… Mehul’s wife.” I said and Sahil smiled at Megha.

“Well, Sahil… Did you hear what Sagar said? She is my wife… So just leave her hand and stay away from her. Ok?” Mehul looked like an angry bull now.

“Relax, Mehul! She was just wishing me as she must have mistaken me to be Sagar. She is all your man. But I must say, you are very lucky. She is beautiful...” He said raising his hands in surrender and went away.

“I didn’t know you have a twin brother.” Megha said and I just smiled.

“Happy Birthday, Sagar. May God bless you with whatever you want in your life.” Megha wished me and I smiled.

“Thanks, I hope and wish that God listens to you at least and grant me what I want in my life.” I knew I looked very sad. Megha looked at Mehul and he looked sad too for me.

“It’s your birthday Sagar and we are here at a party… and parties are for having fun not being sad. Ok? So just enjoy. Please let us leave as I am not feeling well.” Mehul said.

“What? Don’t you dare do that, you are not going anywhere till this party is on. I will kill you if you do that. I want my friends and family near me to celebrate. If you are not well take a medicine after consulting Vikram or Gautam. They must be here at any time.” I glared at Mehul and he nodded reluctantly.

All my other friends came Rahul came with Priya. Gautam and Vikram also came. They all wished me birthday.

Mehul and Rahul were getting paranoid over their wives.

“You know Today Megha thought that Sahil was Sagar and she wished him and that moron started flirting with her… I would have broken his hand if he was not Sagar’s brother. We all know how he is?” Mehul told them. They all started laughing…

“There would be many casualties because of Priya and Megha today. Look that guy is looking at them. Hey, he is even going towards them.” Vikram said smiling at both of them as he knew they were very possessive about their wives.

Rahul solved the problem with cool mind or Mehul must have beaten that man.

The food was served and the cake was cut. Everyone was enjoying it. But after some time again my mind started missing her…

It was my birthday and like a child, I made this wish while blowing the candles, that I get to meet her once at least.

Everyone was enjoying the party but I wanted to get away from it. I knew, why Sahil threw such a party, he wanted me to find someone else and get involved with her. But that was not possible… I have not even looked at any girl in that way.

My parents were tensed about us. Sahil being a certified Casanova had refused to get married. According to him why should he settle down with one girl when he can have many. He has always changed his girlfriends like shirts. I wonder if he would ever marry.

And I would not marry anyone but her. The one girl who had my heart, one who made me fall for her, one who got vanished from the face of this earth. One who took a part of me with her… Since then, I haven’t been the way I was before I met her…

And I have been trying to find her for 10 years. But I was not lucky enough. I wish that God grant me just one wish. I want to meet her at least once more in my lifetime. I want to tell her how much I love her.

I wanted to be alone with my long lost love. So I excused myself and started walking away from the party but someone caught my arm.

I turned to see who it was… It was my dad. Mr. Sushant Singh Malhotra… The real estate king.

He is still very handsome with just a few fine lines which shows that he is our dad. But we inherited our looks from him.

I smiled at him and he pulled me into a tight manly hug. Then I saw my mom coming towards me. She looked so fragile… She was not keeping very well these days and when we consulted the doctor, he said she was under depression. My beautiful mom was stressed because of the two of us… Because we were not ready to settle down.

I hugged her too and she placed her head on my shoulder for a few seconds.

“Happy birthday, son… So you turned 27 today?” she asked me.

“Well, yes, mom. Why are you asking, mom? You know better, you gave birth to me… I mean us.”

“I know, but I want you to realize that too. I want to make one thing clear to you that, now that you are 27, I think it high time for you to get married now.”

“Mom, please… Not today.”

“Why not, It is the perfect time to talk about it. There are so many pretty girls here… And don’t forget that You both are not getting younger.”

“Can we talk about it later? It’s my birthday, mom!”

“All the more reason for me to talk to you about it.”

“Like seriously? Do you want to talk right now? With so many people here? Oh please, mom… We will talk about all this tomorrow.” I said and placed a kiss on her cheek.

“Let it be Shweta… We will talk about it later.” He said to her.

I pecked on her cheek and came out of the party. I ran to the parking slot, slid into my car and drove towards our home.

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