Book cover of “Payback Promise“ by CupcakeBerry

Payback Promise

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: CupcakeBerry
Olivia Cambridge is the second daughter of a politician, but by night, she is a hired woman. Hans hired Olivia to reveal the scar she got from her father. Together, they took revenge on their father. But they don't stop at revenge! Olivia gets evidence that Hans doesn't want revenge for physical injuries but more that involves Olivia's past and t... 

Chapter 1

Disclaimer: This book contains scenes that may depict, mention, or discuss sexual abuse. Reader discretion advised.

I'm Olivia, a woman who looks like a rascal who walks on city ground. Leaving all of life is perfect for one reason. I ran away from my father, who was drunk and always made my life difficult—the older man bastard who always looked me in the eye with another meaning. A man who can't be called a father. He's an angry bastard who doesn't become manipulative. I hate him, but he's the only man I can have after the man I loved left and I lost his existence. I hope I can find that man again. But Father will be angry if I say about him again.

Back to myself right now, I'm in the city with plastic shoes that are slightly covered with dew.

Amidst the tall buildings in the frigid air, I walked amidst the pressing pedestrians and the noises. Some chatter accidentally sounded in my ear.


"How many?"

"Are you ready to go?"

The temperature was rising, my skin shivered, and my eyes closed every time a cold wind passed. It feels excruciating.

"I can't do it anymore. As the night goes on, the temperature gets higher."

I stood at the bus stop, blowing my hands a few times. I'm hoping to get a little warm air. A small child was running happily, coming towards me. His little hand stretched out.


I, with a confused expression, ignored his outstretched hand. The boy pulled my clothes a little and looked back at me with an innocent and pitiful face.


"Sorry, but I don't have candy."

"You want candy?"

A man with a handsome face and a sweet, perfect body gives two candy wrappers to a small child.

"Here's some candy for you, little girl."

The little boy smiled and ran away. I was standing under the bus stop with a strange man beside me.

"Are you a hired woman?"

I was shocked, holding anger inside me. I tried to regulate my mood better.

"Don't you know, I am-"

"Don't deny it! Look at your clothes. Everyone knows you're a hired girl."

I lowered my clothes a little, then wiped my eyes.

"Why are you taking care of other people's lives? Are you a state official who has to secure the situation?"

The man became silent. I had left him at a loss for words. If the wind weren't so strong, I would have left immediately without looking back.

"You're afraid to talk to the rental woman? I don't know if I'll get any customers tonight."

I looked at the night sky, the cold air still shattering my skin.

"What time is it? Should I go home?"

I touched the shivering skin on my face and said, "I'll be back tomorrow."

When I took the first step, suddenly, a hand tapped my shoulder and made me stop. I looked back, and the annoying man's face became close to mine.

The annoying guy smiled at me and asked, "How much?"

I am staring at him closely, looking at him while talking. I feel like I've seen his face somewhere. This face is familiar to me.

The foreign man looked at me, annoyed. He slightly shook my shoulder, Hey, Miss, I asked how much?"

I needed clarification. This annoying foreigner wanted to hire me for one night. "How about $500 for one night?

"That's too expensive, miss." This man had a thoughtful expression on his face.

The foreign man flashed a charming smile, and his face got closer to mine.

"Good, so you're a high-class rental lady, right?"

His eyes were full of hope for me, who immediately put up a high price.

"O-of course!" I immediately answered with a bit of hesitation, not understanding the meaning of high class.

The foreign man immediately stepped back and said, "Green Royal."

I was surprised because it was an expensive hotel in the city. But if you look at the outside appearance of this man, he seems like a government official in casual clothes.

I didn't want to cover the hotel costs and tried to confirm, "Are you sure about Royal?"

"Follow me, miss."

I walked behind his body, which was two feet taller than mine. My footsteps were far behind his, and my body endured the cold sensation that pierced every bone.

My steps stopped, and I was confused when he stepped in another direction. My hand pointed at a tall building. "Isn't the Green Royal there?"

"Just shut up and follow me!"

Had he abandoned his original goal, I could only stop arguing and follow in his footsteps before falling further behind.


I was taken aback by the strange man who changed his original goal. Even the appearance of this hotel is much different from its original purpose.

"Is this a hotel or your house?"

"Stop following me, miss, take your seat."

I stopped with a confused mind. I immediately positioned myself comfortably in a small room containing a few benches and a small table squeezed by the benches.

His hands hung down on the jacket, "Make yourself comfortable.

He smoothed his hair, then gave me a charming smile. My mind searches for the image of the man in front of me in my head. His face and smile look very familiar, but I can't get a picture of his face in my head.

"I'm pretty sure I've seen his somewhere."

He leaned back comfortably on the bench, crossed his legs, and patted the empty side.

"What are you daydreaming about? Come and sit down."

His hand reached for a cup of wine, "Come on, let's drink first."

I sat far across from where he sat and said, "I'm here."

Looking at his face up close made my heart even more convinced. I've met him. He doesn't seem like a foreign guy.

Now that his face showed an expression of displeasure, he patted the empty side beside him again and said, "Come here, don't be too far from me."

I was so annoyed. He always gave me orders like I was his pet.

I raised my body and walked closer to his empty side, "Don't give orders as if I were your dog!"

Now, we have become so close. It was awkward to sit together this close. I scratched the nape of my neck, which didn't itch.

I muttered to myself, comforting myself, "This is too awkward,"

I cringed as his body suddenly took a bit of distance from mine, causing me to be pushed back and lean against the arm of the sofa. He kissed my lips sensually.

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