Book cover of “My Heart Belongs to You“ by Suniti

My Heart Belongs to You

  • Genre: Romance
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Suniti
Viren was the only son of the biggest industrialist Rai Bahadur. He is the CEO of the company. He was a ruthless businessman for the outer world but was very considerate and loving where his family matters or the persons he loved were involved. Due to his sad past, he didn't have faith in commitments, love, and marriage. Priya, a middle-class girl... 

Chapter 1


In a grand size office room, a tall man in his late fifties with a subtle jawline, fair complexion, and salt pepper hairline was pacing. A knock on the room stills him, and a man in his late thirties enters.

“Good afternoon, sir. Mr. Viren’s flight will land in an hour, and I have sent the car to pick him up from the airport.”

This is Mr. Rai Bahadur Singh, president of one of the top enterprises in India. They manufacture almost everything. His only son Viren, who is in New York City, has gone for his higher education and never came back. The only time he was there was when his father would forcefully call him. Today he also came due to his father’s pressure.

A sudden knock on the door stills him.

“Come in.”

On getting approval, a girl in her mid-twenties wearing professional attire came in. Her hair was tied in a neat bun. She was a fair-complexioned beauty with a brain. She is Priya, Rai Bahadur’s assistant.

“Good afternoon, sir. I have come to inquire about your lunch.”

“Priya, as you know, today Viren is coming, so I will have my lunch with him. Reschedule today’s appointments for tomorrow and ask Raghav to get my car ready. I will be going home.”

“Jotted everything, sir. May I take my leave now, sir?”

“Yes, you may.”

“Good day, sir.” With that Priya moves out of the cabin.

After some time, Priya informs him that his car is ready. He leaves for his mansion.

The car enters a huge drive surrounded by a beautiful garden, a huge fountain can be seen in the middle, surrounded by benches. The grass was freshly trimmed. The car stops in front of a huge gate engraved with beautiful carvings reminding us of some palace.

Rai Bahadur was greeted by his butler. “Good afternoon, sir.”

“Good afternoon, Mr. Viren has arrived.”

“Yes, sir, he has gone to freshen up.”

“I am also going to freshen up and will have lunch with Viren.”

Half an hour later the father and son duo meet. Viren took his father’s blessing. After the exchange of little pleasantries between the two, they arrived at the dining room. All the favorite food of Viren has been laid off on the table. Dal makhani, paneer butter masala, steamed rice, and butter roti. They ate their lunch in silence. After eating, Viren excused himself as he was suffering from jet lag and the time difference was taking a toll on him.

It was late dusk when he woke up. He stirred from his sleep and took a few moments to register where he was. The realization kicks in that his father must be waiting for him. He went down.

“Good evening son. Did you rest well? Come, will you have tea or a drink?”

“Stephen please ask Maria, aunty, to fix a cup of my favorite adrak (ginger) wali tea.”

“How is your work going back there?”

“All well. I have started investing in wall street, not very much but a little bit.”

“That is incredible. But you don’t need to give any explanation, it is your hard-earned money, and you can use it as you wish.”

“Good evening, everyone,” both of them turned toward the source of the voice. Viren got to greet the person.

“How are you, young men?”

“Fine uncle. Is everything fine with dad? I mean you never visit him on weekdays and especially at this hour.”

“Today Vikram (Rai Bahadur’s original name) has his weekly scheduled check-up. His last cardiac arrest has weakened his heart, his BP is fluctuating. Loneliness is giving way to depression. Why don’t you come back, marry a suitable girl, and get settled down?”

“Please, Uncle, marriage is not on my agenda and as for coming back that can be given a thought.”

“As you wish. Come, Vikram, I have to go to the clinic as well.”

Both the men strolled away. Since Viren was feeling exhausted and sleep-deprived he called an early night off.


[Following morning]

“Stephen, is Viren awake?”

“Sir, Mr. Viren was in his gym when I last checked.”

“Good morning, dad.”

“Good morning son. Come and have breakfast. You are all set to join me in the office.”

“It is still evening in NYC, I don’t have much work. I will be free for the day, that is why I thought of giving a hand to you.”

“You are always welcome. I think I should start searching for a girl for you or if you have someone back there then tell me I have no objection. It is high time now I want a daughter-in-law.”

“Dad, please I have no girlfriends and I don’t want to marry.”

“But why? What is wrong with getting married? Don’t you think that there should be someone waiting for you when you return home after a tiring day or someone to talk your heart out or someone who loves you unconditionally or on whom you can rely? When you fall in love you will find your solace.” he stopped to collect his breath.

“I will think about it,” Viren spoke as he wanted to end this topic for the time being.


‘Dad has called me here so that he can marry me. Uncle was saying that dad is not well, and his only wish is to see me settled. I want to fulfill all his wishes, but I can’t do this. I can’t commit to anybody. Marriage and love all look good in books only, these things don’t exist in the real world,’ Viren thought.

A knock on his door brought him back to reality.

“Come in.”

A man in his late thirties entered. “Good morning, sir. Boss has asked you to attend the meeting with him. It is past lunchtime, and this file contains all the details.”

“Tell dad I will be ready. Is that all?”

“Yes, sir, that is all. Please call me if you need anything.”

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