Book cover of “Revenge of the Rejected Wife“ by Empress Kei

Revenge of the Rejected Wife

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Empress Kei
She was sent away by her husband, Gabriel, to their farmhouse because he didn’t want her to know about his terminal illness. He asked his nephew, Justin, to watch over his wife for him. In the process, Justin developed some feelings toward her. She didn’t want to cheat at first, but Gabriel’s constant rejection hurt her so much. She turned to Ju... 

Chapter 1

For the nth time, she checked her appearance in the mirror. Can she really do this? she asked herself. A groan escaped from her lips. Sweat was ample in her palms, and she needed a tissue paper to make her hands dry. Her heart thumped so hard that she began to pace back and forth inside the powder room to compose herself.

Her friends were just outside the restroom, waiting for her to go out, anticipating that she would finish their scheme instantaneously so they could all go home and watch a Korean drama starring their favorite, Ji Chang Wook.

When she gathered all her audacity, she walked to the door, opened it, and saw her friend’s apprehensive faces. She beamed at them before they went to the second floor, where the physician’s office was located.

When they arrived at their destination, her friends sat on a nearby bench and pretended to be family members of admitted patients. Petrified, she just stood in front of his office. She read his name loudly.

She knocked.

Nobody answered. It seems that luck was really on her side.

Drawing the key from her pocket, she inserted it into the doorknob, and when she heard it click, she turned the doorknob, and the door squeaked open. She instantly went inside, perused the office, and paid attention to any human sounds.


She went near his table and sat on his huge swivel chair. When she spotted the files on top of his table, she sneered. She handpicked one of the envelopes, unsealed it, replaced the contents, and cautiously closed it back. One by one, she did the same for the remaining files.

With a celebratory grin, she turned the doorknob open, exited, and shut the door behind her as softly as she could to avoid unwanted attention from the onlookers.

Once outside, she presented a thumbs-up sign to her friends. Together, they strutted in the lobby, chuckling over a mission accomplished. They have been planning it since college days, so it’s been more than five years since the plan was executed...and accomplished!


Even if she won’t look back, she recognized the owner of that voice. Her heart pounded loudly like a drum. Pain, hatred, and distress all came to her at once. She pondered how she could possibly live with a man like him. He was a great doctor, the best in his field, awarded for his contribution to saving human lives, but he failed to save her mother. And that was the ultimate transgression he has committed... against her!

She scorned him. She loathed him so much that she wanted to end his life with her own hands. But no, that would be too simple! She wanted him to grieve daily and feel the agony of losing a very important part of his life.

Composing herself, she managed to fake a smile before turning around to face him. “Hello, Dad.” Yes, her lips were smiling, but anger was boiling inside her, so great that she wanted to throw her shoes at his wrinkled face. 

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