Book cover of “Vampire's Pet“ by Amaryllis Ravenn

Vampire's Pet

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Amaryllis Ravenn
My life didn’t have any prospects. I was raised by nuns in the orphanage. I don’t know my family. But now, at the age of 19, I found myself standing outside the imposing gates of the Lockhart mansion, about to embark on a new chapter of my life as a maid. I stood before the Lockhart brothers — handsome and captivating men who exuded an air of my... 

Chapter 1

Kaelynn’s POV

My name is Runo Kaelynn Alberona, and I am an orphan who grew up in a children’s home. It’s a mystery to me who my parents are. No idea if I even have any biological siblings. The other orphans are the only ones I’ve ever thought of as family.

I could only complete high school, and now, I have no plans to continue my education past that point due to a lack of funds to do so.

I’ve reached the age where I must start fresh and leave the place I’ve called home for the past nineteen years. The nuns at my orphanage saw potential in me, so they sent me to work as a maid for the four affluent Lockhart siblings. Once I begin my position, I shall be obligated to live in Lockhart’s mansion and serve as a full-time maid.

I intend to use the pay I’ll receive from Lockhart to fund my search for my biological parents and launch a business of my own.

I’ll have to live without relying on someone except myself this day.

I continued walking until I stood in front of the enormous gate leading to Lockhart’s estate, where I paused to catch my breath.

“I can do this!” I said to myself and rang the doorbell without knowing what would happen to me in the future.


I dragged my bags until I reached the front door, where little hands tugged at my clothes.

“You’re leaving, Sister Runo? Please don’t leave us. We’ll miss you!” I get on my knees to hug them. They were the kids I cared for and who I thought of as my siblings. Our parents left us all here at the orphanage, and I know it hurts them to know that I will leave them too. It hurts me to see them cry.

Did my parents feel the same as I did when they left me?

“I promise I’ll come to see you guys, and I’m not going too far from here,” I lied.

To be honest, the Lockhart’s estate is too far away for me to visit them, and I doubt I’ll be able to do so now that I’m a full-time maid.

I’m going to miss them, all of them. I promise if I earn enough money, I’m going to visit the orphanage, but it would be great if all of them were already adopted by a kind-hearted family, unlike me, who grew up here without anyone wanting to take me in.

“Runo, look after yourself. By the way, did you say your goodbyes to Red?” I shook my head to say ‘no’ and looked up at the window of my best friend’s room.

“Since he knows I’m leaving, he doesn’t want to talk to me. Please let him know that I’ll miss him.” I let go of the kids when the nun gave me a nod.

I signaled with a wave as I boarded the car and headed for the bus station. A minimum of three trips will be needed to reach the Lockharts’ estate. When I looked out Red’s window again just before the car drove away, he was frowning but still managed to wave goodbye, so I waved and smiled back at him.

It was a three or four-hour ride before I reached this hilltop region belonging to the Lockharts.

“I’m sorry, but the only option is for you to walk from here, Miss. My taxi can’t make it up that hill,” said the taxi driver, prompting me to exit the car and hand over my payment.

I smiled and said, “Thank you,” but his nod was accompanied by an expression that made it clear he didn’t want me to move further. When I saw him, I felt scared, so I rushed off to my new job.

It was another ten minutes until I arrived at the main entrance. I couldn’t catch my breath. It’s like I climbed a mountain while carrying huge baggage.

When I got to the top of the hill, there was a massive gate right in front of me. But I couldn’t even see the mansion from the inside.

I inhaled deeply and raised my eyes to the enormous entrance.

“I’ve got this!”

Two guards came out when I rang the bell, but they gave me the creeps with their grave expressions and colorless eyes.

“Good afternoon, sir. I am the newly hired maid from the province of Rose Hill. Oh, and this is the letter sent to us for the maid application.” Just like that, they accepted the letter and let me in.

The guards took my luggage and let me accompany them. They’re also not talking, which makes me feel awkward.

We proceed through the forest-like garden, with many red roses and a large fountain in the center. I can also see the Lockharts’ mansion from here. It is painted in white, red, and gold, resembling a king and queen’s palace.

I was highly impressed with the house’s structure until one of the guards poked me in the shoulder and pointed to a small entrance on the side of the mansion. I was picturing us passing through the front door and making a spectacular entrance for me, but then I realized I was applying as a maid, not a princess.

I sigh, and as we walk through the small door, I am dissatisfied with what I see. The entire scene outside is totally opposite to what is seen inside.

The thick and lengthy curtains block the sunlight, making the room appear dark and filled with black, crimson, or white items. The only light source here is the enormous chandelier hanging on the ceiling.

The guards returned my bags and left me there, and soon after, an old lady in a maid uniform entered the room and nodded to me, instructing me to follow her, which I did.

“I’m Mila, and I’m the head maid here. I’ll teach you everything you should and should not do.” I nodded; she appeared stern, and her voice was too chilly whenever she spoke; she made me anxious, but she’s extremely attractive, and instead of grey hair, hers is still pure black, and her lips are too red; she also has brown eyes.

“This will be your room,” she said as we walked into a room adjoining the kitchen and living area.

This room is stunning.

I expected to share a bed with another maid, but there’s only one bed here, so I think this room is only for me.

“Please leave your belongings here, and I will tour you around the mansion. Then I’ll introduce you to your masters.” I agreed by nodding. As we walked around the mansion, I noticed a lot of other maids. They’re all females and amazingly beautiful, but they all have lifeless eyes and pale skin, which could be due to the lack of sunlight. Maybe I’ll get a lighter skin tone as well?

We’ve finished the tour, and I’ve listed things I must not do. There are a number of “must not dos,” including not leaving the mansion without permission.

“Come on in. I’ll introduce you to your masters.” I gulped and became nervous once more. Mila knocked on the large door before us, and we immediately heard a man’s voice on the other side.

“Come inside.”

I followed her inside and bowed as she opened the door, and when I lifted my head, I saw the four Lockhart siblings.

“Sit down, Ms. Alberona.” Mila left after I agreed and sat in front of the siblings.

“My name is Daryl Lockhart, and I am the eldest son.” He’s very attractive. He has the appearance of a businessman, is the oldest, and is likely to inherit their family firm.

“And these are Daniel and Danrious.” They both gave me the peace sign but seemed bored, so I smiled at them.

Their eyes appeared to be filled with meanings and resembled each other. So how am I supposed to tell who is Sir Danrious and who is Sir Daniel?

“The one with a hair split from the right side is the eldest, Danrious. And the one from the left is Daniel.” I was shocked that sir Daryl could answer my question on my mind.

Can he do telepathy?

Then I felt a small hand tugging on my clothes, and as I looked down, I saw the cutest creature on the planet!

“He’s Darenn, the youngest son, who is only four years old. He’s very cheeky, so please keep an eye on him.” I nodded and wanted to hug Sir Darenn.

His wide, round eyes complement his innocent face perfectly; he’s adorable. I was going to carry him when he suddenly bit my hand, rushed away, and stuck his tongue out. I was shocked by how he acted; the twins simply laughed at me.

Sir Darenn bit my hand, and a small amount of blood came out.

“Ow,” I pinch the bleeding part of my hand to clean the blood properly, but I notice a sudden change in the atmosphere in the room, which got heavier. I looked at them and noticed Sir Daryl turning away from me while Sir Danrious approached me with his twin, Sir Daniel grinning at me.

“Let me see,” he said as he took my hand and looked me in the eyes. I shuddered as he sneered at me and licked the blood from my fingers.

I became too terrified and quickly took back my hand and hid it behind my back.

“I’m alright, sir. I’ll go now and look after Sir Darenn.” I dashed out of the room, only to find Mila waiting for me outside.

“Come. Sir Darenn’s room is right here.” I agreed by nodding. As we walk to Sir Darenn’s room, I can’t stop thinking about what Sir Danrious did and how they looked at me then.

Those twins are scary; I should avoid them, yet they are still a part of my job. They assigned me to look after them and obey their orders; it would be great if I were only transferred to the kitchen or cleaning the house, but I don’t have a choice because it is their request.

Can I do this?

Wait, Kaelynn! You just started, and now you’re giving up? Come on! You’ve got this!


Back in the room where the three Lockharts are— “What now, Rious? It appears your sex appeal did not work on our new maid,” Daniel said while laughing at his twin.

“Are you a moron? If my sex appeal doesn’t work on her, try yours; we’re twins, after all, and she’s just shy; she’ll give in eventually.” The twins smirked and seemed overjoyed with their new toy.

“Quit it, Danrious! Daniel! It’s too difficult for me to find someone who will look after Darenn, so don’t do anything to her just yet,” said the eldest son as he read his book.

Danrious muttered, “Tsssk, no fun!” before sighing.

“He’s a total killjoy. Come on, Rious,” Daniel said as the twins exited the room.

Daryl holds his forehead and shakes his head.

“Tssk, that was close. Her blood smells delicious.”

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