Book cover of “Married to Mr. Right“ by Kiari Horsfall

Married to Mr. Right

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Kiari Horsfall
Ciara Smith, a strong-willed and independent woman who has her life all mapped out crosses paths with Brian Salter, a rude and arrogant playboy who apparently is every lady’s dream. Every lady except her. Her life drastically changed after she made a small mistake that could alter her future. For revenge, he offers her a signed contract in order to... 

Chapter 1

Ciara’s POV

“There all done,” the makeup artist Brian had told to make me up said to me. I felt the tears coming out from the corner of my eyes.

“Don’t you want to see how it looks?” she asked again but this time placing the mirror in front of me. I took it from her and threw it on the floor making it smash into a million pieces.

My life is being ruined and I can’t seem to do anything about it. I can’t believe I’m getting married to this arrogant bastard.

There was a time in my life when I wanted to get married to a man who would love me for me, a man who would respect me, who would cherish every moment I had with him, who would be ready to love me till death do us part but now it’s just the complete opposite.

Marriage was supposed to be a sacred relationship between two people. It is a second important relationship in a woman’s life. How would I be able to survive in this life commitment when there is no love?

I never wanted this for myself, I never wished for any of this. Please, is everything happening right now a dream?

My eyes were all damp. Lily, who I assumed was her name, kept on telling me to stop crying so as to not ruin my face but I didn’t pay any attention to her.

She doesn’t know what I’m going through, she doesn’t know what I’m feeling now.

My whole life is ruined. All my dreams wasted and no one knows how much I’m hurting. My friends think I’m one lucky girl to get married to a man as rich as Brian, but they don’t know the plans he has for me under his sleeves.

“It’s time to get dressed,” she said to me. I reluctantly stood up.

She brought the gown and got me all dressed up.

I looked into the mirror staring at myself as they applied the finishing touches to my dress.

Today was supposed to be the happiest day of my life, but sadly it’s not.

She placed the bouquet of flowers in my hand and put my jewelry and shoes on me.

Then I was accompanied to the limousine that was supposed to take me to the venue for the wedding celebration.

We arrived at the garden which was fully decorated.

Soon enough, the orchestra began to play the wedding March. The guests stood up and I walked down the aisle in the company of my mom who offered to give me away.

Brian stood at the altar looking back down the aisle at me. He was giving a mischievous smile. One would think that he was happy with everything going on not knowing that he’s not at all getting married for love but revenge.

I looked around the garden and at the crowd.

On the left side were his family and some of his trusted friends.

On the other side were some of the guests and my friends.

As I got close to him, I noticed how grumpy his face had become.

When I reached him, he took my hand and we faced the priest who was to officiate the ceremony.

The wedding kicked off, thereafter, vows were said and we exchanged rings.

About an hour later, we were presented as man and wife.

“You may kiss the bride,” the priest said and he turned to face me. He lifted my veil and threw it over my head, then lowered his head to kiss my lips. He pulled his lips inside his mouth and placed them on my lips.

He really didn’t kiss me but made it seem as if he did.

He whispered close to my lips, “This is just the beginning. I hope you’re ready for everything that comes after this.”

He smiled at me and turned to look at the crowd who were busy cheering.

“He’s going to kill me. This is a nightmare,” I thought to myself.

Refreshments were served and after that I went to a place that was supposed to be my husband’s home.

Immediately we got in, he closed the door and forcefully threw me on the couch.

Then he pulled my hair bringing my face to his.

“Well, Ciara. Congratulations, today you became my wife.”

I had already started to cry.

“Please let me go. You’re hurting me,” I begged.

“That’s the point, I’m here to hurt you. I’m here to destroy you and every precious little dream you had for yourself. I’ll make sure you pay,” he said, eyes burning with fury.

“Please let me go.”

“You know what, when we’re outside we’re a couple but inside, you have no form of relationship with me. You are only here to attend to my needs and that’s all got it,” he said and pulled me up then threw me on the bed.

He opened the door and walked outside. I have never felt this pain in my life, I sat down in a fetal position and sobbed.

I have never felt so helpless in my entire life.

I quickly took off my gown and scuttled to the bathroom to have my shower.

After bathing, I wore my nightie and sat down on the bed.

I couldn’t eat and besides food was the last thing on my mind right now.

I’m broken.

I tried calling my parents, but he forbade me from doing so.

“You have to suffer alone,” he kept on telling me.

So I just got to bed and cried my eyes out.

Will I survive marriage with Brian? I think I just signed a death wish for myself.

And before I knew it, I fell asleep.

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