Book cover of “Living with the Devil: The Revenge of the Vampire King“ by ur_lumiere

Living with the Devil: The Revenge of the Vampire King

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: ur_lumiere
Meeting him was an accident that fate had determined. Queenza was reborn as an ordinary human after her uncle conspired to overthrow her from the royal throne, which she got after killing her own husband. Kingsley awakens from his long sleep and plans to reclaim his throne and take revenge on those who conspired. Many people are also eyeing Queenza... 

Chapter 1

The woman's long dress swept across the floor. The white color looks very contrasting with the dark night. while her eyes burned brightly, green like gemstones. But it's scary because it means the woman is angry. Very angry!

For a moment, her steps stopped in front of twin doors with luxurious carvings that showed the owner of the room was the most important person in the palace. Well, who else but the King himself, King Kingsley?

"Respect, Your Majesty the Queen!"

The King's personal guard standing guard at the door bowed in salute and then opened the door for the woman.

Yes, that woman was the king's consort. Queenza Ainsley. Before her arrival at the palace, the King's residence was taboo for anyone who did not have direct permission from the King, even the previous King's Queen. However, since she became part of the Ackerley Royal family, the King's residence seemed to have become Queenza's private room too. She could go in and out of that place and not receive any reprimand from King Kingsley at all.

As soon as Queenza entered, the door behind her closed slowly. Her gaze focused sharply on the large bed, which had witnessed how many times Queenza had submitted under the power of King Kingsley. Hatred seemed to flare up in Queenza's eyes when her green eyes met the naked back of the King, who was fast asleep in a dream.

What a stupid person!

Yes, that word is appropriate to describe Queenza at this time. Maybe she would sacrifice herself and even fall in love with the devil with the handsome face.

Standing in the middle of the room, Queenza drew a sharp dagger hidden in her sleeve. Three years of living with King Kingsley had made Queenza acutely aware of when the King's power weakened, specifically after they made love. Only Queenza possessed the power that flowed into King Kingsley's body during their intimate moments. It would then take time for that power to merge with the king.

Of course, no one besides Queenza knew about this. Additionally, nobody was aware that every time King Kingsley desired to make love with Queenza, he would form a strong invisible barrier around him. This barrier took the shape of a large ball, and anyone who came into contact with it, even slightly, would be instantly burned, regardless of their power or status.

But who could have anticipated that the King's greatest threats would not come from external enemies but from those who could easily breach the barrier? These were the people who knew his weaknesses intimately—the people who loved him.

A single teardrop fell from Queenza's eye. Her heart ached upon discovering the hidden truth from the king. It turned out that the one who had killed her sister and her future husband was right beside her all along, pretending to be a hero. This person had even promised Queenza that they would severely punish the individuals responsible for her sister's and future husband's deaths.

How cunning!

And all King Kingsley had done was to obtain the eternal life power that Queenza possessed. He had skillfully seduced her under the guise of love, leading her to surrender her chastity to him. Yet his true motive was strength and power, not love, as he had previously claimed to Queenza.

Refusing to lose herself in sadness and jeopardize her revenge plan, Queenza moved towards the bed and climbed on top, sandwiching King Kingsley's thighs with her smooth ones under the blanket.

Sensing Queenza's weight, King Kingsley stirred, and his hand slowly moved towards her thigh, gently stroking it.

"Hm, Queen, let me rest for a moment. I’m very tired, i think i am not be able ...." the King's hoarse, seductive voice sounded.

Without uttering a word, Queenza raised the dagger, held it high in her right hand, and tightly gripped the sharp edge with her left hand, causing her skin to tear and release fresh blood that stained the blade.

While the immortal power stolen from him meant King Kingsley would not be able to die, Queenza could make him sleep forever. No one would have the ability to wake him except for Queenza herself, who would have to drip her blood directly into the King's mouth.

Suddenly, a green light enveloped Queenza's entire body as she cast a spell, calling upon the spirits of the fairies for assistance. It was then that King Kingsley realized the impending danger. But it was too late. Before he could react, Queenza's dagger had already plunged deep into his back, piercing his heart.


A pained groan escaped as Queenza's blood-stained dagger tore through the king's heart, filling the room with an eerie silence. Moments later, the King heard a quiet question: "Why?"


Queenza pressed the dagger even harder and lowered her head, bringing her lips close to King Kingsley's ear. "How dare you ask why? Do I need to explain that I’m seeking revenge for the death of my sister and future husband?"

Unexpectedly, the King chuckled, even though he was fully aware that his life now hung by a thread in Queenza's hands. "You finally understand."

"Bastard!" Queenza hissed through clenched teeth.

"I won't apologize—ugh! And I have no regrets either." The king's breathing became increasingly shallow, and his vision grew blurry. Nevertheless, he exerted his final strength to turn his head until his dark eyes locked with Queenza's radiant green eyes. "Today, you have caused me to fall into a deep sleep. But you will also be the one to wake me when the time comes. Remember that, Queenza."

"Feel free to dream as much as you desire. You have an eternity to do so, I don't give a fuck about you and never."

Once again, King Kingsley chuckled. "Then farewell, my queen. Until we meet again."

With the last remaining strength in his body, the King pulled Queenza's head closer and gently kissed his Queen's sweet lips. Eventually, his movements grew weaker, and his eyes slowly closed. 


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