Book cover of “Royal Empire University“ by Queenes

Royal Empire University

  • Genre: Romance
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Queenes
In the vibrant halls of Royal Empire University, where social media trends blend seamlessly with teenage dreams, a dance team unlike any other reigns supreme. Meet Danielle, Cilia, and Tania — the unstoppable trio that has taken the internet by storm, captivating hearts and igniting dance floors with their mesmerizing moves. Together, they form a b... 

Chapter 1. The Scott’s Family

Danielle’s POV

“Grrghh! Grrghh! Grrghh!!!” The alarm continually beeped, making me jump up from my bed in annoyance. I pulled the duvet off my body as I angrily slammed the device off. I stretched lazily on the bed before standing up.

I just got to sleep barely six hours ago due to the girls insisting I stay with them for some time yesterday, and after finishing up some stuff I normally do on my return home, I ended up sleeping by 1:am.

Speaking of the girls...

“Shit!” I exclaimed when I remembered the purpose of my meeting with them.

It’s a Monday today, the day we are to return to school after the previous semester break. Today is also the day we are to commence the beginning of a new session and level at Royal Empire University, the most prestigious University in California and the third best university in the whole of America.

Semester breaks are over and it’s time to return to school. My eyes wandered to the wall clock once more, 7:00 am.

“Hmm, here we go again.” I silently muttered.

I took quick strides to the bathroom after taking off my nightie and tying a towel.

I already promised to meet the girls today by 9:00 am, we’ve gotta go back to school together as we always do.

My name is Danielle Princess Diva Scott and I’m 22 years old, I’m also a year two student at Royal Empire University studying Phytology. I’m a black girl and the only child of my parents, Timothy and Elizabeth Scott.

My dad is from a mixed race, he’s American-Nigerian. His dad was an American but his mom is Nigerian. You can say he’s American, just that his mom’s gene was more dominant than his dad’s.

You know what I mean...

My mom Elizabeth is a Nigerian, from the eastern part to be precise. But funny enough her mother is British and her dad, Nigerian.

I honestly find my parents' background complicated at times.

Me? You can say I’m American-Nigerian, Nigerian-American whichever you choose. My mom’s gene was more dominant than my dad’s as I look so much like her. I’m just the direct younger version of my beautiful mom.

Looking at myself not to brag, I’m beautiful, intelligent, reserved amongst new faces, but trust me, when I get to know someone very well and associate with them, I’m literally free and very outspoken. Fearless if I may say...

I’ve got beautiful tanned-brown skin, about 5.8 feet in height, a little bit slender with an extremely curvy figure, my mid waist-length hair is curly and dark brown in color. My eyes were the exact replica of mom’s, beautiful gray eyes that seemed to have a powerful glow and aura on their own.

Mom calls me Diva, and dad, he calls me Princess. That’s right, I’m Momma’s Diva and Dad’s Princess.

My friends most times call me Elle. That's the shortened version of my name Danielle.

I’ve been friends with these amazing girls Cilia and Tania right from my childhood. They are Americans and have always been by me at all times. We behave literally like sisters, sometimes we sleep over at each other’s place.

Our parents have been friends since their university days, so it’s no surprise why we stick together and love each other dearly.

My parents are extremely wealthy and so are Tania’s and Cilia’s parents. Cilia’s dad owns the biggest and most renowned hospital in America, her dad was awarded as America’s number one best surgeon. (You will know more about us as we progress).

Getting all three of us admitted at the most prestigious University in California wasn’t difficult.

“Diva! Diva!! Baby, are you up already?” I heard Momma call from the kitchen downstairs. I raced out of the bathroom drying my wet hair as I called back to her.

“Yes Momma, will be down in a moment.”

“Okay Diva, breakfast would be ready in a minute, hurry up.” She shouted.

“Alright Momma, will join you soon.” I replied.

Yes! I love calling my mom ‘Momma’. It’s pronounced this way: MOM-MA

I picked up a neat set of undies from my drawer and placed them on the bed. I was done drying my hair. Next, I brought out a red turtleneck long sleeved top and a dark blue jean and laid them next to the undies. Then I dressed up.

After that, I brought out a clean pair of red boots and wore them. I looked at my already arranged set of boxes, making a mental note to come pick them up after breakfast or ask Anna, our kitchen maid, to help put them in my car trunk for me. I already applied my cream and perfume, so I just picked out my fancy shade, my bracelets, wristwatch and a black handbag and after fixing them all at the right places, I combed my dark-brown curly hair and let it fall in its natural curls over my shoulders. I then apply my hair spray. No need for makeup, I don’t have the strength for that now.

Taking my handbag, I walked out of my room and down the stairs to the waiting arms of my Mom at the dining hall.

“Good morning Momma.” I greeted as I kissed her cheeks.

“Same to you my darling, you look stunning my dear.” She smiled slightly, brushing a hand over my hair.

“Thanks momma,” I said while looking at Anna who just came in from the kitchen with a tray of dishes which she set at the dining table.

“Hey, Ann.” I called her.

“Yes Miss?” She said as she came closer.

“Can you please help me take my bags from my room and put them in my car trunk?”

“Yes Miss.”

“Here is my car key, you can ask Tom to assist you.” Tom’s also one of our helps.

“Alright Miss.” She collected the key and hurried off.

“Someone’s getting ready to leave without me.” Dad said as he walked down the stairs still in his pajamas.

“Dad!” I ran to him as he opened his arms wide.

“Princess,” he hugged me tight. “Dad will miss you so much.”

“I will miss you too Dad.” From the corner of my eyes, I could see momma smiling. We disengaged from the hug.

“Now come,” he said as he kissed my cheeks. “I guess breakfast is getting cold.” He eyed mom.

Dad led me to the dining table and sat me down, he then walked over to mom who still had that smile plastered on her lips.

“My Sunshine,” He called, burning affection evident in his voice.

“My love, how was your night?” Momma asked, wrapping her hands on his shoulders. Instead of replying, dad engaged her in a quick passionate kiss.

Well I’ve gotten used to seeing them like this ever since I was little. I love what my parents have, the connection so strong and the love is one amongst a million.

I have always hoped to have and experience this kinda relationship someday.

“Ahem!” I cleared my throat playfully. “Breakfast is getting cold.” I added. They broke the kiss and laughed, I joined them as we laughed happily.

“My night was great Sunshine, and I believe yours was too.” Dad finally replied.

“Of course it was my love, Diva’s right. Breakfast is getting cold.” Momma said. Dad helped her sit down, before settling down beside her.

Prayers over breakfast of jam, tea and toasted bread was said and soon Dad and Mom escorted me to my car.

“Diva please do take care of yourself, don’t hesitate to call us whenever you are in need, alright?” Momma said as she hugged me one more time.

“Yes Momma, I will when it’s necessary.” I said as Dad hugged me too.

“Always remember that we love you always. Okay?” Dad said.

“Yes Dad, I always love you too.”

“If the money I transferred into your account doesn’t suffice you, always remember that I’m just a phone call away. Alright?” I smiled.

“Of course Dad.” He kissed my cheeks once more before worriedly adding.

“Are you sure you still wanna drive yourself all the way to school? Ethan can take you there you know?” He asked for the umpteenth time this morning.

Ethan is one of Dad’s most trusted personal guards, but he made him my personal guard and a few times like this, my personal driver last year.

Dad’s so protective of us. But you can’t blame him though...

I smiled at Dad.

“No Dad, I will drive myself. I already promised the girls I would meet up with them so we can go together. Don’t worry we’ll be fine.” I said smilingly.

“Alright, do take care Princess, send our regards to your friends. Dad loves you.” Dad smiled.

“Momma loves you too Diva,” Mom smiled at me.

“And I love you both more, will call ya.” I blew kisses to them and stepped into my car. After fixing my seat belt, I started the car and drove out of the compound.

From the mirror I saw mom and dad still waving, I can’t ever stop loving them. I really thank God for blessing me with such loving parents.

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