Book cover of “Contract Marriage with the Werewolf“ by Cindy Chen

Contract Marriage with the Werewolf

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Cindy Chen
“You must become my wife, now!” Richard shouted. “W-wait… B-but…” Winona gaped. Didn’t she hear wrong? Was Richard the kind of pervert who liked to pay women to warm his bed? “I don’t accept rejection, Winona Wilde. If you refuse, don’t expect to see the morning sun tomorrow.” *** Tasked with uncovering the scandal involving actress Gina Ja... 

Chapter 1. Let Me Touch You

“I will give you what you want as long as you leave the tape to me and let me touch you!” exclaimed the handsome man in front of Winona.

If Winona had not seen with her own eyes what had happened before, she might have been fascinated by the handsomeness of the man in front of her. The man was tall, his hair dark brown, the color of his deep and mysterious eyes. A thin beard graced his firm jaw.

“M-Mister… Lerroy… Y-you’re not going to kill me, are you?” Winona asked courageously. She was so frightened that her whole body felt cold and stiff. In all her life, she had never expected to see something like that. Winona thought she was dreaming, but when she fell to the ground earlier, she felt a pain in her buttocks. This is not a dream; this is reality.

Richard Lerroy looked at her with a piercing gaze filled with menace. Winona thought she would die right now at the hands of the man who was being talked about in public.

“Winona Wilde,” he said. For a second, Winona was surprised that Richard knew her name. But then she realized that Richard was reading the badge on her chest. It was an ID where Winona worked as a journalist.

“Give me your camera,” he said, stepping closer.

“D-don’t kill me…”

Winona had never felt this scared in her life. How come? She had just witnessed an unusual murder. It all started when Larry, her boss at the office, gave her the task of investigating Richard Lerroy’s scandal with a famous actress named Gina Jade. Their scandal was being hotly discussed by the public. As a budding journalist, Winona could not refuse the task. At first, she felt that this task was too lowly because it was only gossip, but what she saw tonight was far from what she had imagined.

Winona followed Richard Lerroy smoothly all day and night. Nothing happened until finally, Richard’s car pulled up in a quiet place in suburban New York. Richard got out of the car and ran really fast, chasing a guy who looked like a nice guy. Winona was barely able to catch up to Richard because he was running so fast. However, she finally found Richard fighting with the man. A second later, she saw Richard turn into a huge wolf with jet-black fur. The wolf pounced on the man’s head and bit him off.

All of this was recorded on the camera that Winona carried in her hand. Even though she was shaking and her knees felt weak, she was sure she wasn’t hallucinating. The tape proved the truth. Winona thought that the man Richard killed was an ordinary human, but she was wrong because a moment later, his body turned to ashes and disappeared in the wind.

Because her knees were so weak after seeing what happened, Winona stumbled and fell. She hid behind old barrels as fast as she could, thinking she was safe. But it didn’t help. As soon as Winona turned around, she was very surprised to see Richard Lerroy suddenly in front of her. Winona gave a muffled scream as if her vocal cords had lost their ability to produce sound.

Now, the man was walking toward her. Winona walked back step by step.

“If I wanted to kill you, I would have done it,” Richard said. His deep voice made him look even more sinister. If the situation were different, maybe Winona would have found his voice sexy.

“Y-you…” Winona’s brain cells started functioning a second later. She thought Richard’s words had some truth in them. If he wanted to kill her, he would have done it. Winona looked at the handsome man, remembering that he had been wearing a branded semi-formal suit with a fantastic watch and designer shoes before he turned into a wolf. Now some of his clothes were torn, revealing the protruding muscles of his chest and stomach. This man was rich, and that gave Winona, who was in need of money, an idea.

However, before Winona could answer, Richard snatched the camera from her hands and destroyed it with a single movement. Winona’s eyes widened at that.

“The memory isn’t in the camera,” Winona said in a shaky voice.

Richard’s piercing gaze took her by surprise, but for Winona, this was her chance to get out of trouble.

“I will hand over the memory…” Winona continued.

“Don’t talk nonsense. I’ll take it from you,” said Richard as he stepped closer.

“The memory is in my bra!” Winona exclaimed as she stepped back.

“What?” Richard stopped walking, his eyes wide as if he couldn’t believe what he had just heard. Winona crossed her arms in front of her chest, even though Richard had no intention of touching her chest area. He was still looking at her with a murderous look. Winona trembled. This man’s reputation was not good. His scandal with Gina Jade showed that he could harass women, though it had not been proven. What if he really was going to take off Winona’s bra right now?

“I said I would hand over the memory on the condition… I-I… I need a million dollars. I’ll hand it over for a million dollars!” Winona exclaimed, trying to be brave. She realized she was blackmailing a werewolf and the most dangerous businessman in New York, but she had little choice. She had to take this opportunity. Even if this was just a dream, Winona still had to take a chance.

“Damn it!” Richard exclaimed.

He wasn’t cursing Winona, but he was aware of someone’s presence. His eyes looked up at the sky and saw a huge bat flying overhead. It wasn’t an ordinary bat. This woman in front of him could become prey if she stayed outside. It wasn’t safe to be outside tonight for Winona, as she had been spotted with Richard.

“Follow me now!” Richard’s eyes stared intently at Winona, and at that moment, she knew she couldn’t refuse.

Without waiting for her answer, Richard pulled her back into his car. He took a jacket from the back seat and put it on to cover his naked body. After that, he immediately started the car engine, and they drove through the streets of New York City that never sleeps. If things were normal, Winona might have admired the luxury car she was in, but now she was just shaking, uncertain about what would happen next. If she succeeded, she would come out with a million dollars. Otherwise, this might be the last time she would see the world.

Richard drove Winona to a hotel without giving her much choice. After all, she was hoping to get the money to pay off all her debts, so she followed Richard’s lead until they arrived at a hotel room. Richard closed the bedroom door and turned to face Winona.

“I’ll give you a million-dollar check right now, but you need to hand over the memory and let me touch you,” Richard said.

Winona gulped. Maybe it was true that Richard really liked to harass women.

“I’m not the kind of woman you think I am,” Winona said, not wanting to give her body to him.

Richard almost lost his temper. He took out his checkbook, wrote a million-dollar check, and threw it in Winona’s face. Then, he pushed Winona onto the bed. Richard unhesitatingly untied Winona’s shirt and unhooked her bra, causing her to scream in terror. However, Richard was too strong. Winona was so scared that she thought Richard would immediately harass her, but her guess was wrong. Richard just took her camera memory and crushed it without a second thought.

Winona didn’t know when the tears had started flowing from her eyes, but now her cheeks were wet. She covered her chest with both hands and inched backward. Richard then grabbed her hand and held her face with both hands. The distance between them was only a few centimeters, so Winona could feel Richard’s minty breath hitting her face.

“I beg you, let me go,” Winona pleaded.

Richard remained silent, furrowing.

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