Book cover of “My Name Is Lucy: Our Long-Distance Love. Book 2“ by Little Maze

My Name Is Lucy: Our Long-Distance Love. Book 2

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Little Maze
Jeon Lucy, a transgender woman in the midst of her body transition, is about to embark on a journey to attend university in a new city. With a determination to face the challenges she knows await her, Lucy is prepared for a series of unknown experiences. However, her love life becomes an emotional rollercoaster when her heart, once filled with feel... 

Chapter 1

Lucy felt Ryeon's fingers tightening around hers.

"Can we go there?" Ryeon pointed to a restaurant specializing in pork.

Lucy nodded, as the place emitted a delicious smell even from outside, and inside, it became even stronger. They chose a table near the window and ordered two servings of samgyeopsal.

Soon, the grill between them was turned on, and the meat was placed alongside it, accompanied by garlic, onion, and Kimchi. There were also various seasonings, and Ryeon took it upon himself to apply them to the meat and everything else for grilling.

The waiter also brought two bowls of rice and some sauces, as well as two sodas at Lucy's request.

The young couple ate amidst laughter. Ryeon shared his torturous first month in the course and how he already felt like giving up and pretending nothing had ever happened.

"You shouldn't give up just because it's tiring, oppa. But if you want to take a break or consider another course, I'm sure your mother would understand, and you would feel better," Lucy said.

"It's not that I actually want to quit, I'm just tired," Ryeon replied.

"I know you are," Lucy slid her hand across the table, capturing her boyfriend's hand and intertwining their fingers. "But you will make it, Ryeon. You will graduate and teach little kids who will call you Uncle Ryeon."

"I think I like that thought," Ryeon smiled, caressing Lucy's hand. "And you, you will be a great fashion designer, owning an incredible brand that will dress half the world?"

"Not all that, but having my own brand is my dream. But maybe I'll just try to get into a good company and stand out, it's a possibility," Lucy replied.

"You are more than just a possibility, my beautiful. You are definitely a certainty," Ryeon said.

"You say it so beautifully, oppa. But reality can be a bit harsh, with not many doors open. But maybe I'll work at Vante, my friend will be the owner," she laughed, taking a sip of her juice.

"Vante? You don't know? Jaesun will be the owner of Vante. He already has incredible projects, we will definitely be partners," Lucy explained.

"Wow, it's so good to see you excited. You will definitely do amazing work, and you, especially, will have a prestigious place for what you will accomplish," Ryeon said.

Lucy wanted to kiss Ryeon. She smiled at the thought of wanting to do it right there, in the middle of the restaurant. But what could she do when Ryeon made her feel that way? And all those beautiful words of encouragement, she felt completely in love with that boy.

They finished the meal without letting go of each other's hands. To those who saw them from a distance, they were clearly a young couple, with the intensity of the beginning overflowing in their smiles, hope in their eyes, and all those dreams that most couples create when they sit across from each other or simply rest their heads on each other's shoulders and think, "What if?"

What if we got married for real, how would it be? What if we started a family, which surname would they carry? Or, what if we just enjoyed it for as long as it lasted? How long would it last? Nobody knows, right? They just hoped it would last a long time. They wished for that flame to stay lit until their last breath, like most couples do, but unfortunately, most don't even make it to double-digit anniversaries. It's sad, we know, but that's just reality. That's why the beginning is so intense, because everything is a big question mark. Minds filled with questions mixed with the euphoria of love-stricken hearts.

When they arrived at the foot of Mount Namsan, they looked excitedly at the tower at the top. There was a large staircase right in front of them for those who dared to climb it and reach the top with their own efforts, to behold the entire city from the highest point and the tower that lit up at the beginning of the night.

Ryeon pulled Lucy and bought tickets for both of them to ride the cable car, with air conditioning, padded seats, and lungs at ease, without the need to search for oxygen, which they would probably need if they climbed the stairs.

"It's all so beautiful," Lucy commented, looking out through the windows. Ryeon simply nodded. "Can we take photos from up there?"

"We will definitely take photos, angel," Ryeon assured her.

He noticed the skeptical gaze of a woman sitting across from them. Ryeon stared at her, grateful that Lucy was so enchanted by the view that she didn't notice or simply ignored it.

It seemed that people had no manners. Maybe Lucy hadn't noticed or was just ignoring it, but Ryeon counted that woman staring at them as the fourth person to do so, and it bothered him a lot.

With no other options, he had to take drastic measures. He pulled Lucy without warning and kissed her right in front of that woman and anyone else who cared to watch. At first, Lucy didn't understand, of course, but she laughed, kissing Ryeon and looking at him without understanding when they pulled apart.

"I love you," he said simply, making her widen her eyes for everyone to hear. "I love you, Lucy."

It wasn't forced, it wasn't a lie. He had felt it for so long and kept it locked inside. The gazes of those people hurt him. How could they look at the person whose heart radiated love in such a way?

The cable car stopped, and the doors opened. Everyone got off, but Lucy remained silent as she continued to look at Ryeon.

The boy smiled, stood up, and pulled her close. They didn't say anything. Lucy's body reacted as if it were the first time she felt Ryeon wanting to kiss her. Like the time they almost kissed on the bus, and she ran away. But this time, she didn't want to run away.

Her hands touched Ryeon's face as if it were something rare, too delicate, and that would break if held the wrong way. He still wore a smile, showing that he had no regrets about what he had said, and so Lucy kissed him as if it were their first kiss.

Her trembling lips met his, which felt as light as feathers, and they fit together. She took a deep breath when she felt the pressure of Ryeon's lips on hers, and her eyes finally closed.

She felt Ryeon's fingers tighten around her waist. They were standing in the center of the cable car, probably seen by many people, but they didn't care because it was only the importance of that moment that brought them hope of being happy in the future, and their bodies filled with purely familiar feelings that had never been truly expressed.

That is, not expressed with such certainty.

Lucy gained momentum and slid her tongue to meet Ryeon's. She sighed again when the kiss was prolonged, feeling him hold onto her as if he didn't want to let go.

They could stay there forever, but unfortunately, they couldn't.

"Excuse me," they heard a voice calling. The kiss was interrupted, and instantly Lucy felt embarrassed, but she laughed when Ryeon raised an eyebrow and looked at the man calling them. "You need to leave..."

"Ah, of course," Ryeon smiled with his most cynical expression possible, subtly pulling his girlfriend away from the spot. "Thank you," he added.

Lucy stifled her laughter. She walked with her head down and cursed herself for tying up her hair, now unable to hide behind it.

"All calm," Ryeon said when they stopped near the safety rails and embraced her around the waist once again. "You're blushing like a tomato," he teased, looking at her. "Even your ears are red, angel."

Lucy wanted to hide, but she could only rest her head on Ryeon's shoulder and wait for her embarrassment to subside a little, while enjoying the scent of his cologne.

"I'm sorry if I made you feel like this," she heard Ryeon apologize. The gentle touch of his hands on her waist kept their bodies close together.

Lucy shook her head without looking at him but turned around so that she could give him little kisses on his skin.



"Did you mean it for real?"

Ryeon nodded. "Completely for real."

"Are you sure?"

"I love you, beautiful. And I told you that when you were already on the train."

"So, was that it?" Lucy raised her head, looking into his eyes. "You said you loved me?"

"Actually, I shouted it," Ryeon laughed. "But yes, I said I loved you."

Lucy smiled, lowering her gaze. She could feel her heart beating fast, still held within Ryeon's arms. Everything was turning into a mess for her.

"You don't have to say it back, angel. We have our time."

The girl still smiled and stole a small kiss from her boyfriend.

"Let's put our padlock," she called.

Ryeon then felt himself being pulled further ahead. They climbed a few steps until they stood facing a multitude of padlocks, some in heart shapes, others with ribbons or notes containing romantic promises.

"Where should we put it?" he asked.

The girl looked around and pointed to a spot further away. The night was falling, and everything was becoming quite illuminated.

"Here," she said in the far corner. "We'll know it's ours when we come back later."

"How will we know it's ours? It's so simple..."

"It's not simple, Ryeon," she smiled, but handed him the object, quickly holding onto the pink ribbon in her hair and removing it. "But maybe with this, it will be more noticeable, right?"

Ryeon looked at the object and smiled.

"I remember this ribbon."


"Yes. You were wearing it when I told you that I've always been in love with you. We kissed and ended up sleeping for a whole afternoon."

"I remember that," she smiled and reached for the padlock. The keys were removed from it, and the ribbon was attached. Ryeon placed it on the pole that would hold it, and Lucy stepped forward to close it.

"We are forever immortalized here," he smiled at her.

"We need to throw the keys so that neither of us can open it and break the promise of love."

"That would be impossible, angel. But pass the key to me, I'll throw it far away, so nothing can disturb us."

Lucy detached the two keys and handed one to him.

"Make a promise, oppa. A promise for both of us."

"I promise that I will never stop feeling what I'm feeling now," Park said, looking at her, while closing his hand around the key. "That I will do everything to keep us like this forever."

Lucy nodded and watched him throw the key far away.

She approached the edge and took a deep breath.

"I promise that I will always be your best friend and your best girlfriend, all together."

"Don't forget to say 'wife'," Ryeon whispered playfully, making her laugh.

"Shh. I promise that I will always reciprocate your feelings and that we will be happy now and in the future."

The key went even further. Both young people watched it get lost among the vastness of the rooftops below and laughed.

"Is that it?" Ryeon looked at her.

At that moment, the tower lit up. Their eyes were drawn to it, and Ryeon seemed so content that it made Lucy smile just to have him there.

"Oppa?" she called softly, unable to take her eyes off her boyfriend's face. "I...," Lucy couldn't continue the sentence. Not like that.

Ryeon smiled as he looked at her and pulled her close without warning, while his phone's camera was already on and pointed at both their faces.

"Say cheese," Ryeon joked.

Lucy felt a shiver run through her body. The flash captured the moment when her eyes once again met Ryeon's beautiful smile.

"You didn't look at the camera," Ryeon showed her the photo, but she still felt unable to look away from him. "What's wrong?" he asked, looking into her eyes.

"I love you too."

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