Book cover of “Second Marriage: My Strongest Bodyguard“ by Nonik Farellidzy

Second Marriage: My Strongest Bodyguard

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Nonik Farellidzy
Bryana Jill Darlene, a young mother disillusioned by her husband's infidelity, navigates challenges, including custody battles and attempts on her safety, while developing a budding connection with her new bodyguard, Dean Jackson, who is grappling with his own past trauma, setting the stage for a potentially transformative romance. 

Chapter 1

Bryana drove her red sports car at an average speed. She's on the way to Calvin's school. The woman of Indo-European crossbreeds will pick up her son who is currently undergoing education at the Paud level.

After drifting for nearly 15 minutes, Bryana arrived at the most prestigious school building in Jakarta. There are several special classrooms for students 0 small and 0 large. There are also playgrounds, libraries, places for sports, and extra-curricular activities to develop children's talents from an early age.

She immediately got out of the car carrying a maroon branded bag. it was commensurate with the black mini dress combined with the white blouse she was wearing. The woman with long flowing blonde hair walked casually to her son who was waiting in front of the classroom with the babysitter.

"Hey, honey. Have you been waiting too long?"

Bryana crouched down at Calvin, who looked sternly at her. The four-year-old boy didn't seem in the mood because she was late to pick him up.

"Don't be angry, Mommy was very busy. so it's a little late to pick you up," Bryana said as she picked up Calvin and carried him to the car.

Calvin's babysitter named Lauren also walked behind Bryana who was carrying her son while carrying his school bag.

While on the way back home, suddenly a group of people dressed in formal clothes all in black blocked the road that Bryana's car was going to pass. Incidentally, it was quiet and far from the crowd.

Bryana immediately stopped the car and got out toward the crowd. She seemed to have no fear in facing them.

"Surely you guys decided Alex, right? How much money did he pay you to bother me? I'll pay more if you guys stop and turn against him!"

Bryana spoke with confidence and courage. For her, no matter how much money she had to spend to protect her son would not cost her anything. Because she has more riches than her ex-husband.

"Don't try to attract us with your money, Ma'am. Better let Calvin come with us to meet Mr. Alex," said one of the burly men wearing sunglasses.

"Never mind, you guys go back to your boss. Because I won't let Calvin get away from me!" Bryana yelled firmly, then turned back to her car.

The men didn't seem to care who they were dealing with. They followed Bryana and took both hands, while the others headed for the car to retrieve Calvin.

"LET ME GO! Don't touch my son or you will die!" Bryana struggled threateningly.

"Mommy ... Mommy ...!" Calvin screamed and cried for fear of his father's men. Meanwhile, Lauren could only stay in the car because it was tied up.

"Hey, don't take my son!" exclaimed Bryana as she glared at the man who was carrying Calvin and putting him into the car. She was afraid that her son would be taken to her ex-husband and then invited to move abroad.

When the atmosphere is chaotic, a car stops near Bryana's car. A man with a thin beard on his firm jaw was seen, got out of the car, and walked over to the crowd that was holding the woman hostage. He was not alone, but with several bodyguards following him from behind.

"Let them go!" exclaimed Raymond, Bryana's brother. Because Lauren secretly messaged him while Bryana was talking to the men Alex's ordered.

"It won't because Calvin has to come with Mr. Alex to move to London!" replied one of the men.

Raymond nodded his head, then turned his head back to gesture to his bodyguards to attack the men Alex's ordered.

Bryana was released because the two men that were holding her were attacked by Raymond's bodyguard. She immediately ran over to Calvin who was already in the car and had started driving. The young mother panicked and was afraid that her child had been taken away.

"Jill, hurry up!" Raymond shouted from the car. he deliberately distracts the men from Alex's orders with her bodyguard attacks, while he prepares to chase the car carrying Calvin.

Bryana ran over to Raymond and immediately climbed into the car. this immediately drove at high speed to catch the car that was carrying his nephew.

"Be careful. We can harm Calvin too!" Bryana looked terrified because Raymond was driving at high speed.

with his driving agility, Raymond managed to overtake the car that was carrying Calvin and blocked him.

The car stopped and almost crashed into Raymond's car. Calvin, who was not wearing a seat belt, bumped on the side of the steering wheel and made his head bleed. the unharmed driver immediately came out to face Raymond who was already standing up to challenge him.

"Give my nephew back or you will die here too!" exclaimed Raymond.

"Step over my corpse first!" the driver replied defiantly.

Finally Raymond and the driver got into a fierce fight. while Bryana immediately approached Calvin who was still in the car. She panicked when she saw that her son was injured and fainted. The woman immediately picked up her child and took her to her brother's car.

It only took five minutes, Raymond managed to beat the driver. because he is good at fighting. The man immediately returned to the car and immediately drove to the hospital.

"Oh my God, my son is hurt by this problem again." Bryana cried as she hugged Calvin who was still unconscious with a bloody head.

"Just be patient, Jill. Calvin will be fine," Raymond said. He used to call Bryana "Jill" which was his affectionate nickname as a big brother.

"Alex is too bad! I won't let him take Calvin away from me!"

"Doesn't custody fall on you? he shouldn't have done this."

"I don't know. He's not afraid of breaking the law." Bryana looked sadly at Calvin, who was still unconscious. "Hurry. He's getting pale!" she exclaimed frantically.

Raymond accelerated his car so that it only took ten minutes to arrive at a hospital. He immediately parked his car and carried Calvin into the hospital. The nurses immediately greeted the gurney who was ready to take the child to the emergency room.

Bryana had been waiting in front of the emergency room for nearly 30 minutes with Raymond. She paced back and forth like an iron, frantic and worried about Calvin's condition.

"Sit down.... I want to come up with a solution for you," Raymond cried.

"What do you suggest?" Bryana asked as she sat himself in a cell with Raymond.

"For the safety of yourself and Calvin, I'll hire a bodyguard to look after you. Because I have to get back to London soon," said Raymond.

"Isn't that too much?" Bryana asked.

"No," Raymond replied, then gave a sad-looking. "he will take care of everything and I make sure that bastard guy can't bother you anymore!"

"If that's what's best for me and Calvin, I'll accept it," said Bryana. because she didn't want her son to get hurt again. Even now there is no news about how she is doing.

The young mother would feel like a failure at being a mother because she could not look after her child if something bad happened to Calvin. because she was the one who forced him to ask for a divorce rather than combining it by Alex who has a relationship with another woman.

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