Book cover of “Shadow of the Werewolf“ by Ashley West

Shadow of the Werewolf

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Ashley West
Small town, big secret. Mary's new home is full of furry hunters – not your usual neighbors. She teams up with Alex, a young werewolf seeking more than moonlit nights. But time tests their love when an ancient feud resurfaces, forcing a howling choice. Can they defy their destiny? 

Chapter 1

Once upon a time, there was a small rural town nestled in the middle of nowhere. The town was so small that it only had one store, one bar, and a few houses. Everyone in the town knew each other, and they all looked out for each other.

The town was surrounded by rolling hills, lush green forests, and a winding river that snaked its way through the landscape. It was peaceful and quiet, with no hustle or bustle of city life. Every day was the same, but on this particular day, something out of the ordinary happened. A stranger arrived in town, and she was unlike anyone they had ever seen before. She was dressed in a strange outfit and spoke with an accent they had never heard before. Everyone in town was instantly intrigued by the stranger, and they all gathered around to hear her story. The stranger told them of her travels around the world and of all the amazing places she had seen. She told them tales of adventure and danger, and everyone in town was captivated by her stories. After a few hours of storytelling, the stranger settled, leaving everyone in town with a newfound appreciation for life and adventure.

The people of the town lived simple lives, growing their own food and tending to their animals. They were content with their lives and rarely ventured out of the town. If they did need something, they would go down to the general store, where they could purchase anything from groceries to medicine and clothing. They even made deliveries for local farmers if they needed something brought up the mountain. The general store also sold firearms and ammunition for hunting as well as supplies like rope and nails for building. It was a busy place but not overly crowded or cramped. All in all, it felt quaint and peaceful. In fact, that’s what everyone liked about the town; there wasn’t much going on.

That didn’t mean they weren’t prepared if trouble came knocking, though. Several years ago, one of the hunters had been attacked by a werewolf. He’d nearly died before he managed to make it back into town, where some of the older hunters helped him recover. Although no one knew exactly what had happened, the man became convinced that a demon had taken hold of his body and led him off to kill someone. It seemed everyone else agreed since none of them wanted to take any more chances with their own families. While they were ready for an attack, the people of the town didn’t want to live in fear either. Their solution? Make sure that any visitors to the area were thoroughly checked before they set foot inside the town limits.

It took only ten minutes for the team to sweep the entire town and find nothing more than some dustbins knocked over by a windstorm. There were no signs of forced entry, so it appeared that whoever it was had simply walked right in without anyone noticing. They decided to do another sweep of the buildings just to be safe but still found nothing.

As time went on, the town grew. More buildings were built, more roads were paved, and more people came to live in the town. Eventually, the store became too small for all of the goods being purchased, so another building had to be constructed to accommodate everything.

Now that the town was expanding, many people moved away to find work elsewhere. Those who remained wanted to keep the town safe and secure, as well as maintain its peaceful and quiet demeanor. The locals banded together, forming a tight-knit community that looked out for one another. They organized regular meetings where they discussed ways to protect their homes and businesses from any danger. They also made sure that the town maintained its peaceful atmosphere by setting laws and regulations on noise levels and other disturbances. While this system worked great for most of the people living in the town, there were a few individuals who believed it limited their freedom. Unfortunately, these folks held a position within the police force which meant they were responsible for enforcing the rules and laws that kept the peace. One such individual was a man named John (we’ll call him John), who had come to the town several years ago with his wife and kids after leaving behind an abusive relationship. As soon as he and his family had settled down, his children were enrolled in the local school. His oldest daughter, Jane, quickly became popular among the boys in her class, especially the ones she liked. She liked being around them and sometimes even went to a few of their houses for dinner. Most of the parents considered this harmless fun, but there were some who thought otherwise.

John’s ex-wife was one of those parents. When the other mother realized that the girls spent a lot of time talking to each other outside of school, she complained to her son, and the boy relayed the information to John. It seemed that Jane’s visits to the boys’ houses were considered inappropriate because they didn’t involve the whole family. However, when the girls talked to one another and hung out at the park or the library, they were encouraged to spend even more time together.

The locals worked hard to make sure their town stayed safe, secure, and peaceful for generations to come. They planted trees around the perimeter of the town to provide shade and shelter from the elements. They also built a watchtower in the center of town, where a guard was posted day and night to watch over the people.

The locals worked together to maintain the town’s infrastructure and keep it running smoothly. They made sure there were plenty of supplies for everyone in case of emergency, and they established laws that kept everyone safe from harm.

In addition to these practical measures, the locals also took great pride in their community’s culture and traditions. Every year they held festivals in celebration of their heritage, with music, dancing, storytelling, and traditional food. People from near and far would come to join in the festivities and enjoy the lively atmosphere.

For generations, this is how the people of the small, rural town lived their lives. They were happy, healthy, and prosperous. They celebrated birthdays, marriages, anniversaries, and holidays. They ran their businesses and farms, and they helped one another whenever help was needed. They were good neighbors and true friends. They loved their families and cared for their elders. When tragedy struck, they stood side by side to help those in need.

Then one day, things began to change.

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