Book cover of “On Your Knees, Alpha Chase. Book 2“ by ELFRIDA OBADA

On Your Knees, Alpha Chase. Book 2

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
Lavana and her new pack members head to a faraway town to attend the triennial werewolf contest in a bid to win the prize. But nothing prepared them for the challenges she and her mate had to face. 

Chapter 1

10 minutes later

A tall, violet-haired, fair-skinned man (wearing a golden-beaded, black-lapelled crimson tuxedo) ascended the golden platform and waved at the audience with a smile. His medium quiff hairstyle made him look more handsome as it danced with the wind.

"Hello, fellow werewolves. Ah, sorry. Ladies and gentlemen." he said with the microphone downwards. "Ah, so sorry. I forgot I needed the mike." he brought it under his mouth and glanced around the place. "Woah. So many people. Please don't mind me. It's my first time. Haha. So many of you look fresh but I see some with panda eyes. Why? Didn't you sleep well? Haha. Don't mind my loud mouth. Why should I focus on that? Haha. Sorry." he bowed his head and then stood up straight wearing a serious face, now with an imposing aura.

"Alright, playtime's over. I'm Rex Miller, Beta of the 5th ranked pack, Amethyst moon pack. Welcome to the long-awaited, grand event. This is the triennial contest. Some of us here are veterans, and others are first-timers. Whichever group we fall into, it's good to have you all here. Today, as we all know, is Elimination day. I wish the Alphaless packs here today lots of fortune in getting the 50 points needed for the next level. But you must know there is no mercy for the losers. You must be extra careful in choosing the warrior to partake in an activity. If your chosen warrior gets 5 points for one activity, then he can either carry on to the next or hand over to another warrior from his pack.

Because if he chooses to go on and loses in that second activity, 3 points will be deducted from the earlier score. However, if he can last till the 3rd activity, even if he loses, the earlier 10 points will be untouched and the pack can send out another warrior to continue. If the warrior steps down from the first activity, the one who replaces him for the second will have the chance to either continue until the fourth activity or drop out at the third activity's onset. There are 12 activities that will take place today. Fighting isn't allowed, but there could be injuries. So you must send out the best people for all the activities. Am I clear?"

"YES!!" the members of the Alphaless packs yelled.

Mr Rex nodded and continued. "Great! I wish you all the best. Be sure to give us a good show. Three Alphas have been secretly tasked with the privilege of gifting 5 points to any pack that impresses them the most. So what do you say?"

The Alphaless packs howled in response.

"Alright. I look forward to your outstanding performance. The first activity of the day is... football." as he said this, he glanced at those concerned.

Many of them looked at each other in bewilderment. Since the history of the contest, there's never been this activity. Why was it suddenly included?

Rex continued. "Bring out the selected warrior from your pack by the count of 20. 1... 2...3..."

Rolandro turned his head to look at Phoenix, just like the others.

"Why are you guys looking at me?" Phoenix asked with creased eyebrows.

"Well... it's pretty obvious, Phoenix. We've chosen you to represent us in this game." Mel said with hands folded.

"Actually, we've decided that the first activity is yours. You can hand over to any of us for the second," said Oliver while adjusting his glasses.

"When did you decide this?" Phoenix asked.

"Um... Before we departed the hotel this morning." Zehelina confessed.

"Oh, I see." he nodded and turned to look at his mate. "Lavana, do you agree with this?"

"Well, I'd love to see you in sportswear," she responded with a smile.

"You guys are bullying me," Phoenix complained.

"Don't worry, even if you don't pass, I'll still reward you with a kiss." his mate said in a soothing tone.

"Really? What if I pass?" Phoenix asked with shining eyes that caused the others to shake their heads.

"A French Kiss and of course, I'll grant a wish of yours," Lavana replied.

"Alright. I will do my best." Phoenix declared.

"Em... Phoenix, sorry to ask. But how good are you?" Zyair suddenly asked.

"You guys didn't think this would be the first activity. You didn't even care what kind of activity before choosing me behind my back, right?" Phoenix questioned with arms folded.

Rolandro harrumphed. "It's meant to be your lesson."

"For your information, I can not play and have never played soccer before." Lavana's mate revealed.

"Really? But you've seen it on tv, right?" Dante questioned.

"I don't have time to watch tv," Phoenix replied.

"Seriously? Then haven't you encountered…” he got interrupted by Lavana’s mate.

"Don't have time for your questions. Lavana, I'm going to impress you." he blew his mate a kiss before heading to the spot where picked warriors from other packs were standing.

"Alright. Countdown's over. For this contest, 61 Alphaless packs have signed up. So for this game, you'll be split into 4 teams. These four teams will play 3 matches. The 3rd match gives you the points you desire, so if you lose in either of the first 2 matches, you have a zero. All chosen warriors, please head to the costume centre. One of you might be fortuitous to get an armband and automatically be the captain of your team. It is your responsibility to lead your team to victory. You all must be back in 5 minutes starting now.” Mr Rex proclaimed.

Immediately, all the selected warriors who were to partake in this game ran towards the indicated area speedily. They ran into the building, grabbed hold of the jerseys and trunks that were heaped upon the exquisite wooden table and stripped, soon changing into the sportswear. Then they neatly folded their clothes and placed them in the varied color nylon bags provided.

At the 4th minute, many were already returning to the field in haste. At the fifth minute, Phoenix and others came out. However, while the others were running to join the others who were already waiting for them, he, on the other hand, was jogging, even taking his time to wave at the spectators and blow a kiss at his mate.

"Hey you, hurry up.” Mr Rex rebuked. He'd never seen such a lax werewolf in a grand competition as this. Did he think this was his local pack competition?

“Ah, sorry. I didn’t mean it." Phoenix apologized and started running. Reaching where the others stood, he held his knees, exhaling heavily. Mr Ren shook his head. Why did this person's pack choose this weakling to represent them? He even had the armband for his team and just this little race has sapped him so much. This kind of person will only drag his team down. His team’s just unfortunate. Maybe his pack just wants to use him as a warm-up. There were still 11 activities to go.

He internally sighed before speaking. "As I earlier said, for this match, you'll be divided into four teams, Arle, Driz, Vine and Cobra. Those of you wearing red, you belong to Driz, those of you in yellow jerseys and blue trunks, you belong to Vine, those in white, you are Team Arle, those in black, you already know where you belong."

Minutes later, all 61 warriors had formed the 4 teams. Phoenix was in Cobra which had 16 members in contrast to the other 3 which had 15 members each. All teams seeded out the substitutes who were to sit on the designated benches while the others remained on the field. There were 4 warriors dressed in kits that were different from the others. They chose which team they’d be the goalkeeper for. Now each team had the complete 11 players lined up.

Seeing this, Mr Ren clapped once and resumed his speech. "Alright, Teams Arle and Vine will be up for the first match. I look forward to your outstanding performance." Mr Ren said with a smile before descending the platform, which automatically flattened and assumed the look of grass. Teams Driz and Cobra were led away to another building to wait. The captains of the two teams called their fellow members together to discuss in hushed tones while the goalposts were set up by those assigned. The two goalkeepers from each team and the assigned referee assumed their positions, the same time as the 10 players of each team. The captains of both teams met and flipped a coin and Team Vine got the tail.

2 minutes later, the referee blew the whistle. A player from Team Arle who’d been standing in the middle kicked the ball towards his teammates. Those from Team Vine ran forward in an attempt to gain possession of the ball.


Meanwhile, since it wasn’t essential for the top 3 Alpha kings to be present on Elimination Day,  Alpha Chase remained at his lodging. His mate, Jacinta, was currently kneeling before him and holding a plate of strawberries which she fed to him while he glanced through some documents and made vital calls. After he finished reading the last document, he sighed and stretched his arms sideways. Being an Alpha is a glory but it also comes with loads of work behind the scenes.

Jacinta fed him a berry while he browsed through the net searching for a particular item that she’d never heard of.

“Dear, are you having fun?” he asked, his eyes still fixated on the phone.

“Yes, my love.” his mate replied with a bright smile.

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