Book cover of “Passionately Love Him“ by Hanstrawberry

Passionately Love Him

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Language: English
  • Author: Hanstrawberry
Faith and Martin used to be lovers, but because Martin’s stepmother was against Faith, she made a way to separate the two. Matilda offered Faith a large sum of money in exchange for leaving Martin. Because Faith knew that she and the child in her womb would only be an obstacle to Martin’s dreams, she broke up with him but did not accept the money t... 

Chapter 1

Faith’s POV

I was just silent while riding the taxi. I felt nervous because it was finally my last interview at the call center agency I had applied for. What I went through to get here was no joke. Even though it was cold inside the car, I was sweating profusely. When I saw the building I was going to, I immediately stopped.

I adjusted my pencil-cut skirt and blouse after getting off the car. I said a prayer before walking toward the establishment.

When I passed the guard, I smiled sweetly at him. A few moments later, I was admitted. While inside the elevator, I couldn’t explain the thrill I felt. All my muscles trembled. I knew I was with a man inside, but I didn’t pay him any attention.

The elevator rang on the 7th floor, and I stepped out when someone bumped into my arm, causing the bag I was carrying to drop.

Why didn’t I close the zipper?

“I’m sorry, Miss,” said the man, but I didn’t pay attention to him.

I just sat down and picked up all the things that fell out of the bag. When everything was taken, I immediately stood up and closed the zipper.

“Miss, again, I’m so sorry for what happened. It’s my fault. I’m sorry.” I looked at him and, for a few moments, studied the appearance of the man in front of me. He was tall. Broad shoulders, pale white skin. His eyes were large, and he had thick eyelashes. His nose was pointed, and his lips were naturally red.

He cleared his throat to get my attention. I met his gaze and smiled lightly. “It’s okay.”

The guy nodded before speaking again. “By the way, I’m Brent Figueroa.” He extended his arm to shake hands with me.

Although hesitant, I accepted it. “Faith Joson.”

“Are you an applicant?” he asked, then smiled, causing his white and even teeth to appear.

“Ah, yes. Actually, I have a final interview with Mr. Jason Sagrado,” I said nervously.

“Really? That’s great! I’m on my way to his office. Would you like to come with me?”

“Is it okay with you?” I asked, feeling embarrassed.

Brent laughed softly before answering. “Yes, of course. Let’s go?”

I just nodded and followed the new acquaintance.

After a few minutes, we walked to Jason Sagrado’s office. I was secretly thankful that I bumped into Brent because, otherwise, I might have ended up somewhere else on the floor I was on.

We didn’t say a word as we walked and stopped in front of a door that had ‘Jason Sagrado’ engraved on the golden plate. Brent knocked three times before pushing the door open.

“Good morning, Jason! I am with someone,” said Brent.

A man just smiled at us while talking on the phone. He extended his hand to the two chairs in front of the table. I sat in one while Brent went straight in front of the desktop computer.

I casually glanced at the entire office. It was big and wide. Gray, blue, and white colors dominated that room. It had a dark blue sofa set. There were also decorations such as paintings and some antiques. The scent of the man’s perfume also stung my nose. I blushed slightly as I realized I was the only woman inside.

Jason was on a call for a while. It seemed that the person he was talking to was important because, according to what I heard, his way of talking was full of respect. Jason carefully put the phone down and took a deep sigh.

“Is there a problem?” He heard Brent ask.

“Yes. A huge one and I need your help.”

“Spill it,” Brent said with his eyes fixed on the computer monitor.

“He fired Sofia,” he said seriously to his friend, who now suddenly stopped what he was doing. 

I, on the other hand, was just like the wind because they didn’t seem to see me at that time.

“Again?” Brent asked in disbelief. I could clearly see the curiosity in his eyes.

“Yes, and we need to find a new secretary for him.”

“He’s giving me a headache, dude! What was he thinking? As if it’s easy to find a secretary that fast!” Brent said, shaking his head. He approached the chair opposite me and sat there.

“I told him that already, but we don’t have a choice. He’s still our boss.” Jason seemed to give up.

“How about you, Faith?”

I suddenly looked up at Brent, surprised. When I glanced at Jason, he was also looking at me.

“W-what?” I asked hesitantly.

“We need your help,” Jason said seriously, stood up, and turned around to face me. He sat on the armrest of the chair Brent was sitting on and looked at me closely. “Be the secretary of the CEO of this company. Please.”

“S-secretary of the C-CEO?” I waited for the two to at least laugh, but there was no trace of joking in their looks. “N-no. I can’t. I’m sorry,” I said.

“We will give you a high salary for this, Faith. Please, accept this job.” Brent even had puppy eyes while holding his hands together as if he was praying.

I was about to shake my head but stopped. “High salary?”

“Name your price, Faith.” Jason was serious as he stared at me.

I took a deep breath before standing up and walking to the office door. My arms folded as I glared at the two men. 

“Wait, huh? Can you please enlighten me? Why do you want me to be your CEO’s secretary? Well, you can find someone else.” I couldn’t stand it anymore.

“We already did that, but we always fail. He always makes his secretaries leave.” Brent even winced when he said that.

“Well, maybe your boss has a careless attitude,” I joked.

“Exactly. He’s the devil in a flash.”

I just put my hand up when I heard what Brent said. 

“And yet, you ask me to be his secretary, even though you know he has a careless attitude? You’re so mean to me, sir,” I used a rather flat tone.

“Are you going to accept the job or not?” Jason seemed to be upset. “You can reject it, but I’m telling you, you won’t find a better job in another company,” he added.

“Come on, sir! It’s unfair, isn’t it? I’m tired of these back-and-forth interviews. I also have standards,” I grumbled and glared at Brent and Jason.

“I think you and Martin will get along.”

I suddenly froze when I heard that name, and it was as if cold water poured on me. Anxiety rose in my chest. 

“Who?” I asked them, almost in a whisper. There seemed to be a lump in my throat. I didn’t want to think that my suspicion might hit.

“Martin. Martin Felix Fill.”

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