Book cover of “Pretence: Darling Enemy“ by Nayko Ayasame

Pretence: Darling Enemy

  • Genre: Romance
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Nayko Ayasame
He took her love and turned her life undead, sinking his fangs into her neck. Now she's a creature of the night, forever lost to sunlight's warm embrace. She seethes with rage at the monster who robbed her of humanity, but fate has bound her to him for over three centuries. Even as she loathes him, she can't break free from his grasp. 

Chapter 1

"Tomorrow... I will execute the Queen in front of the palace... for being their spy..." said Helios in front of everyone, making the whole room full of shock. Moon Ryeong was just staring at him with a look of disbelief in her eyes. She is simply stunned by his words; does he really intend to murder her in this manner?

"Do you mean you will use the Queen to make them show themselves?" asked Minister Choi, the queen's father.

Helios doesn't say anything and just gives a cynical smile with a cold gaze. His behaviour makes everyone believe that he won't just use the Queen as bait but that he will really kill her for sure. Moon Ryeong freezes with his silent answer.

She starts to think that maybe this is finally her time to be killed by Helios after witnessing how he killed so many human beings before. But she doesn't know; no one is aware that Helios is actually just pretending to be cold and cruel toward her. He won't kill her so easily. Rather than kill her, he wants to make her accompany him for hundreds of years. Nope... but for a thousand years.

He will never kill the woman who is standing beside him now. He just doesn't want to show his true feelings in front of the weak human, especially in front of her. He knows how cold she is toward his feelings, and he won't show her his weakness.

The next night, when the execution day has finally come, Helios and Moon Ryeong walk together to reach the front gate. Moon Ryeong followed Helios's lead, silently following him from behind.

"You don't need to worry," says Helios when he realizes how quiet Hye Ryeong is right now.

"Do you think he will come if you do this?" asked Moon Ryeong with a cold expression.

"Isn't it you who told me to have concern for human feelings?" asked Helios back. He tries to use the love the king has for the queen to drag him out.

"What will you do with him?" asked Moon Ryeong again.

"Well, what is it? It will not be fun if I tell you that, "said Helios with a dry laugh. He was just laughing at the woman who was just so concerned with her husband. Why should she love him that much?

" In the end, giving your heart to someone will just lead you to your weakness "adds Helios. That's right! Loving people give so much weakness to people.

They will not be able to hurt them; they have no strength to lose them; and they can't breathe normally when they're not around them. That's all they give weakness. He knows, because he is also like that. Because of that weakness, he can't manage to kill the woman who betrayed him and wants to kill him. He just can't lose her. Because he is so weak if he loses her.

"Just bite me now and let's stop the conversation about love that is contemptible for you," said Moon Ryeong without looking at Helios's face.

"Why are you in such a rush? Are you really tired of accompanying me that much? " Ask Helios to hold his anger inside. She always tries to push him away, as if she doesn't realize how much effort he puts in to protect her. Does she really don't understand how much he should hold himself to not bite her? He did so much to protect her, but why did she really want to die by his own hand?

"Can you just forget about human feelings that you will never get?" Ask Moon Ryeong like she is really able to read Helios's mind.

"Kill me and live alone in a quiet place.. in the end, human life will end on their own hand without you doing anything." added Moon Ryeong, fixing her gaze on his eyes.

Helios just sighed heavily. He couldn't believe what she had just said. Does she really hate him that much? How could she tell him to live alone again? He has done that for more than hundreds years and the loneliness is really killing him slowly. Does he really have no meaning at all for her? If it were all in her heart just for her husband, would he really never have any little space in her heart?

"You keep trying so hard to protect him even though you know you will die?" asks Helios.

"It's not only because of that. After I met Kim Sung Gi, I could understand your feelings," said Moon Ryeong.

Yes, she really does understand how lonely he is and how pity-filled he is to have that kind of cruel life. She just won't let him keep doing the wrong things and living with the grudges. She just wants him to live peacefully and forget about every human life that he envies so much. She just won't make his long life more tragic than before. She wishes for him to live a long life free of human interference.

"You can feel how I feel?" asks Helios coldly.

"Aren't you envious of human love that you can't manage to get? So please just stop. " Moon Ryeong can't continue her word when Helios cuts it.

"Stop it! You've only known me for ten years out of my hundred, so why are you so talkative? I will just see and decide what to do to your husband after this," said Helios, then harshly pulling Moon Ryeong's hand and dragging her along.

When they reached the front gate, the King Lee Yoon, Moon Ryeong's husband, was there, kneeling on the ground. Helios smirked to see that, then he stepped out and made the King and the Queen see each other.

"My Queen..." said the King in a gentle voice.

"Your majesty, why are you here?" Moon Ryeong expressed her concern.

"Aah... how touching..." Helios interrupted the couple's conversation because he couldn't help but notice how much the Queen cares and loves the King and acts all worried in front of him.

Helios then laughed at the king who tried to save the woman who had just betrayed him and left him. Well, actually, maybe he was just laughing at himself because he did that thing for the woman who clearly loved another man and decided to leave his side. The King doesn't show much concern about Helios's words, and he tells Helios that all the Queen did was out of concern for the husband she loves. After hearing that, Helios can't control his emotions anymore. He walks toward the king and prepares to bite his neck, turning him into a vampire.

The Queen, who was observing them the whole time, couldn't just do nothing. She takes her hidden knife and sighs deeply. She wants to end everything. She doesn't want to see more victims of his cruelness. Moreover, she can't stand to see how he kills everyone so sadistically like a monster. She then approaches the two men and steadies her heart. Without being taken aback, she stabbed Helios's back until the knife broke.

He could feel a sting and pain on his back suddenly. Without realizing it, he just swayed his hand and accidentally hurt Moon Ryeong's neck with his sharp nails. In a minute, Moon Ryeong's body drops on the ground while Helios holds his back to ease the pain.

"My Queen!" cried the King, looking at his wife lying on the ground.

Helios, who heard his voice, turned around to see what he did to the Queen. He could see the blood starting to drench her neck and her lips turning pale. Helios then takes full speed to approach the Queen and pushes the King with all his strength until the King hits the wall and collapses. Helios approached the Queen and hugged her in his arms. He used his left hand to make a pillow for her head.

"Moon Ryeong-ah..." called Helios with a low and deep voice. Moon Ryeong hardly opened her eyes and was looking at him.

"Please stop now...." said Moon Ryeong with a weak voice.

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