Book cover of “My Obsessive Lecturer“ by Anizz Suranizz

My Obsessive Lecturer

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Anizz Suranizz
In this gripping tale of love and desperation, Vega finds herself trapped in a whirlwind of emotions as she tries to win back her ex-boyfriend, Alberto. Despite his new relationship with Lorena, Vega will stop at nothing to have him back in her life, even if it means resorting to drastic measures. But when a one-night stand leads to an unexpected p... 

Chapter 1

Sexy Woman

After a long vacation, students must come back to campus and study on campus, just like Alberto. In actuality, he was very lazy to come back to his campus and study there, but he had to do that. That morning, Alberto was very uninspired and very lazy. He slowly walked towards his class.

After he arrived in his class, all the seats were full except the front ones. Inevitably, he had to sit in the front because only the seats in the front row were left. He chose to sit in the chair in the far left corner. After he arrived at the chair, he put his bag down lazily.

Then he went out of the classroom, hoping to meet one of his friends and chat there. Once outside the classroom, he saw a bench and sat on that bench while he felt the fresh air.

Suddenly, he saw a sexy woman bringing a book from far away. His eyes immediately bulged when he saw the woman because she was very similar to his ex, Vega. Her physical characteristics are very similar to Vega’s characteristics.

Beginning with the lady with the blonde long wavy hair, blue slanted eyes, smooth white skin, long legs, and a sharp nose. The woman was wearing glasses with black square frames. She also wore a blue shirt with short sleeves and a black skirt above the thighs. The woman was wearing light-colored socks.

Her clothes were very tight, which showed her body. Her body was very similar to Vega’s body. Her body is sexy like a Spanish guitar. She walked with a sturdy body and fast steps like Vega, who was in a hurry when she was about to perform surgery at the hospital.

Alberto knew Vega’s body very well because Vega was Alberto’s ex and they often hooked up before they broke up. Her height was approximately 180 cm, like Vega’s height. Alberto’s eyes immediately bulged.

He couldn’t take his eyes off the mysterious woman. That made Alberto feel sure that the woman was Vega until he didn’t realize that he said Vega’s name slowly. Alberto tried to confirm what he had seen again because, for him, Vega had left him first for another man.

So for Alberto, it was very unlikely that Vega would be at that school. Why was Vega in that school? Become a student? Of course not!

Vega’s age is too far from Alberto’s age. To see or meet Alberto again and expect Alberto to have a date with her again? Absolutely, impossible! If Vega really loved Alberto, there was no reason for Vega to have an affair with Dion until Alberto saw with his own eyes that they hooked up in the library.

Alberto looked back at the woman, and he became even more convinced that the woman was Vega. This made Alberto even more curious about the purpose of Vega’s visit to that place.

Become a lecturer? Maybe, but what is the subject? That was Alberto’s question in mind.

Alberto remembered very well that Vega is a famous doctor and there is no medical major on his campus. So for Alberto, there was no gap for Vega to teach at his campus because it is very difficult. Become a parent of a student who attends the campus? It could be, because maybe Vega had married another man.

But as Alberto recalled, one year ago Vega was not married and was still busy being a doctor at Rege Hospital. Rege Hospital is one of the most famous hospitals in the city. So it was possible that Vega had married a widowed man with children just a few months ago.Then, Alberto sighed as he tried to just let the woman go.

“Ah! Just let her go! Why should I guess who she is? What is the benefit for me?” Alberto said it in his heart.

“I hope that she is not my ex.” Alberto said to himself expectantly, but those words made him even more confused, and he thought back to the reason the woman resembled Vega. Alberto guessed that maybe it was just a resemblance.

When the mysterious woman was near Alberto, the woman immediately took off the two buttons from her shirt, which allowed Alberto to see a little of the woman’s chest. After that, the woman blinked one of her eyes and bit her lip slowly for a while, which made Alberto feel even more excited about the cute woman.

“Hi!” The woman smiled and waved her hands at Alberto.

Alberto immediately pretended that he had just seen the woman. Then he waved back and greeted the woman again, “Hi!”

“Hi, Alberto! Do you still remember me?” The woman confirmed that Alberto still remembered him because he saw Alberto’s behavior, which seemed to recall his figure.

“Are you, Vega?” Alberto confirmed again that the woman was Vega.

“Yes, I’m Vega.” Vega confirmed. That made Alberto even more hopeful that she was not a lecturer at his campus.

“What are you doing here?” Alberto immediately asked Vega’s reason.

“This is my first week at this campus as a new lecturer. I never imagine that I will pass the test because the test is very hard.” Vega expressed her joy at being accepted into Brittle University, one of the best universities in Alberto’s hometown. Furthermore, she remembered how difficult the tests she had to take. The tests were able to make her give up and think that she would not be accepted at the campus in order to pursue Alberto’s love.

Meanwhile, Alberto immediately threw away his hopes when he heard Vega’s reason. He could only hope that Vega would not teach his class. There was nothing more he could hope for. Of course, if Alberto wanted to be angry and not accept, he couldn’t! Alberto knew that Vega was a very smart doctor, so it was natural that Vega would be accepted as a lecturer at the campus.

“How about you, Alberto?” Vega also asked why Alberto was there.

“I am a student here.”

“Wow! You are so smart.” Vega’s eyes immediately lit up because she was amazed by Alberto’s intelligence.

“I know, you are a smart boy.” Vega stroked Alberto’s short, black, straight hair.

“Because of that, I love you.” Vega immediately kissed Alberto’s lips gently.

“Vega!” said Alberto spontaneously. Alberto didn’t realize he had spoken out loud, and his eyes bulged because he was surprised and didn’t expect to do that.

“By the way, could you point me in the direction of the lecture room?” She requested that Alberto show her the way to the lecture room.

“Of course! You can go straight from this place until you see a board that says “Lecturer’s room.” Alberto gave directions to the lecture room.

“Okay. Thanks! Good bye!”

“Good bye!”

Then, Alberto went to his classroom. Meanwhile, Vega went to the lecturer’s room to prepare herself to teach. After Alberto arrived at his seat, he immediately walked to his chair, where he sat down lazily. Meanwhile, Vega was very excited to teach Alberto’s class and tried to prepare herself as best as she can. 

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