Book cover of “Second Chance - In the Mist. Book 1“ by RomanticAdrienne

Second Chance - In the Mist. Book 1

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: RomanticAdrienne
“There were five of them. Piece of cake! I howled as I liked to make my presence felt. Their reddened eyes turned to me just as one of them tore at the man’s throat and grabbed the woman. I almost lost my mind with rage when I saw their damn claws at her neck. To my surprise, he didn’t sink his fangs in. Instead, with full force, he broke her legs.... 

Chapter 1. I Told Him to Stay In!

Dominic’s story

Even though I had already left the TV headquarters, I still could not rid myself of the feeling of uneasiness that was inside me.

It was something that I never had the opportunity to experience before, a powerful feeling that something terrible was imminent. I tried to push away the anxiety I was feeling and assumed it was because of exhaustion. The entire evening had been filled with activities and it had gone by at a rapid pace. I had the privilege of being the guest of honor on a television program. Taking on the role of an artist was a great way for me to find relief from the pressure and tension I was feeling inside. It was often quite strenuous for me to make sure he stayed within the boundaries of my body.

An identical feeling of apprehension that I had experienced before overwhelmed me again as soon as I turned the corner. I felt like I was sinking into the driver’s seat. What was happening to me? As I felt this inexplicable warmth emanating from within me, it spread throughout my body and I could feel it all around me. Even though I had no control over it, my eyes became filled with rage and my fangs emerged from my mouth. Absolutely not, you must not go out. I prohibit you from doing this, and I will not be changing my mind. The presence of a woman was causing me tremendous pain and a lack of peace, so much so that I screamed out in my mind in a maddening rage. A range of feelings overwhelmed me. What could I have been feeling?

A sudden change came over me. My breath quickened, and it heightened my awareness like that of a predator. The smell of fresh blood entered my nostrils, my skin, my very core.

I tried to push the pain out of my mind, however the sensation was so strong it was impossible to ignore. Like someone was sticking dozens of knives into me all at once. I was so overwhelmed with stress and anxiety that I had to pull over my car to the side of the road in order to gather my thoughts and concentrate.

I was so desperate because of the pain that I got out of the car, and in an effort to escape it, I leaned against the street railing. However, the smell of blood quickly returned and this time it was even more intense. It all filled me with surprise and bewilderment, wondering what on earth this was.

I was in such proximity to what were obviously animals that were like me I didn't have the time to respond. They were aggressively attempting to overwhelm their opponents! Who could it be, though? It was a couple. It wasn't my place to get involved in the matter. I could not comprehend why I had such a strong connection to the woman who had been the victim of an attack.

The anger I felt was intensifying to a point where I could no longer keep it from taking over and despite my efforts to talk myself out of it, I had no other recourse. One by one my bones broke, my jaw shifted, my body covered in black hair just like this fateful night when I already felt that no one would stand in my way. Rage turned me into the bloodthirsty monster I was. I watched them with thirst, hatred. There were five of them. Piece of cake!

To make sure that everyone was aware of my presence, I let out a loud howl. Their reddened eyes turned to me just as one of them tore at the man’s throat and grabbed the woman. When I saw the sharp claws of the creature at her neck, I nearly lost control of my emotions and was filled with intense anger. To my surprise, he didn’t sink his fangs in. Instead, with full force, he broke her legs. The sound of her agonizing and desperate scream echoed through the woods. The only audience to the horrific massacre I was about to commit were the trees standing there, silently witnessing it all. She was in so much pain that she lost consciousness and fainted. They messed with her. Big mistake!

I thirstily launched myself at the throat of the one who hurt her, and my fangs tore into his aorta until he let out an agonized cry. Although the others stepped in to provide help, my fury was so great that it impeded my ability to think clearly. The second one was even more effortless than the first. He tried to throw himself at me. That’s when I stood up, and wrapping my arms around him, broke his spine right above my head. The cracking of his bones sounded like a pathetic plea.

There were three more. They all leapt into action at the same time, but I was determined to not yield to the pressure to surrender. Everything rose to an even more dangerous level, and I lunged at their throats one by one, tearing them apart and throwing their corpses at my feet.

An eerie silence was filling the room. I looked at her with a sense of curiosity. The pain was so intense that she found herself lying on her back with a pallid complexion, her agony unbearable. I had suppressed the wolf inside of me in order to approach her more confidently. The woman direly needed help immediately.

In her confused state, she attempted to open her eyes from time to time. However, the frequent transitions between consciousness and unconsciousness made me worry for her safety.

It was not a wise decision to move her, so the best course of action was to summon someone for help. Who else could it be other than Declan? When I dialed the number, he picked up the phone right away on the first attempt. There is a possibility that he could have been on duty. There was an immediate need for me to take action and do something quickly.

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